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PPC for the Print Industry

PPC / SEM for the Print Industry is More than Just Keywords & Text Ads

Paid Search for the Print Industry has become more and more complex over the years and the days of simply adding keywords and salesy ads are over.

Our core approach to PPC / SEM for the print industry is focused, optimized and simplified.

We stay away from overly generic terms that waste money and stick to the keywords and phrases that are most likely to convert quickly.  We retarget your website visitors, lists and niche interests to generate massive returns as their behavior has already identified them as targets likely to convert.

Don’t make things hard on yourself or ineffective by spreading your efforts too thin. Keeping a tight focus on a campaign, product or service over a defined period of time will return exponentially higher results.

“High ROI or Die. If it doesn’t convert, it doesn’t work.”

PPC Pay Per Click SEM for the Print Industry - Acumen Studio

“PPC is the Highest Converting channel across all marketing tactics!”

PPC / SEM Strategy & Tactics for the Print Industry

Everything you should do as a PPC / Paid Search Expert, we do it.

  • Bidded Keyword List Cleanup
  • Establish Negative Keyword Lists
  • Setup Conversion tracking
  • Create Ad Extensions (sitelinks, phone & callouts)
  • Remarketing (text & display, visitors, lists)
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Device Bidding (mobile vs. desktop)
  • Day-parting
  • Demographic Optimization
  • Location Bidding (Country, City, State, etc.)
  • Video & Display Ads

The ROI of PPC / SEM Management & Optimization within the Print Industry

Ask anyone who has run a successful PPC campaign and they will tell you that paid search is the Highest Returning channel online for those in the Print Industry.  Buyers are searching for the products and services that your company provides right now, all day, every day.

Getting in front of these buyers when they search, where they read and when they are ready to convert is how you will bring in new leads, new customers and more revenue for your print company, print industry manufacturing business or print industry service business.

“PPC is one tool that, when combined with other Digital Tactics yields Massive Results.”

PPC / SEM Works Within All Channels

Not only does the act of optimizing your paid search / SEM efforts get you more visibility and conversions, it also informs your decisions for new content and optimizations across all other channels such as:

Paid Search / PPC / SEM Research

PPC within the Print Industry as a channel provides massive insight into the popularity and competitiveness of specific terms searched to find the products, services and solutions you provide. This insight allows for better decision making as it relates to buying context and strategic content ideation.


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