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Search Engine Optimization

Did you ever wonder why B2B SEO is so important for businesses? SEO, also known as search engine optimization is critical in driving organic traffic to your site. SEO assists the search engines and users in finding and understanding more about your site. Search engine optimization educates visitors and answers their questions. Search engine optimization helps increase your sites visibility and will help your business grow.


When was the last time you did a search and clicked past the fourth or fifth page? Most people never go past the first or second page. If you want organic rankings you need SEO. Just having a website won’t get you rankings. Most of your high ranking competitors already applied SEO to their websites, that’s why they are ranking so well. If you can’t be found in searches, then you’re not going to acquire as much business.


Get your digital marketing audit. Discover your company’s strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities you can maximize for a winning digital strategy.


Benefits Of B2B SEO

These five benefits will highlight some of the important benefits of SEO and how it can take your brand to the next level.

  • SEO increases traffic. Organic search is a key source of website traffic. The higher your rankings the better your visibility and conversions. Organic search is usually the leading source of all your website visits.
  • SEO provides better user experience. User experience is important to the search engines and your visitors. Mobile-friendly is one of Google’s ranking factors along with hundreds of other ranking factors. Everyone wants to view a mobile-friendly site. People will leave a website if it isn’t user friendly and they can’t find what they want.
  • Local SEO increases traffic and conversions in your area. Let’s face it how many people use phone books anymore? Usually, the phone book print is so little and it’s hard to read. It’s easier and quicker to do a search on your phone and push one button to call. If your business is not optimized for local, then you’re missing out on local business. This is especially important to businesses offering services. Whether your business is B2B or B2C it should be in Google My Business along with some quality local directories. Receiving good user reviews will enhance your local listing.
  • SEO influences the buying cycle. SEO can get your good deals seen. It advances people through all the buying cycle stages.
  • SEO builds brand awareness. People will start recognizing your brand. SEO helps get your brand out there.



SEO Is Crucial To Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

SEO is an important element of your inbound marketing strategy and it is essential for your business growth. SEO takes time; it’s not a fast fix. That’s why we recommend combining SEO with other digital strategies to produce powerful results. PPC (pay-per-click) strategies help you get in front of your buyer quickly and it brings in new leads and sales. Social media reaches your prospects and customers with a majority of them interacting with your brand generating leads and sales. Email and marketing automation will continue to drive sales.


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    Search Engine Optimization: Ongoing SEO Or One-Time Enough?

    Your business launches a new website or a redesign and now you start to think about search engine optimization (SEO). Is one-time SEO enough or do you need ongoing SEO? The one-time SEO is good to get started but ongoing search engine optimization is critical for a successful business. Organic search engine optimization is cost-effective and contributes to ROI giving your business that competitive edge. Once, you get to the first page of the search results you don’t want to let your guard down or your competitors will pass you up. Thousands of websites launched every day causes your competitors to continue to grow. Ongoing SEO will get you to the top of search results and help keep you there. Not having search engine optimization in the budget could cause your online business to fail.


    Technical SEO Goes Beyond Keyword Research

    Technical SEO is very important for websites to make sure it is search engine friendly. Most people believe SEO is just keyword research, but technical SEO goes far beyond keyword research. Just last week, I worked on a client’s new site and I discovered their web designer forgot to remove the noindex from the code. The noindex was telling the search engines not to index the pages so the pages will not show up in the search results. This is a major disaster for a business especially if not found right away. Surprisingly, this happens often.

    Here are just a few things that technical SEO checks:

    • Crawl errors
    • Indexing issues
    • Mobile-friendly
    • Page Rendering
    • Site speed
    • Canonical issues
    • & More


    A good Digital Marketing Audit should be very thorough and identify a websites key strengths and weaknesses.  SEO included!


    B2C & B2B SEO Strategies

    Some of our important b2c and b2b SEO strategies involve educating your customers. Just by answering why, how and what questions from their searches helps your business become the authority and creates traffic to your site.

    These services below complement our SEO:

    • Content marketing
    • PPC
    • Social media
    • Email marketing


    All these things build a powerful marketing strategy. If you’re in need of detailed strategic work like this See Below!


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      You are working on reporting for a client and you open Google Ads to look at the conversions for the last 30 days, the cost per conversion, etc. You then go look at All Conversions by going to the tools section, measurement then conversion expecting to find the conversions you set up. But instead, you find these new Google Hosted local actions that are generating a higher number of conversions.


      If you’re like most digital marketers, you were in that situation and found these new conversions in your Google Ads account. Sure, the more conversions are great but if they aren’t an accurate representation of the work you are doing, you probably don’t want them being reported on.


      That’s the position we found ourselves in, however, we have not successfully found a way to remove these without contacting Google support OR even figured out how to get these conversions to show up for all of our accounts. So that leads me here, writing this blog on how I think these might show up in some accounts but not all and what they mean.


      Here is Google Ad’s explanation on what each of these conversions means https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9013908?hl=en


      Depending on the company, some of these conversions will be more helpful to you than others. For us with B2B, the only one of these local actions we would justify as “accurate” and “relevant” is website visits.


      After a lot of digging, I found that the accounts with these Google Hosted local actions (sometimes) only show up if their Google My Business is linked with their Google Ads as a local extension.


      The accounts showing these Google hosted conversions were linkedin Google My Business under linked accounts.

      Google My Business Linked Accounts Linking Accounts

      Be careful, because even if you think the accounts are synced, they may not be linked. After adding a local extension for an account, that business showed up in this section. BUT, still do not have the Google hosted conversions showing up in the Google Ads account. *eye roll*


      So here we are. Still reading forums and asking questions to try and figure out how these conversions show up in some accounts and not others and how or if they can be removed.


      These are the things that keep marketers up at night am I right?!


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        Google Plus social network will be shutting down soon from security issues and lack of use. Google Plus has been around for seven long years. When Google Plus first came out Google had employees use it and wanted them to encourage others to use it.  Google+ even influenced search results to get more people to use it. For a short time the more +1s a company received the higher their rankings started to climb, until Google slowly stopped pushing Google+ then less Googlers were posting on Google+. Some people liked Google Plus and others absolutely hated it causing a slow death to Google Plus.


        Google Plus Data Breach Killed It

        Google Plus data breach was the final straw in killing the Google+ platform.  Here’s how it happened, in 2018 Google started Project Strobe reviewing third-party data access and privacy controls. Project Strobe discovered users were not using Google+ and discovered data privacy issues with APIs. That’s when Google discovered the bug and patched it right away. However, they still covered it up and never told anyone until later. This affected 500,000 Google+ accounts with 438 applications using the APIs. Although, Google didn’t find any evidence of Google+ user data being abused they decided to end Google+ and put it to rest.  


        Project Strobe top four findings are:

        1. Consumer Expectations and maintenance. Google+ wasn’t meeting consumer expectations and the challenges of Google+ APIs were complicated.
        2. Consumers wanted more control over the data they share. Google is implementing more control over access. Instead of one screen of requested permission we will start seeing separate requests for each one.
        3. Consumers didn’t like granting access to apps to their data.  It’s finally happening, not all apps will be able to get your information. Google is limiting the amount of the apps that can get permission to your Gmail information. Apps that enrich email will be the only ones authorized to get your data. This includes email clients, backup services and email productivity services from mail merge and customer relationship management systems.  
        4. Call Logs and SMS permissions limited on Android devices. Android Contacts API will no longer be able to get your contacts list information.


        Google+ Was Slowly Dying Before The Security Breach

        Google+ was already dying way before the security breach.  Google+ consumer engagement and usage dropped with most sessions only lasting five seconds or less. Most people argue that Google+ is designed for Google and not the consumers. Google+ was dying, but the final death of Google+ was the security breach the bug that ended it all. Maybe, Google has something better up their sleeve time will tell.


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          Have you heard the back and forth on how Data is marketing’s savior or how Data is way overvalued in Marketing?

          On both sides of the debate, there are many opinions and strong feelings about how important it is to decision making, composition, design, user experience, etc.

          Here’s the thing…

          Everything is Data!

          Seriously think about it.

          • The reason you don’t or do like a specific food… DATA!
          • That feeling you get in your gut when you know something is right or wrong… DATA!
          • The Best Practice you tout as being so knowledgeable on… DATA!

          Emotions, likes, dislikes, associations, beliefs, etc. are all crafted from experiences and historic data that form these things for you as a person or business.

          You can take that data at face value or read in between the lines to solve problems, create efficiencies, innovate, become self-aware, understand an audience, etc.
          This information is extraordinarily important as it concerns decision making or creation at all levels, in all environments across all mediums.

          See how we use data in our approach to content marketing here.

          For the 18 years that I (John Bracamontes) have done work online and in the digital marketing space, not once had I ever submitted work to be recognized as a job well done.
          My opinion was that the work spoke for itself, because I drove leads, and leads meant new sales, and new sales meant higher revenue for my clients.


          “Why Would I Need An Award To Show Greatness?”

          Is how I thought.

          I’ve seen over the years other agencies share in the successes of their teams and genuinely promote how great their clients are, which began to soften my perspective on the benefit of awards and recognition for the work outside of its result.

          I realized that uniting with a sense of pride on what you do for others, recognizing the value and celebrating together is massively powerful.

          So this year, Acumen submitted one entry in the St. Louis Business Marketing Association’s B2B Marketing Excellence Awards.

          That night the team was recognized for the work we did (and do), we had fun and celebrated together, celebrated with others and set a precedent for the future of the agency.

          No longer will we hide our wins and pride for the value we bring to those who choose to work with us!

          And Thanks to Kopytek.com for being such an amazing group to work with!

          In July 2016, Smartphone apps accounted for 50% of all U.S. digital media time!
          This means that future months are going to be higher than 50% and solidifies the strength mobile has in the United States.

          Another report showed the top 15 apps (by visits) in July 2016, which is another thing that really got us excited as Digital Marketers.
          Check out the list below and we’ll explain why.

          Top 15 Apps by Visits in July 2016

          • Facebook: 149,657,000
          • Facebook Messenger: 131,609,000
          • YouTube: 115,351,000
          • Google Maps: 100,347,000
          • Google Search: 90,260,000
          • Google Play: 88,625,000
          • Gmail: 80,461,000
          • Pandora Radio: 76,781,000
          • Instagram: 73,546,000
          • Amazon Mobile: 71,427,000
          • Apple Music: 68,002,000
          • Apple Maps: 60,956,000
          • Pokemon Go: 54,535,000
          • Snapchat: 54,113,000
          • Pinterest: 51,291,000

          Why this is so great for Digital Marketers

          You’ll notice that Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search, Gmail, Instagram, Snpachat and Pinterest are all listed.
          Obviously, the high use of social media platforms is huge for marketers. Social is strong and continuing to grow.
          But the app use of Google Search is massive for search & content marketing and Google Maps is huge for local search & optimization

          YouTube remaining high on the list is a strong signal that video continues to be a huge preference for users across the U.S.

          Pokemon Go is a little bit of an anomaly since it just launched and got so much PR hype, but still great news for mobile, marketers, apps and gaming.

          Even more interesting is that these apps are platform gateways.
          Few on the list are transactional or solely functional, they connect you to networks of people and information.

          Our Perspective

          Very happy to see these numbers and as Digital Marketers we are very excited about the future of what we get to create and optimize!
          Platform integration will be mandatory, user behavior will be easier to measure, interactions can be even more personalized and those same interactions can be created more intimately.


          I’m going to make this a very short article.

          I continue to talk to companies who are not seeing results from their “content marketing” or the agencies doing that work for them.

          And EVERY TIME it is due to the same thing.
          The content is not being distributed effectively.

          In fact, much of the time that content isn’t being distributed at all!

          Here’s the Thing About Content Marketing Distribution

          Many companies and agencies still believe that you can simply create sexy website or write well crafted blog posts and it will generate new business for them.
          This is WRONG!

          While a sexy website and well formed content is useful when applied correctly, if you do not distribute this to those who will benefit from it most, then you wasted your time and money.

          That’s it.
          Your content MUST be delivered multi-channel to ensure visibility, awareness, conversion and revenue.

          Go-To Distribution Channels

          • Website (optimized for search engines and users)
          • Blog Posts
          • Social Media
          • Email
          • Paid Search
          • Video
          • Print
          • Streaming Radio
          • and more

          Wherever your prospects are, you must be there.

          Quit just making pretty looking & sounding things and start putting it to work.

          What we see over and over again are people and agencies speaking on how easy SEO is and minimizing it by only talking about the most basic aspects of both SEO and overall Digital Marketing.

          Why is this?
          It definitely makes it easier to sell, but is that the only reason?

          We dug in and realized that the reason most people minimize how important the tactics within Digital Marketing actually are (including SEO) is because they SUCK at Execution. They cannot do the work well.

          It’s easy to say you should be strategic and speak to the right people at the right time online, but when it comes to actually pulling that off, most fail and fail hard.

          This is where we differentiate in that our execution is deep and drives massive results.

          Our advice to everyone is to Quit talking about Digital Marketing like you know something if you can’t back it up with execution.

          Talk to us!

          The Question: “What should I include in my content marketing?”

          Here are the things that YOU SHOULD be including in your content marketing efforts.

          You don’t just need content, you need Awesome Content!

          Developing relevant content does not have to be a difficult. It doesn’t require any special tools, secret or magic. It all begins with understanding who your prospects & customers are, how they behave and what they crave.

          The formula:
          Useful x Consumable x Inspired = Innovative Content

          This process begins with the creation of a piece of a REAL IDEA, Not some 2,000 word “evergreen” piece or ebook. Something Awesome.
          Many marketers will tell you this should be a 50 to 100 page ebook or massive how to guide. The problem is most people can’t handle it. Big = Overwhelming.

          Everyone wants to believe there is a magic bullet. So create the Magic Bullet!

          Highly valuable & easily consumed content is the gift that keeps on giving. This content will attract links, generate traffic and build brand awareness.

          Once your content is created, blast it EVERYWHERE: Company pages, email, blog, sponsored updates, Display ads, SlideShare, PPC, Twitter, etc.

          Simple Execution
          In many cases it is easy to develop a set of goals, but a plan is specific, executed over time and measurable. After determining what your Big Idea is going to be, write that out into a series or digestable snapshots that can easily be distributed over time. This can include videos, infographics, blog posts, 3rd party posts, podcasts, etc.

          Week 1: Publish & Schedule Your Content
          Week 2: Conduct a Webinar
          Week 3: Run a Contest
          Week 4: Lead a Twitter Chat
          Week 5: Do an interview: On TV, Online, At a Conference, etc.

          While all of this is running your content is being promoted though influencer outreach, promoted posts, email, sponsored updates, paid search, retargeting, organic social, organic search, etc.

          Everything gets tagged and tracked for performance evaluation and follow up.

          Your Blog
          Make your blog content diverse, relevant and structured.

          Monday: Case Studies, Statistics / Infographics, Industry (35% time spent)
          Tuesday: Strategic Research & Analysis, Points of View, Thought Leadership (20% time spent)
          Wednesday: How-To Posts, Guest Blogging, Peer Content (25% time spent)
          Thursday: Bold Points of View / Strong Opinion, Challenger (5% time spent)
          Friday: Light-hearted, Cultural, Funny Amusing (15% time spent)

          A Quick View
          SEO – Lays the groundwork
          Social – Fuels the content
          Content – Fuels the demand


          • Consistently deliver content that their target wants to consume & share
          • PR efforts guide their vision as a leader in the space
          • Deliver amazing experiences on and offline
          • Build a thriving community

          Make a plan, make it Asesome, deploy, track & measure, optimize, close new business and WIN!

          And this is why we are considered the best content marketing agencies in St. Louis.