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Digital Marketing Analytics

Analytics is the Intelligence behind the Content Marketing

B2B Digital Marketing Analytics - Acumen StudioIf you don’t know what’s happening in your digital & content marketing efforts then you have no way of making it work better at producing sales ready leads.

Our Analytics Principles

  • Make it Simple
  • Keep it Focused

Define the goals, match to KPI’s, focus on those metrics and investigate deeper as successes and/or failures present themselves. Treating all of your analytics as equal is overwhelming and inaccurate. Staying on top of the numbers that matter to driving leads and sales are key to winning over time.

“Stay Big Picture. Detail the Wins & Losses.”

“Accurate Analytics Results in 79% Greater Efficiency in Labor & Ad Spend.”

Analytics Must-Do’s

Everything should be tracked and attributable as much as possible.

  • Consolidate Tracking (Google Tag Manager)
  • Identify & Assign Goals
  • Set Multi-Platform Pixels
  • Test & Verify
  • Create the Executive Dashboard

The ROI of Accurate Analytics

Ensuring that your analytics are set up properly and tracking all behavior will not only give you insight into what is happening on your site, but will allow you to see how campaigns, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email / Automation all work together in support of generating new leads and sales.

These insights create the ability to continuously optimize all of your channel efforts with confidence and allow for predictive capabilities in future content marketing.

This reduces wasted ad spend, reduces wasted labor, and maximizes return on ad spend & labor.

“Don’t Just Track. React!”

The Simple Truth About Analytics

There is no magic bullet when it comes to Analytics. You must have a goal in mind so what you track and measure can stay aligned with your goal. It doesn’t have to be complicated and in most cases the simpler the better.

But it is true that without accurate analytics your efforts will be less effective at generating returns in the future.

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