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Online Bank Marketing

Marketing Online Banking Today

Banks have dominated traditional marketing channels, but digital is the future.

“In the next decade, bank and credit union marketing will look very different than it does today, as traditional media surrenders its position of dominance to digital and online channels. That much is clear.”http://thefinancialbrand.com/30507/online-mobile-social-marketing-in-banking/

It is clear that people are engaging more and more online, but they obviously are still responding to some offline efforts including direct mail and event marketing for banks. The truth is that digital marketing for banks can support the offline as well in their promotion or from insights generated which are then injected into the traditional marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing in Banking

Banks have been marketing online for a while, but many have been doing it ineffectively or wasting money and time creating extreme inefficiency.
It all comes down to a great digital strategy included in your bank marketing strategy that addresses the goals for the bank and integrates into the offline marketing efforts.

Tools commonly used in Digital Marketing for Banks

  • Website Design / Development for Banks
  • Email Marketing for Banks
  • Display Advertising for Banks
  • Mobile Apps for Banking
  • SEO for Banks
  • PPC for Banks
  • Social Media for Banks

Driving Awareness and Educating Customers

Banks have many products that they can offer their customers.
Many of these customers are not aware of what the full range of product banks have to offer.
This is a huge disconnect.

Some banks will offer certain products to segments in their database that they think are the best targets. These offers may be good guesses based on certain criteria, but maybe not, and even if the targets are correct, they may not be in a position for buying.

There is a better way
Target customers who have shown an interest in a specific product or are asking for solutions that your products solve.
It really is that simple.
Digital tools can identify customers in each phase of buying, what products will best suit their need and put them in the right place at the right time.

Acquiring New Banking Customers

By executing on what has been discussed in the above text acquiring new bank customers becomes very easy.

  • Find customers looking for solutions where your products fill their need
  • Get those customers to the right place that describes what they need and how you deliver
  • Continue to engage with those customers through acquisition (answer questions, give more information, etc.)