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Snapchat for Business; More than a Selfie

Snapchat for Business

Snapchat for Business; More than a Selfie

Snapchat has been in the hands of teens, young adults and the socially connected for a few years now. The application functions as a sort of communication-social media hybrid and has seen its fair share of updates and changes. What started out solely as a way to send short photo “snaps,” has evolved to adding facially specific animated filters, My Story, and the capabilities to communicate via chat and live video with other users, among countless other features.

Though every update that Snapchat releases is sure to stir up plenty of online chatter and countless screen-shots, I would say that the most notable change for Snapchat has been how people are using the application. Sure, people will continue to send a flurry of snaps whenever they get a killer new haircut, are hashtag blessed with quaint latte art or just get suuuper bored in night class, but let’s cover a few ways and reasons you can and should use Snapchat to benefit your business.


You can use it and use it often.


A lot of companies think they don’t belong, or simply don’t need to be on Snapchat, but plenty were saying the same thing about Twitter a few years ago, and now pretty much any conscious business is tweeting. The cool thing about Snapchat is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This could be a chance to show your audience that you’re more than just a number crunching financial firm!

Get to work and find donuts in the conference room?
Caption and post it to the company My Story; let your viewers know that you’re on the grind but you need to fuel up first.

Taking a break with some trashcan basketball?
Snap it.

Have a quick tip to share about cloud computing or something else smart sounding?
Record a short and sweet vid and post that too.

One of your coworkers has an ultra-weird brainstorming process?
Give your audience the inside scoop as to how you get those creative juices flowing, it’ll make them feel included and in turn make you more interesting!

Releasing a new product or service? This is an absolutely free way to promote, promote, promote. Give your viewers a heads up as to when they can expect the latest and greatest from you and keep them posted (just be careful not to get too spammy).

Consider the things you appreciate most about your job and what you think people from the outside world might find unique, interesting or entertaining.

The My Story of your company by no means has to be a high quality production or blockbuster film, just get your faces/biz out there and get to snappin’!