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CRM Integration

CRM Integration is an Essential part of Good Digital Strategy

What is CRM integration?
CRM integration is the integration of a website and/or ecommerce platform, marketing automation, inventory management, shipping systems, etc. functioning and communicating together seamlessly. Instead of only using a CRM as a system that retains customer information based on manual entries, CRM integration advances the CRM to automatically bring in valuable customer, lead and prospect data directly into the database.

A CRM integration allows a company to create highly targeted marketing campaigns based on customer information retained in the CRM Database. This also helps to streamline the sales process as leads come in through digital channels. The CRM is able to pinpoint when a lead visited a website, what they looked at, where what they viewed on the site and what information they requested.

Marketing, Sales, Lead Flow, Lead Nurturing and More are all CRM capabilities.

Why do businesses need a CRM integration?
No matter what a business does, they must retain customer and prospect information, this is where the CRM becomes critical. The CRM allows for the efficient delegation of tasks that monitor company performance and spot customer trends as they happen virtually in real time. The website is, in many cases, the face of the business, asking the audience to view information, comment on it or download it. Utilizing a CRM integration to capture customer and lead requests is ideal as more of them look increasingly online to interact with businesses.

CRM Integration