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Digital Display Advertising

Digital Display Advertising is a Powerful Marketing and Branding Tool

There are two distinct areas in Digital Display Advertising.

1. Online & Mobile Display, where static, dynamic and interactive banner ads are shown to targeted consumers via browsers and apps on all types of digital devices.

2. Digital Signage, such as digital billboards, digital kiosks, digital displays, etc.

Both are very similar at their core, but in most cases have distinctly different roles.

Online you will find businesses placing media buys for online and mobile marketing display ads to build visibility, brand awareness, direct marketing / direct sales and retargeting / remarketing. These types of buys can take place in the content networks such as Google’s DoubleClick and others as well as through ad exchanges like we discuss in our section on Pay Per Click.

When it comes to Digital Signage, this is one of the fastest growing segments of the advertising industry and includes both large and small format displays, from digital billboards to store front digital signage. This allows for better audience targets and high-value advertising opportunities. “Fast food franchises wanting to boost their breakfast sales will buy digital billboard space during the morning hours. Alcohol distributors will target digital display ads at stadiums and other entertainment venues.” Digital displays, boast sharper images with greater visual appeal than traditional displays. The digital content also expands the possibilities of the campaigns themselves.
You will also find digital display advertising signage being used in corporate communication strategies.

Nearly all Digital Strategy implemenations include some form of Display Advertising

digital display advertising