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In 2020 Businesses are being mandated to inform Employee and Patrons of social distancing, hand-washing and foot traffic direction.

Whether you agree, disagree, like it or not, the measures still exist so you as a printer can take advantage of this by ensuring you get this message out to your customers and increase your own sales by helping them comply with the regulations set across the US as businesses start to re-open.

We’ve written an email that you can use to send out to your customers to inform them that you are creating COVID-19 related signage to help them be compliant and keep their business running during these times.

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    I’m going to make this a very short article.

    I continue to talk to companies who are not seeing results from their “content marketing” or the agencies doing that work for them.

    And EVERY TIME it is due to the same thing.
    The content is not being distributed effectively.

    In fact, much of the time that content isn’t being distributed at all!

    Here’s the Thing About Content Marketing Distribution

    Many companies and agencies still believe that you can simply create sexy website or write well crafted blog posts and it will generate new business for them.
    This is WRONG!

    While a sexy website and well formed content is useful when applied correctly, if you do not distribute this to those who will benefit from it most, then you wasted your time and money.

    That’s it.
    Your content MUST be delivered multi-channel to ensure visibility, awareness, conversion and revenue.

    Go-To Distribution Channels

    • Website (optimized for search engines and users)
    • Blog Posts
    • Social Media
    • Email
    • Paid Search
    • Video
    • Print
    • Streaming Radio
    • and more

    Wherever your prospects are, you must be there.

    Quit just making pretty looking & sounding things and start putting it to work.

    The job of marketers is becoming more and more complicated.
    We now have access to so much data on customer insights via analytics tools and are expected to know how to measure and what the data means.
    Recently a study from Forrester shows how organizations successfully use marketing analytics tools to develop relevant & compelling customer experiences.

    Consumers expect to find what they want from their smartphones, tablets and laptops at any time from anywhere. These behaviors and commonly referred to micro-moments give marketers more opportunities to connect and engage. They also allow marketers to identify valuable insights about consumer behavior.
    Effective marketing measurement is is the key to success here.

    To understand the challenges we marketers face in measuring performance and creating the technology & tactic recommendations, Google commissioned Forrester to perform a survey of 150 marketing, analytics and information technology executives. The research shows how successful marketers are able to leverage analytics tools effectively so they make the most of consumer interactions.

    Key findings

    • Marketers must be able to link marketing performance to business results. Of the survey respondents who were identified as “sophisticated marketers”, 53% said they adhere to well-established KPI’s & metrics that tie directly to business objectives. These marketers work with companies that are at least 3X more likely to hit their goals than other organizations.

    • The right tools are critical to success. 26% of marketers surveyed believed that their marketing analytics tools are well-integrated & work seamlessly together. Contrast that with marketers with well-integrated tools who are more likely to outperform revenue goals.

    • Marketers that employ complete itegrated marketing analytics platforms see an increase in performance and results. Smart marketers who deploy a complete integrated marketing analytics stack of five or more tools are 39% more likely to see improvement in the overall performance of their marketing efforts.

    To Download and learn more about improving marketing performance with analytics, check out the full study, “How Marketing Analytics Increases Business Performance” by filling out the form below.

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