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Print Company Marketing Process Examples

Outlined below is the process we work through with printing companies like yours and links to PDF examples on the items we create for and with you.

Linked here is a video walk through of the items listed below: https://youtu.be/G25LRCsxk3s

Here is a sheet showing costs for everything. Research, Strategy, Optimization and Results.
Click here to see the example investment costs


Before we do any work or create a proposal we go through with you a questionnaire & discovery
Click here to see the example questionnaire & discovery document


Once we get this information from you we create a proposal that outlines what we recommend
Click here to see an example proposal


If you choose to partner with us on growing your business we start with an in-depth kickoff that walks through each step of the on-boarding, research, audit and optimization process
Click here to see an example kickoff checklist


A huge differentiator for us is the in-depth marketing audit we conduct that uncovers what is working, what isn’t, what to do about it and where your competitors are strong and weak.
Click here to see an example Marketing Audit


For some reason many agencies don’t provide their customers content calendars to get approvals and keep everything organized.  We do!
Click here to see an example content calendar


We create ads used on websites, social media and search engines. We use these for people searching for you products & services, retargeting and your defined target market.
Click here to see a few ad examples


We also build out email templates for all of the conversion events we create such as thank you pages, auto-responders, nurturing campaigns and news updates.
Click here to see an example email template


Our research identifies strong opportunity for content that will get found online, answer questions being asked by your customers and convert visitors to leads & sales
Click here to see an example content outline


You will also have created a live real-time dashboard that can be accessed 24/7 to view performance of your marketing efforts
Click here to see an example snapshot of our reporting dashboards