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Connected Website Optimization

A Phase 1 SEO Optimization to Set Your Site Up for Success

If your site is not getting found in the search engines,
Or the traffic to your site is not generating new business,
Then your website is in desperate need of an SEO transformation.


  • Customer
  • Competition
  • Trends


  • Webpages & Blog Posts
  • Server & Site Speed
  • Tracking & Conversion


  • Increase Visibility & Rankings
  • Convert Visitors to Leads & Customers
  • Future-proof Your Website

“Your website is doing nothing for you. Fix the Fail Now!”


Understanding where & how your customers are finding solutions online and knowing what your competitors are doing will allow you to position your website for success.


Knowing what to optimize is just as, if not more important than knowing why.
We find every opportunity to optimize your website and create a blueprint for success online.


Knowing how to optimize is essential to getting the work done that will ensure you are found online & delivered more customers. Technical optimization experts are critical to making this happen.

“Not Doing Research Will Kill Your Optimization Efforts.”

What the Optimization Process Looks Like

Our process has been refined over the years to be efficient and thorough, giving you the highest value and results without wasting your time.

This five step optimization takes 3 weeks to complete.


Step 1: Questionnaire

We uncover with you critical information about your business & current customers.

Step 2: On-Boarding & Access

Educating you on the process and gaining access to do our research & optimizations.

Step 3: Research & Technical Audit

Uncovering insights and identifying critical optimization needs.

Step 4: Prioritize & Plan

Creating a timeline and strategy for implementation.

Step 5: Optimization

Doing the work and finalizing your website for success.


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