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Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC Drives Relevant Traffic to Your Website and Campaign!

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and PPC campaigns are one of the primary ways of advertising online. The three largest players in this market are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

A PPC campaign allows you determine exactly who clicks through to your website and to what parts of the website you want them visiting. You only pay for the actual clicks to your site. If the person only sees your link, but doesn’t click through, this is called an impression.
Impressions are the number of text ads or banner ads a person is subjected to, You don’t have to pay for impressions. There are also pricing models based on impressions, which charge per thousand, cost per thousand or CPM.
Whether or not the purchase of impressions is what you need depends on your product or service and target audience.

Using clickstream analysis we can tell you what people do on your site once they arrive via PPC advertising. This information is necessary to manage your advertising effectively and determine the best ways to:

  • Obtain high quality traffic
  • Convert visitors into customers
  • Create actions that generate revenue

Like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising is based on keyword selection. The entire internet advertising market revolves around choosing the correct search terms, keywords and key phrases. Well managed PPC will bring traffic that achieves your goal, whether it is to publicize an event or sell goods and services.

Important aspects of Pay Per Click advertising for managing PPC campaigns.
Quality is more important than quantity!

Quality traffic refers to traffic that is well-targeted and highly relevant. This means that these visitors:

  • Are looking for what you are advertising
  • Enter the site and look around at the right stuff
  • Complete a transaction, become a lead, call a number
  • Come from countries and regions that you are relevant
  • Return to visit your site again for future purchases

Quality PPC traffic will bring you a higher percentage of success, in terms of seeing your visitors complete a transaction, become a lead or subscribe to a service that you provide.
Conversion rate analysis and Conversion Rate Optimization will allow you to determine which traffic sources turn visitors into leads and sales.

The Conversion Rate is the statistic that tells you what percentage of your visitors convert from just visitors into actual customers / leads. Quality traffic will deliver a higher conversion rate. The Conversion Rate is another way of speaking to the return on investment (ROI) and acquisition cost per visitor, cost per acquistion / CPA or cost per lead / CPL.

How to Track and Evaluate PPC campaigns
Tracking will allow you to:

  • Identify how effective all clicks are and adjust campaigns accordingly:
    • Identify which keywords, search terms and key phrases bring more visitors
    • Identify which advertising copy is the most effective
    • Figure out which source or search engine delivers the best results:
    • At the correct Cost Per Click (cost per acquisition / cost per customer)
    • Determine the conversion rate and set accurate goals
  • Accountability: making sure you are getting what you pay for
    • The source of traffic: country, state, etc
    • How long do the visitors stay, how many pages did they view? What are the average number of pageviews from each search engine?

These are all extremely important questions and KPI’s to track.

It is extremely important to actively manage your PPC campaigns. Updating your keywords, campaigns, AdGroups and bids as frequently as possible, as your budget allows is critical.

What can tracking your PPC tell you about the quality of your traffic?
Low quality traffic may overload your server or spike your traffic & frustrate you when trying to make sense of it all. More importantly it’s a waste of your time, money and your resources. Tracking will tell you if / why your traffic is of a low quality.

  • Does the traffic come from a country which is not your market? Like if you are advertising real estate in Canada, but the traffic is coming from China.
  • Do the visitors enter at your homepage and leave without clicking at all? Visitor duration is an important statistic which tells you if people are interested in the content on your site. How many pages did the visitors look through?
  • Are the visitors presented with a link to your site when they search for a specified keyword, search term or key phrase? This is called phrase matching. This needs to be closely monitored to ensure that the right visitors are coming from the right searches.

Where should I buy PPC advertising traffic?
There are many places that you can purchase clicks from, we recommend more than one service depending on the client need. Many sites use search results originating from a smaller number of search engines. This type of system is called a content network. The large PPC networks such as Google and Yahoo also place content within their own networks and others. For example, they place advertisements alongside similar content.

There are other more advanced networks and exchanges that allow you to create very complex paid strategies.
Some of these other networks include: BlueKai, AppNexus, BlueCava, DoubleClick and More!

The PPC engines distinguish between Sponsored Search results and Content Match placements. Sponsored searches place results above and beside search engine results. Content match places results near articles, email content, forums, etc. Sponsored results most often result in better Direct Marketing results, while a good mix of Sponsored and Content works very well for Branding.

The advantage of paying for site traffic is that campaigns can be implemented immediately and only those you want to visit will be targeted. Depending on your budget, you can pay for a high ranking and see your advertising online within an hour. The disadvantage is that you have to pay every time a person clicks on your advertisement.

Since this is the case we recommend that all Pay Per Click campaigns are accompanied by ongoing efforts to improve your search engine rankings. These results are free / organic and cannot be purchased.

To Summarize. PPC is a highly qualified tool to generate targeted traffic as a part of your overall Digital Strategy.

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