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Hedge Fund Marketing

The New Rules for Hedge Fund Marketing

Why you can do it
In September 2013 the Securities and Exchange Commission lifted a decades old rule that banned hedge funds and other alternative investment managers from marketing directly to consumers.

Now hedge funds and private equity firms are able to market to potential investors through online marketing, apps, television, radio and print.

The ban was dropped to open up more investment choices to American consumers who are able to invest at this level and to expand the opportunities for funding for small businesses and start-ups who benefit from investors.

Why you should do it
The fact that it was banned in the first place is the biggest reason why hedge funds should be marketing.
It is evident that marketing works very well, otherwise it would have never been banned.

Building and controlling a hedge fund’s brand & image is essential now that everyone will begin to promote why investors should choose their fund. Digital channels will become one of the most visible places to do this.

Hedge Fund Marketing and Digital Marketing

Hedge Fund Marketing Strategy

It’s not just about running ads.
Digital Marketing for Hedge Funds is extremely important. There are many ways to build brand and image effectively online. Running ads is obvious, but with digital channels insights can be gained about visitors that will help in developing a strategy to acquire new investors more quickly.

  • Personalization
  • Building Trust
  • Building Authority
  • Positioning

It takes clear messaging, consistent branding and meaningful content to condition new prospective investors, build authority and build trustworthiness.
In most cases it means more than just putting messages and content in front of potential investors. Getting similar messages in front of the prospective investor’s trusted advisers, friends, sometimes family or other influencers (Influencer Marketing) is an easy way to form positive brand and image opinions that can greatly increase the probability of acquiring targeted investors.

Sophisticated tools used for Digital placement, Social Media and Paid Media can achieve positive results for funds.

New Investment Dollars

Finding Qualified Investors
In this new Digital world people are self identifying and making their likes, desires, relationships & activity public. This information makes finding qualified investors easier. Digital channels make marketing to those found qualified investors easier.

Image Building and Hedge Fund Branding

Build an image and promote the brand
To find new investors you must get out the word and that word must positively promote your brand.
This isn’t just for new investors, your current investors need to see this consistency.

Tell your story and stay consistent
One of the biggest sins in brand promotion is inconsistency.
Your Brand means something.
Telling that story is powerful.
Keeping that story consistent is even more powerful

Hedge Fund Communication Strategy

Tailor your messages to segments.
Personalizing to targets and influencers is non-negotiable, it must be done.
Tracking and Analyzing Behavior provides insights used online & off.
Condition those influencer and targets through anonymous placement and messaging.

Hedge Fund Digital Marketing Areas

Branding for Hedge Funds
Web Design & Development for Hedge Funds
SEO for Hedge Funds
PPC for Hedge Funds
Display Advertising for Hedge Funds
Social Media for Hedge Funds

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