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Our Team

John Bracamontes

President / CEO

John has over 20 years of marketing experience including digital strategy, website optimization, seo, ppc, social media, email, marketing automation, video marketing, conversion rate optimization, research and analytics.

He transforms digital marketing and communications through the integration and acquisition of strategy, technology and talent.

He can be found starting most mornings by being the office DJ while “chewing” on the days activities. John’s technique for finding opportunities and leads for client’s is unparalleled and can only be match by his love for design of Hubspot workflows.

Don’t give him caffeine after 10 AM.

“The skateboarder and  lover of independent music.”

Alyssa Willey

Alyssa Willey Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Acumen Studio

Director of Digital Strategy

What can we say, Alyssa crushes it every day!

Alyssa started with Acumen as an Associate Account Manager and moved her way up into the Sr. Account Manager role where she developed many of our AM processes.  In 2018 the strategy bug bit her and she began the transition of moving into the Digital Strategist role where she’s been dominating ever since. She often listens to both country music and Disney sing-alongs.

Don’t call her Shirley or Bethany.

Lauren Lowe

Lauren Lowe Senior Account Manager Acumen Studio 2019

Director of Account Management

If you want something done and done well, you come to Lauren!

Her straightforward approach to project management, production and service is key to dominating the work for all of our customers.  Super nice, but firm, Has fun, but keeps things focused.

Lauren has traveled all over the world and brings a unique perspective to the work that puts her well above the average content marketer!

Karen Huelsmann

Karen Huelsmann SEO Manager Acumen Studio

SEO Manager

Karen has over 10 years of experience working on search engine optimization and content development.  Her strategic insights lead to huge visibility and generate new customers for organizations with optimal ROI. Her dedication to SEO and content ideation is something to behold. She is a genius at keyword research and finding the opportunity within the huge world of search terms.

Ashley Myers

Ashley Myers Digital Marketing Strategist Acumen Studio

Sr. Digital Strategist

Ashley comes from a place of deep thinking, solving complex problems online that drive HUGE Results for companies. Give her a goal and she’ll beat it!
If there’s something you don’t know how to do online, it’s guaranteed Ashley knows how and knows it well.
Bonus: Ashley and Ireland are like “This” (fingers are crossed as this was written to show the tight bond, lol).

Mark Roche


Account Manager

Mark’s background is diverse across the spectrum of Digital Marketing. That experience has been strongest in the world of customer acquisition and working with companies to ensure they get what they need when it comes to on-time, on-budget and High ROI marketing.
Little known fact: Mark is a man of international tastes which also delivers a unique perspective on his work and if you want, he’ll tell you everything there is to know about the game of Cricket!

Sarah Hicks

Account Manager

Sarah’s like the rain man / woman when it comes to working with customers, copy and design.
She’ll take a concept & strategy, make it come alive and ensure it converts to new business with ease.
Her past is filled with amazing achievements and her experience is deep when it comes to excellence, so when you work with someone like Sarah the only thing you can do is Win!
She’ll also challenge you to a race at any moment (and beat you of course).

David Lee

Paid Media Manager

Conversions from paid channels are his thing.

Mark Anthony


Telling stories, getting found and moving people to action is his thing!

Nicole Woolard

Social Media

Social Publishing is her thing!

Brice Woodard

Brice Woodard Copy


Brice is a highly conceptual thinker who writes like his life depends on it, creates copy that converts and translates brand values into consumable pieces that get read and moves readers to become customers.
Don’t challenge this guy. He’ll take you on and win!

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar Acumen Studio

Front-End & Back-End Developer

Websites and apps are nothing to Anil.  He easily develops experiences across the web and mobile devices that inform, educate and moves users to convert.

From the most basic web builds to the most complicated functions and integrations.  He can do it all.

“Code or Die!”