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Content Marketing for the Print Industry

Companies in the Print Industry Must Adapt to Buyer Behavior or Lose to the Competition

Just being online or only relying on sales reps to grow your business doesn’t work anymore.
It’s too much effort for too little ROI.

You’ve already felt this and have likely looked for help in using newer strategic approaches.

But most agencies tell you to focus on one channel like SEO or Social Media.
Or they tell you that you must become an authority and to create a ton of content to stand out in the marketplace.
Much of what they pitch is either so limited that it won’t be very effective or it’s overly complex so that it makes it hard to even get started (and is overpriced).

“Print Industry Content Marketing can be Simple and Massively Effective”

What is Content Marketing for the Print Industry?

Our definition is “Print industry content marketing is using content (website, blogs, downloadables, social posts, ads, etc.) to strengthen your business’s visibility, awareness, lead generation and sales.”

B2B Content Marketing Diagram

Print Industry Buyers Journey Online

B2B Content Marketing Customer Journey

What are the Most Effective Types of Content Marketing Assets for the Print Industry?

The top 10 list below are content assets that we have found to be Massively effective at generating leads and closing new sales.

  1. Your Website
  2. Blog Posts
  3. Paid Search Ads
  4. Social Media Ads
  5. Email Nurturing
  6. Case Studies
  7. White Papers / eBooks
  8. Product / Service Spec & Sales Sheets
  9. Videos
  10. In-Person Events

How to Target Print Industry Buyers

This is where most printers, print industry manufacturers and service providers struggle.
Luckily the search engines and social media platforms have made it much easier to get in front of new customers.

Search engines allow you to target those who are searching for your products, services, company and competitors.
They also allow you to retarget the visitors that have come to your website or your customer lists which can be uploaded to these platforms.

Social Media platforms allow you to target very specific criteria.
You can identify customers through criteria such as sex, age, geography, interests, affinities, job titles, companies worked for and much more.
With these platforms you can also retarget the visitors that have come to your website or uploaded customer lists.

Doing this well is actually less complicated than it sounds.

“Print Industry Content Marketing is a Science and Easier Than You Think”

Are We a Fit For You?

If you are a print company, print industry manufacturer or print industry service provider looking to take lead & sales growth to the next level by creating focused campaigns that use research and best practice print industry digital marketing strategy then contact us today so we can discuss the process of going from “I Want to Win” to “All I Do is Win!”.

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