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Commercial Real Estate Funds have HUGE opportunity to grow with so many deals to be made in the market.
The great news for funds like yours is that investors are clamoring to find reputable firms who are engaging in profitable deals and developments.
The question that most commercial real estate funds have though is, “How can I find new investors?”.

In this post we share two of the easiest ways to connect with these new investors.


Competition in the Real Estate Fund Space

Competition online from platforms like Fundrise, Crowdstreet are real competitors that are crowding the space, but real accredited investors aren’t using these platforms. Private Accredited Investors, Institutional investors and family offices are all looking for the expertise of successful / proven firms & funds that can the get job done with deals that will pay off big.


How Commercial Real Estate Funds Can Increase Investor Leads Online?

Most real estate funds simply reach out to their existing network. Previous investors, partners, colleagues, friends and family are all strong sources for raising funds. And while that will bring success there is the obvious limit our how much liquidity exists within that network.

But what if you want to go bigger by raising more capital and closing larger deals?

To increase capital you have to expand to outside of your current network and using digital marketing will get your there. Advertising to investors online is literally the most effective way to scale your visibility and generate new investor leads. Here are a couple strategic approaches to how this will work.

  1. Investor Acquisition Online using LinkedIn Advertising
  2. Advertising on Investor Networks and Publications to Increase Awareness & Investor Leads


Finding New Commercial Real Estate Investors for your Fund using LinkedIn Advertising

Most fund managers know that LinkedIn is a great network to connect with and directly reach out to commercial real estate investors, but what most don’t know is how to run successful campaigns on LinkedIn that are efficient and scalable which deliver a consistent flow of eager accredited investors.

Running these ad campaigns get you in front of those investors and makes it easy for them to see your message and connect by calling, messaging or getting more information to start the conversation on investing with in your fund.


Increase Visibility for Your Commercial Real Estate Fund by Advertising on Investor Networks & Publications

This is similar to the LinkedIn ad campaign strategy but different in that you aren’t targeting individuals but instead making your firm / fund visible on the finance, real estate, and investment websites and publications those investors are reading.

By sharing the message on your ability to drive big returns for investors, you’ll have a consistent flow of opportunities that will fuel your funds growth.


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    The two things every firm needs to grow and thrive are Investors and Deal Flow. They both have to exist and can’t live without the other.

    So in this article we are going to address how your firm can increase it’s Deal Flow by using digital marketing tactics that most firms aren’t doing.


    How Can Private Equity Firms Increase Deal Flow?

    Most firms have been doing this by tapping into their personal and professional networks which works well but has it’s limitations built in to the reason that it is so successful for them / you. Your Network!

    Digital marketing strategies focused on deal acquisition are the most effective way to scale your visibility and generate new leads on prospective deals. Let’s look at a couple strategic approaches to how this works.

    1. Deal Acquisition Online through LinkedIn Advertising
    2. Investor Network Advertising to Increase Awareness & Deal Flow


    Increase Deal Flow for Your Private Equity Firm through LinkedIn Advertising

    Most deal origination teams know that LinkedIn is a good place to connect with and gain direct access to brokers, owners or partners, but what most don’t know how to do is take the strategies that are successful in connecting & sourcing deals on LinkedIn and turn that into a scalable ad strategy on the LinkedIn ad platform.

    These ads get you in front of the exact people you want to connect with and those same people who have assets that fit your deal criteria will see your message and connect by calling, message or getting more information to start the conversation on making that acquisition.

    It really is that simple!


    Increasing Deal Flow for Your Private Equity Firm by Advertising on Investor Networks

    Similar to the LinkedIn strategy but different in that you aren’t targeting individuals but instead making yourself visible on the finance, real estate, or commodity websites and publications those brokers, owners and partners are reading.

    By sharing the message on your ability to drive returns for the deals you acquire, you’ll have a consistent flow of opportunities that will fuel your firms growth.


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      As we enter December now is the time to finalize plans moving into 2021.

      Specifically focusing on your Marketing Plan for 2021 is what we’re most concerned about as a Marketing Agency.

      Even more specifically we want you think think about your lead and customer acquisition strategy for the new year.


      Questions We’re Asking

      1. Do you have a Lead Acquisition plan for 2021?
      2. If not, In 2021 are you looking to gain NEW Customers?
      3. If so, Do you currently have a overall / broad marketing plan for 2021?


      If you want to bring in new customers next year and don’t have a broad marketing plan for 2021 at all we suggest at a minimum roughing out ideas you have on promoting the business. But if a big part of your strategy is new customer growth then even more important will be your lead acquisition strategy.


      Here are the components of a 2021 lead acquisition strategy that you should consider

      • Is your website optimized for search engines (do you rank well for everything you do / sell)?
      • Is your website optimized to convert visitors when they get to your site?
      • Are you actively publishing content / blogs to your website?
      • Are you actively publishing content to your social media channels?
      • Are you actively running ads that target your primary customers to drive them to your website or to the phone?
      • Are you sending out at a minimum monthly emails to your email list?


      If you answered No to any of these then your 2021 marketing strategy should turn those No’s to Yes’s.

      Prioritize these to comprehensively attack getting new business.


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        Our friends at Everplans provided this great research into why it is so important to keep the all relationships in the families you advise strong.

        It’s time to start remembering kids birthdays and maybe sending a gift!

        93% of advisors think that they will continue to manage the assets of a client that dies.
        Fact: 85% of children Fire the financial advisor their parents used!
        Only 7% of children know / knew who their parents financial advisor was.

        Read more in the infographic below.

        Infographic financial advisor and family marketing

        The Question: “What should I include in my content marketing?”

        Here are the things that YOU SHOULD be including in your content marketing efforts.

        You don’t just need content, you need Awesome Content!

        Developing relevant content does not have to be a difficult. It doesn’t require any special tools, secret or magic. It all begins with understanding who your prospects & customers are, how they behave and what they crave.

        The formula:
        Useful x Consumable x Inspired = Innovative Content

        This process begins with the creation of a piece of a REAL IDEA, Not some 2,000 word “evergreen” piece or ebook. Something Awesome.
        Many marketers will tell you this should be a 50 to 100 page ebook or massive how to guide. The problem is most people can’t handle it. Big = Overwhelming.

        Everyone wants to believe there is a magic bullet. So create the Magic Bullet!

        Highly valuable & easily consumed content is the gift that keeps on giving. This content will attract links, generate traffic and build brand awareness.

        Once your content is created, blast it EVERYWHERE: Company pages, email, blog, sponsored updates, Display ads, SlideShare, PPC, Twitter, etc.

        Simple Execution
        In many cases it is easy to develop a set of goals, but a plan is specific, executed over time and measurable. After determining what your Big Idea is going to be, write that out into a series or digestable snapshots that can easily be distributed over time. This can include videos, infographics, blog posts, 3rd party posts, podcasts, etc.

        Week 1: Publish & Schedule Your Content
        Week 2: Conduct a Webinar
        Week 3: Run a Contest
        Week 4: Lead a Twitter Chat
        Week 5: Do an interview: On TV, Online, At a Conference, etc.

        While all of this is running your content is being promoted though influencer outreach, promoted posts, email, sponsored updates, paid search, retargeting, organic social, organic search, etc.

        Everything gets tagged and tracked for performance evaluation and follow up.

        Your Blog
        Make your blog content diverse, relevant and structured.

        Monday: Case Studies, Statistics / Infographics, Industry (35% time spent)
        Tuesday: Strategic Research & Analysis, Points of View, Thought Leadership (20% time spent)
        Wednesday: How-To Posts, Guest Blogging, Peer Content (25% time spent)
        Thursday: Bold Points of View / Strong Opinion, Challenger (5% time spent)
        Friday: Light-hearted, Cultural, Funny Amusing (15% time spent)

        A Quick View
        SEO – Lays the groundwork
        Social – Fuels the content
        Content – Fuels the demand


        • Consistently deliver content that their target wants to consume & share
        • PR efforts guide their vision as a leader in the space
        • Deliver amazing experiences on and offline
        • Build a thriving community

        Make a plan, make it Asesome, deploy, track & measure, optimize, close new business and WIN!

        And this is why we are considered the best content marketing agencies in St. Louis.

        A 2013 study calculated that over 500 websites are created each minute.

        That is a HUGE number.

        Let’s be conservative and say that today in 2016, 75 of those new websites are being created and are scheduled to replace an existing website every single day.

        That is a very large number of sites putting themselves at risk!


        How are they putting themselves at risk you say?


        Well, let us give you an example.


        Imagine you have a website that looks so 2005.

        You want to update the look, the copy and make it responsive.

        All with the goal of turning more visitors into customers.

        These are Awesome goals!

        Let’s say your site has an average conversion rate compared to the industry and 75% of your site traffic comes from Organic Search.



        When migrating your website in most cases, your URL structure will change.

        This will make all of your old URL’s or links to your site break and generate either a 404 error or some other server error.

        If that happens:

        • Visitors are very unhappy and will leave your site

        • Google will penalize you for a bad user experience

        • Your rankings will drop

        • You could be dropped from the search engines completely for a while


        What can you do to FIX This?

        Map your current website URLs to your new website URLs

        Create 301 redirects (using .htaccess or a plugin or whatever you use choose to create this)

        Test the redirects to make sure they are correct

        Submit a new Sitemap to the search engines

        This is the Number 1, Most Critical Step in Preserving Your Website’s Current Authority, Visibility and Integrity.

        If you don’t, then you will most definitely use the acronym FML in a tweet, text, post, etc. soon after.


        Social Media is a must do when it comes to growing a business, communicating with customers, acquiring new customers and becoming a real brand.  Many companies are not doing it, Many companies are “kind of” doing it, few companies are doing it successfully and only a small fraction of businesses are running social media at the highest level.

        We break out Social Media Marketing effort into 3 Phases.

        1. Table Stakes (thanks to Eliot Frick from BIGWIDESKY for this name)

        2. Successful

        3. Top One Percent

        *We don’t even consider not doing it a phase.  If your company is not on Social Media, please call us right now, at this very moment so we can get you up and live on social.  Every second you are not online and up on social media the quicker your company will die.


        Table Stakes

        When it comes to Social Media Marketing there is a minimum level of effort that must take place.

        Having live profiles that contain consistent and accurate company information, imagery, posting content regularly at some frequency and linking to these profiles from other places on the web including your website, other social profiles, email, etc.

        This is easy and will give you a boost in the search engines, overall customer visibility, website traffic, foot traffic, leads and sales.

        Example Table Stakes Social Media Profile

        The Dallas Furniture Bank



        The Dallas Furniture Bank has consistent and accurate information, while posting regularly.

        There is not an a large amount of engagement and obviously not running any paid promotion.

        This is fine for many companies and should be getting done, but could be getting done in a more significant way by moving into the Successful Social Media Marketing phase.



        To be running at the Successful Social Media Marketing phase, you must be doing everything in the Social Media Table Stakes phase plus driving consistent meaningful engagement through strategic organic & paid tactics as well as relevant strategic content (copy, images, videos, documents, etc.).

        Example Successful Social Media Profile

        The Watering Bowl



        The Watering Bowl has consistent and accurate information, while posting regularly.

        There is good engagement, they respond, comment, message and are running some paid promotion.

        This where most companies should be, but there is still one more level that your business could be reaching, it is the Top One Percent Social Media phase.


        Top One Percent

        To be in the Top One Percent of companies on Social Media you must be everything from the 1st and 2nd phases, plus creating a massive amount of content, promoting accurately through all means possible, engaging like your life depends on it and having passionately dedicated resources to work on this 100% of the time.


        Example Top One Percent Social Media Profile

        Red Bull




        Red Bull does everything on social media, all the time, in every corner of the web and is engaging, relevant and passionate.  Strive to be like Red Bull when it comes to the social media part of growing your business.


        I recently posted an article on the History of Snapchat, What it means for us Today and direction on How to Use it Well.

        I’ve been experimenting with posting on different platforms, so you can the full article on…

        Medium – https://medium.com/@johnbracamontes/the-history-of-snapchat-how-to-use-it-well-9a28db7eb8e7


        LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/history-snapchat-how-use-well-john-bracamontes

        Below are a handful of GIF tutorials on how to use the platform

        Snapchatting a Video vs. Photo

        How to Add Filters and Double Filters on Snapchat

        How to Use Snapchat Video Filters

        How to Save a Photo or Video on Snapchat

        Accounts to Follow on Snapchat

        This is just a short list of people who are killing it on the platform. There aren’t that many yet because people still aren’t taking it seriously. So get on it now.

        DJ Khaled: @djkhaled305
        John Bracamontes: @acumenstudio
        Casey Neistat: @caseyneistat
        John Bracamontes: @johnbracamontes
        Diplo: @diplo
        Kate Hudson: @khudsnaps
        Gary Vaynerchuk: @garyvee
        Eva Longoria: @realevalongoria

        We are always putting out content on digital marketing tactics for SEO, PPC, Social Meida, Email Marketing and Analytics, but the truth is we really are a Content Marketing Agency.

        Our Definition of a content marketing agency is one that creates content based on research and strategic principles that generate awareness, drive more traffic, leads, form submissions, phone calls, new customers and revenue.

        We are a Really Good Content Marketing Agency!

        Many agencies, especially here in St. Louis, can write and publish content while calling themselves content marketing agencies, but the truth is, they are rarely strategic and virtually none of them have the deep discipline experience to effectively utilize a multi-channel strategy that will drive results.

        Good Content Marketing delivers results.

        The goal is to ultimately obtain new customers through the strategic exposure and knowlege share that content marketing lends.  Greater visibility, More Traffic, More Leads, Form Submissions, Phone Calls and Revenue.  This is the goal.

        We approach content marketing from a very technical position.

        • First, we get to know a company at it’s core.
        • Then focus on the why, the how and the what.
        • This allows us to perform meaningful research into the behaviors of users and potential customers around strategic topics and terms.
        • We then perform a content gap analysis to identify what content does exist or needs to exist on your website.
        • The modification of the existing content and addition of the missing content is outlined and implemented.
        • We then monitor, analyze and recommend tweak or additions thereafter to continously optimize the content marketing efforts.

        St. Louis Content Marketing Agency

        We are not a Creative Agency

        There are a TON of agencies in the St. Louis area that call themselves digital marketing firms, content marketing agencies or marketing agencies and try to do the strategic work, but this needs to be handed over to the pros the digital marketing technologists and analysts that know the tools, tactics and research methodologies.

        We’re not just in St. Louis

        Mentioned alot here in this article are “St. Louis Content Marketing Agencies” or Marketing Agencies in general, but we actually have phenomenal clients from all over the united states and are working on global campaigns for a couple of our domestic clients.  We just want to be clear in giving examples of what we actually do and what other agencies say they do.  Plus we Love St. Louis and rep this city pretty hard!

        Why work with us on your Content Marketing Strategy

        1. We’re really really good at content marketing
        2. Our goal is to generate as much value as possible for you (authority, leads, customers, revenue)
        3. We are on 24/7.  Accessibility, transparency and getting things done is what we do all of the time.  There is no such thing as too early or too late for us!

        If you want to work with the Best St. Louis Content Marketing Agency or learn more then please contact us by phone or by filling out the form on this page and we will speak with you very soon.