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B2B Marketing Automation

As we enter December now is the time to finalize plans moving into 2021.

Specifically focusing on your Marketing Plan for 2021 is what we’re most concerned about as a Marketing Agency.

Even more specifically we want you think think about your lead and customer acquisition strategy for the new year.


Questions We’re Asking

  1. Do you have a Lead Acquisition plan for 2021?
  2. If not, In 2021 are you looking to gain NEW Customers?
  3. If so, Do you currently have a overall / broad marketing plan for 2021?


If you want to bring in new customers next year and don’t have a broad marketing plan for 2021 at all we suggest at a minimum roughing out ideas you have on promoting the business. But if a big part of your strategy is new customer growth then even more important will be your lead acquisition strategy.


Here are the components of a 2021 lead acquisition strategy that you should consider

  • Is your website optimized for search engines (do you rank well for everything you do / sell)?
  • Is your website optimized to convert visitors when they get to your site?
  • Are you actively publishing content / blogs to your website?
  • Are you actively publishing content to your social media channels?
  • Are you actively running ads that target your primary customers to drive them to your website or to the phone?
  • Are you sending out at a minimum monthly emails to your email list?


If you answered No to any of these then your 2021 marketing strategy should turn those No’s to Yes’s.

Prioritize these to comprehensively attack getting new business.


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    Marketing Automation has existed in some form since business started being done on the internet (it just wasn’t always called that).

    But now it has become easier than ever to implement, has one of the highest returns and makes it easy to grow quickly at scale.

    • B2B companies are 67% more likely to see quarterly growth when using a marketing automation platform
    • 55% of polled B2B Companies are already using Marketing Automation in some form
    • 91% of marketers said a tool that enables their teams to review, analyze, and act on customer and marketing data would greatly increase ROI across all marketing channels

    If you are wondering why your current digital marketing efforts haven’t produced the ROI you hoped for then take a look at these B2B Marketing Automation Templates that will increase your return on marketing and bring clarity to what channels are doing all the work.

    Marketing Automation is the Perfect Blend of Marketing & Sales that Closes More Business!

    Download Your B2B Marketing Automation Templates

      What Are The Qualities of Successful Marketing for B2B?

      In general most marketers can rattle of a list of qualities that they think should be embodied when it comes to B2B marketing but what we’ll get to more specifically are the qualities of the executed marketing on specific channels.  Doing these things will set you up online for success!


      The List of Successful B2B Marketing Qualities

      We’re going to make this easy by literally creating a definitive list for you here:


      Know Your Audience!

      More specifically know details about that audience such as industry, company 7 job title


      Write 2 to 4 Blog Posts per month

      Not just write them but research the topics through SEO / Keyword research


      Post 3 types of content on Social Media (Awareness, Consideration & Conversion

      Most marketers get Awareness up, some post consideration focused message but few publish conversion based content, which is arguably the most important of the three.


      Run Ads

      To be clear we’re talking ads across all networks (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook)


      Send Email

      At least 1 to 2 times per month is fine to start and will keep you top of mind.  Send emails that round up your blogs, new products or promotions.



      Good B2B Marketers are Good at SEO. And they employ it across all they do.


      Measure Everything

      Don’t get hung up on the extreme details, but do make sure you are tracking conversions and knowing what channels contributed to those conversions.


      If you or your team can enlist all of these marketing qualities and get good at them, then you’ll be set up for success, generate more traffic, gain more leads and close more sales!


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        If you talk to an agency or “expert” marketing technologist they will tell you about all the Best Practices you should be following when it comes to Marketing Automation for B2B.  And all of those “best practices” are typically highly involved, complicated, time consuming and expensive.

        But here’s the TRUTH, B2B Marketing Automation can be EASY.


        Why would anyone try to make it so difficult?

        There are many reasons…

        1. They believe it needs to be (… but it doesn’t)
        2. They don’t know it well enough and are quoting the “expert posts” they’ve read
        3. They aren’t that great at marketing and are a technology enthusiast (leads to overtech marketing)
        4. They have a desire to feel important and the more complicated something is the more important they think they are
        5. They want you to be “Stuck” with them, if it’s too hard for you then they feel you can’t get rid of them
        6. And the list goes on


        So the question for you should be… “How Can I Make B2B Marketing Automation Easy?”

        Read On.


        How You Can Make B2B Marketing Automation Easy

        The simplest and easiest way to get started with marketing automation as a B2B company is to use it in combination with a lead generation campaign by creating a linear, time based, drip nurture email sequence. (I explain below)


        Here are the 3 things you need to do

        • Choose an Automation Platform (I won’t go into these here, but pick one!) *we love HubSpot
        • Create an Ad Campaign to fill your marketing automation platform
        • Create your automation emails & logic


        Choose an Automation Platform

        This up to you and the choices are many.

        To be honest it doesn’t matter a ton which one you pick when you are first starting because it’s more important to just start doing it.

        You’ll be looking at price, contact tiers, capabilities and integrations that fit your business best.


        Again we personally love HubSpot for this (but it can get pricey quick, we get it)


        Create and Ad Campaign

        This is who you’ll actually use your marketing automation platform on.

        Basically decide on a target customer, create the ads, set up the campaign and ensure that the leads which come in are integrated into your automation tools database through forms.

        You can read in detail on how to set up a High ROI B2B Ad Campaign Here: https://acumenstudio.com/ad-campaigns-for-b2b-how-to-make-them-work-more-leads-and-paying-less/


        Create Your Automation Emails & Logic

        Lastly you’ll need to create the emails that will nurture your leads.

        We recommend starting by doing this to start.


        Create a 4 part email nurture series.

        1. Auto-response email to a form submission
        2. 2 days later – A follow up email asking if they received a link to the download from the form submission and / or if they have any questions
        3. 4 days later – An email giving them a little more detail on the same subject matter they originally requested and an ask to call them to learn more about them and their business need
        4. 5 days later – An email stating you don’t want to be a bother so you’d rather just jump on a call to talk give them more information on your company and what you do as well as learn about what their original interest was when downloading from the form.


        At this point your sales team should reach out directly a couple days after the last email went out.  What you’ll find is that you get more responses and leads are more responsive to “warm call” outreach once they have gotten all of these emails.


        I hope this shows you how a B2B company can implement a marketing automation tool and campaign easily without over-complicating the whole thing.


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          Is it Actually TRUE that Investors don’t spend time online?


          The short answer is NO it’s not True.

          Investors are online just like the rest of us.

          And how could they not be?  Just like you they need to stay on top of industry news, finance news and market forecasts.  Where is the best place to get this info…? ONLINE!

          Phones, computers / laptops, tablets, social media, etc.  They are there.


          But the bigger question is what are they doing online and how can you as an investment firm effectively get in front of new investors.


          Today we’re going to give you one way that works all the time / every time… Promote Your Offering to Generate New Investor Leads.


          Promote Your Offer to Get New Investor Leads

          You want to make sure you get in front of qualified investors so you aren’t wasting time & money, and you also want to ensure that what you have to say is enticing enough to make those qualified investors, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), UHNWI, Family Offices, HNW CPA Firms, etc. engage with your offering.


          To make this happen there are 5 things you MUST do

          • Have a good looking and easy to understand Pitchbook or Prospectus as a PDF
          • Create a landing page on your website that promotes the offering and has a form to download the pitchbook / prospectus (ask for contact info & qualifying details)
          • Create Ad Campaigns that target…
            • High Earning Job Titles, Individual CPA Firms, Family Office employees, etc. in your target market on LinkedIn
            • Target investor publications on the Google Ad Network
            • Retarget visitors of your site on Facebook and the Google Ad Network
          • Use an Automation solution such as HubSpot to track investor engagement


          As this runs you’ll get new investor leads and identify who’s interested in your offering from existing leads by observing their behavior in the Automation / CRM solution.  Who downloaded, who’s visited your site, who’s opened additional emails, etc.

          These are your hottest investor prospects for the deal and when you see them engaging it’s time to prioritize your outreach to those investors.


          If you want to read more on how we approach marketing for Private Equity Firms check this page out  https://acumenstudio.com/private-equity-marketing/


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            Is your primary buyer a commercial print company?

            If so read on.


            It isn’t a question of whether or not they need your products and services. They do.

            Maybe they need it now, maybe they’ll need it later, but the fact is they’ll still need it.

            So the fact is you know you need to be in front of these printers when they are most receptive to seeing your message.


            But How the heck do you do that?

            It’s actually pretty simple…

            1. You have to run ads
            2. Know what they are searching and asking online
            3. Publish!!!


            Run Ads to Target Print Companies

            We know the initial thought of running ads can be tough if you haven’t been running them, have never run them or ran them unsuccessfully in the past.

            But the fact is that running ads is critical to ensuring you get seen by the decision makers at these print companies.


            Here are things that you NEED to do so that ads are successful for you

            • Run LinkedIn ads to get in front of decision makers at print companies by targeting the Print Industry paired with the job titles you want to connect with (CEO, COO, Ops, etc.)
            • Retarget the visitors of your landing pages (built for the LinkedIn ads), visitors to your website, and uploaded leads lists on Facebook and Google.
            • Run highly focused paid search ads targeting very specific keywords (we get it, this one is a little harder to do, but not for us)


            Know What Printers are Searching for & Asking for Online

            This will be the core of your content strategy and it works REALLY Well!

            You’ve probably heard of keyword research, but this goes well beyond that.

            Initial keyword research is great to get a macro idea of how and what people are searching for but once you pair that with social media research to identify the actual questions being asked about the products, services and solutions that you solve for then it all becomes very clear as to what you need to create.


            Again, here are the things that you NEED to do so you can create content that converts

            • Do Keyword research using Google, MOZ, SEMRush or whatever tool you can
            • Expand the KW Research to social media and search industry publications, Quora, Reddit and other community sources to find the question being asked that YOU are the answer to
            • Turn those questions and answers into content that can be used across the web


            Publish Your Content

            Take that content you just developed and make sure it includes these elements.

            1. Blog Posts
            2. Updated Webpages
            3. Social Media Posts
            4. Campaigns
            5. Emails


            By doing this it ensures you stay in front of your target buyer all the time, saying the things you KNOW they need to hear and when they are ready to buy you’ll be the first person they talk with.  Guaranteed!


            If you want to talk game plan, contact us and we would be glad to tell you more and give tips on how you can dominate the market.


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              Do you know your target customer?  I mean REALLY KNOW who that customer is?

              It’s very likely that you actually do, but the issue with ROI for most businesses when running ad campaigns online is that they don’t know how to target those customers online.

              85% of B2B Marketers say they know their target buyer, but only 60% are confident in knowing what or how to get in front of them online.


              Here we’re going to talk about the specifics of how to ensure your B2B Ad Campaigns are successful and a big part of that is your targeting.


              Let’s explore how to effectively target these customers and how to identify what content to create and use when running these ad campaigns.


              B2B Ad Campaign Targeting

              Ensuring you are getting in front of the right people.

              You’ll see higher ROI, eliminate wasted ad spend and have something that actually works!


              Listed below is our recommended approach for a B2B ads targeting model.



              • Defined Demographics (geo, age, sex, job title, etc.)
              • List(s)
                • Customer Email List
                • Leads Email LIst
              • Retargeted Website Visitors



              • Defined Demographics (geo, age, sex, job title, etc.)
              • List(s)
                • Customer Email List
                • Leads Email LIst
              • Retargeted Website Visitors
              • 1% Lookalike Audience(s) *after you’ve found a message / offering that works


              Google Ads

              • List(s)
                • Customer Email List
                • Leads List
              • Retargeted Website Visitors
              • Retargeted Website Visitors
              • Similar Audience(s) *after you’ve found a message / offering that works


              It’s important to note that using audience expansion targeting is not recommended until you’ve found a message and offering that works.  This will ensure you don’t waste ad spend as you grow outside of the most accurate targeting options.


              How to Identify What Content to Create for B2B Buyers

              This is extremely critical to the success of your campaigns.

              In most cases B2B companies know what their customers need and are looking for.

              And again most of the time you can just create that content. (you need part X and we have part X, let’s work together)


              But you can only say that so many times before people start ignoring it.


              Do this to find new content that will get your customers thinking about you and buying from you more often.

              • Do Keyword research using Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush or the MOZ keyword tool
              • Use that keyword research to look at publications, Quora,Social Media and Reddit to find the questions and answers being asked and given in the marketplace
              • Write posts, articles, white papers or make videos on those keywords, questions and answers


              Doing these two things will give you exactly what you need to get more traffic, phone calls, leads and more sales!


              Learn more B2B Content Marketing Strategies & Tactics here: https://acumenstudio.com/b2b-content-marketing-agency/


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                At it’s core Remarketing is the ability to show ads to individuals who engaged with one of your digital properties.

                How most people are familiar with Remarketing is with B2C ecommerce. The perfect example is when someone looks at a product on Amazon.com and then sees the ad on other websites they visit (the ad follows them around).

                The premise is that those who visited and didn’t purchase will see again what they were looking at and will choose at that moment to complete their purchase by clicking on the ad and finishing the checkout process.


                But How Do You Use Remarketing for B2B Businesses?

                In theory the idea is the same where you targeted those who previously engaged with you to turn them into customers or get them to buy more from you.

                Listed here are the ways you can retarget individuals:

                • Tagging & Tracking Visitors from Your Website
                • Uploading an email list of leads or customers
                • Uploading a physical mailing list of leads or customers


                When using the Tagging & Tracking method you are using a pixel or cookie (code the browser uses to track the visitor) that will allow you to show ads to those same visitors across the internet.

                Uploading email lists and/or physical mailing lists let the platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google) run a matching algorithm to find those users in their target pool to show those contacts on your list, your ads.

                This is one of the easiest ways to get in front of leads and existing customers at the lowest cost.

                And this targeting method is highly effective as the leads & customers already have some affinity for your company.


                How Else Do B2B Companies Use Remarketing?

                One of the most compelling ways we use remarketing for B2B is to use the targeting capabilities of one platform to extend that criteria across onto other platforms.

                Not all ad platforms have the same targeting criteria available to choose from, so we will use the targeting criteria of one platform to drive in visitors and them remarket to those same visitors on other platforms that don’t have the targeting criteria we need.  This way we know the audience being targeted on the 2nd platform is specific to our campaign needs.


                For Example:

                LinkedIn will allow us to target a job title within a specific industry at companies with a specific number of employees.

                Facebook does not give you this capability.

                So we will target on LinkedIn, Retarget those same visitors on Facebook where you cannot target the industries and size of the company accurately.


                Do this to increase your lead gen and revenue generation results when building our our B2B Content Marketing Strategy.


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