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Digital Strategy

What is Digital Strategy?

Digital Strategy is the process of utilizing an organization’s vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organization.

Q: Is this what we do?

Our Digital Strategy consists of identifying opportunities and challenges in a business where digital assets can provide a solution, identifying the unmet needs and goals of the customers that most closely align with the key business opportunities and challenges, developing a vision around how the digital assets will fulfill the business and customer needs, goals, opportunities and challenges and prioritizing a set of digital initiatives which can deliver on this vision.

Many believe that a Digital Strategy is simply composed of SEO, PPC and a Website. But this is far from truth. Digital Strategy is a Science, finding what is needed and recommending the tools to create the solution. There is so much more to a successful Digital Execution than just a few cookie cutter approaches. Solid research, data, evaluation and optimization are paramount in Digital Marketing and in crafting a Winning Digital Strategy.

Important factors in developing a Digital Strategy:

  • How to identify and find your audience
  • Create dialogues via web, social networks and other digital communities
  • The creation, evaluation and implementation of strategies that deliver results
  • Measure the value and worth of these strategies
  • Develop a program for continuous improvement
  • Evaluate KPIs and monetary achievement
  • Implement proven formulas for the mathematical evaluation and measurement of value, worth and performance

At Acumen Studio, Digital is Tactical and Intelligent. The Digital Strategy is devised and carried out to support the businesses goals, strengthen the brand and increase sales.

Digital Strategy

An extremely important part of your digital strategy is the Digital Strategy Goals.
Setting goals will allow you to more effectively measure performance on return on your digital marketing efforts.

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