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Competitive Analysis

A Solid Digital Competitive Analysis can Breathe Life into a Good Digital Strategy

Digital competitive analysis is important at different stages in the Digital Marketing process. At initiation, mid-life or even when the campaigns are seemingly dead an not producing. A solid competitive analysis will give you insight into what competitors are doing and what is working successfully.

Why complete a website competitive analysis?
There are many number reasons why a business would want to review their site against the competition. It may be due to planning a new site, looking to improve digital performance or even looking for additional ways to benchmark.

The main goal is to inform your own digital marketing strategy and plans.
Focusing on actionable insights is vital!

What should be compared in the digital competitive analysis?
This will always differ from one business to the next. However, there are a number of common measurements that are relevant for similar digital properties.

Examples of these include:
Ranking and traffic estimates

  • Which keywords are your competitors ranking for?
  • What is their estimated traffic volume?

Search engine friendliness

  • What is their website speed?
  • Mobile friendly or responsive design?

Site marketing performance

  • Do they have a blog?
  • Do they have content downloads?
  • Do they utilize video?
  • What conversion points do they have?

Social media performance

  • Which social networks are activated on?
  • What reach do they have on key networks for the industry?
  • What are their most shared pages?

Key calls to action

  • What is the key call to action on the homepage?
  • What are the calls to action shown across the site?

Who should your business compare against?
Many businesses select competitors based on personal knowledge. Our approach is to make the selection based on three criteria:

  1. Businesses considered to be competitors based on personal knowledge.
  2. Businesses found in organic and paid search results for similar searches as the business conducting the analysis, or the keywords the business would like to be found for.
  3. Other Businesses that the analysis conducting business’ customers and prospects consider to be competitors.

Using these three criteria provides a balanced view of who the true competitors are. It also helps select the businesses that are most likely leading the market.

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