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Initial Questionnaire

This questionnaire is meant to gather initial information on you & your company to better understand your need and to identify if our product is a fit for delivering the value necessary to generate success for your business.

    Tell us about your business.
    (what is your history, what has made you look for an agency partner, etc.)

    What is your primary goal in marketing your company?
    (Are you mostly looking for more customers or a better cost per acquisition?)
    Overall Growth (more new leads & sales overall)


    Focused Growth (more sales of a specific product / service or in a specific industry)

    Who do you consider to be your top 3 - 5 competitors?

    We look at competition in a couple different ways.
    Local vs National (those who show up in maps results vs those who don’t)
    and Direct vs Indirect (those who sell exactly what you do vs those who don’t)

    Which channels do you feel are important to promote your company on?
    *select all that apply
    PPC (pay per click, paid search, Google Ads)
    SEO (search engine optimization, organic search)
    Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
    Email (email blasts, automation, transactional)
    Blog (updates, product highlights, centralized communication)

    Of those channels which of them are you actively managing or publishing to today?
    *select all that apply
    Social Media

    Do you have a current or anticipated monthly budget for these channels / services?
    If so, what is that budget?

    The more we know about your customers the better.
    This will aid us in creating an effective content / campaign strategy and delivering high ROI.

    Describe in detail your current primary customer?
    Who are they? Job Titles they have, Companies / Industries they work in, Geography / Location (city, state, region)

    Will this be who we target if we work together?

    If you are targeting a new / different customer type please list their details here
    (persona, job title, company, behaviors, etc.)

    What makes your company special or standout?
    Why do customers buy from you? What is unique about your company? What are you very good or the best at?

    What will define success in a digital marketing effort?
    Increased traffic, leads & sales? Any specific numbers?

    Do you currently use an Email Platform or CRM?
    If so, which one(s)?
    If not, how do you manage customer records or leads?

    Are you using Google Analytics or another platform to track web traffic / visitor behavior?