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Retargeting is a High Converting Focused part of a Good Digital Strategy

Retargeting is defined as a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous actions.
We like to speak about retargeting or remarketing as the act of targeting users who have taken some action on a web, mobile or digital display device that is considered to be important enough to warrant reaching back out to those who took the action and attempt to drive a lead, sale or conversion by presenting to them in the right place at the right time.

Retargeting is highly effective and extremely successful.

Search Retargeting

Every day people search on Google, Yahoo and Bing to help them find products and services that they need. At Acumen Studio we find those potential customers and drive them to your site. We love connecting online consumers with relevant advertisements. This solution is called Search Retargeting and it is crucial to the success of your Digital Marketing Strategy. It will boost awareness of your brand, help you gain new customers and even drive customers away from your competitors.

How it works
Like good science, Search Retargeting works because it is display advertising that talks directly to people who have already expressed an interest through intent in your product or service. Here is how it works:

  1. We identify consumers who use keywords that match your business or campaign.
  2. We remember that search term searched by the consumer (anonymously).
  3. Then we target that user with a display ad for your company based on those search terms.

How it works for you
Our Search Retargeting uses search profiles from major search engines to pinpoint potential customers who have never been to your site, but who show a definite interest in your product or service. When you add it to your Digital Strategy, the results are clear.

  • Find New Customers: Bring new visitors to your site who are searching for your product or service.
  • Plug the Leaks in SEM: By targeting keywords, you have a second opportunity beyond search engine marketing to find customers.
  • Get the Most Out of Your Ad Spend: Search Retargeting focuses on the intent of consumers, so you only buy media that targets specific potential customers.
  • Boost Brand Awareness: Put your message in front of only individuals most relevant for your business.

How is Search Data collected?
We work with network partner sites and when they see incoming traffic from search engines, a cookie is dropped and that data is stored anonymously. We follow all standards for data collection and management.

Programmatic Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting targets two types of consumers: existing customers you want to bring back to your site and potential customers who visit your site, but leave without making some type of contact or a purchase. Catching the attention of these consumers and converting them into customers is what Site Retargeting does best.

Higher ROI
Spending money on wasted impressions is not an option. You need to know where your ads are running, who they are talking to and when those ads are paying off.

Based on the massive amounts of data we collect, we embed logic / rules (the Programmatic part) to dynamically change the creative and media buying. What this means is that you show potential customers the right ad, the right number of times, at the right price. When Site Retargeting is done correctly, you get massive results.

  • Know more about your visitors: We can rank potential customers with an Intent Score, helping you accurately predict if they will convert.
  • Make smarter decisions in real time: Eliminate useless marketing and dollars on people who will never convert. We can pinpoint valuable users and develop campaigns tailored to them.
  • Create ads tailored to each individual: Understand who the most valuable potential customers are and deliver highly personalized ads that speak to them at an individual level.

Acumen brings a fresh approach to site retargeting. Most programs have the reputation of being catch all marketing solutions that produce uncertain results. Instead of just allocating individuals into a number of pre-defined segments, serving ads to users who will never convert and wasting money on pointless impressions, we offer powerful insights and excellent results:

  • Capture an individual’s true value and show them the right number of impressions and at the right price.
  • Provide solid insight into where your ads are running, what frequency is being utilized and whether your money is being invested wisely.

The Evolution of Site Retargeting

  1. Standard Site Retargeting: Treats all the site visitors the same regardless of the pages they visit.
  2. Advanced Site Retargeting: Considers what pages visitors look at to show dynamic ads.
  3. Programmatic Site Retargeting: Use more data about each visitor to personalize creative and media buying.

We score every visitor based on what they do before, during and after they visit your site. This means you only run ads to visitors who have the highest chance of turning in to customers. With our scoring methods, you know exactly which ads to show and when to show them to capture the customer.

A Solution You Can Understand and Trust

  • Product Category & Keyword-Level Bidding
    Accurately target individuals based on data, the pages they look at or the searches they use to arrive to your website.
  • Personalized Creative
    Instantaneously adapt your creative to the product-level browsing behavior of your target audience. First party data and the Intent Score information further sharpen the creative, making it even more appealing and relevant.
  • Brand Safety
    Stop your ads from appearing on poor publishers’ sites. By combining internal campaign review and real time analysis, we protect your Brand Reputation.
  • Offline to Online Targeting
    Enhance your customer retention retargeting program by importing your offline data and targeting those same individuals online.