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Do you value getting “The Work” done?

It’s one of the things we constantly talk about in our office.  If you’re not getting the work done, you are accomplishing nothing.

Sounds like an obvious statement right?  It is.


Many companies do not hold true to this philosophy when it comes to their content marketing. They Literally DO NOTHING!


  • Fear of Imperfection
  • Believing they don’t know enough about digital to do it
  • Thinking that no one will care what they have to say
  • And Worst of All The Belief that it doesn’t work (it does work by the way)

Putting together a strategic content strategy based on what your customers and prospects are looking for and talking about online is much easier than you think, costs less than you probably imagine and returns greater results than you would expect.

Simply Attack the Content Marketing Process

Here’s a good video we like to share by our friend Ben Newman on Attacking the Process.


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    B2B marketing has evolved from its meager origins of sales support materials to a highly nuanced complicated field. The following B2B executives express views which not only provide clarity to navigating the current climate, but are also of immediate and timeless value to other areas of your business.

    1. John Hayes, CEO of Com

    “…there is going to be a staggering volume of content coming from industrial marketers in 2017.  Even the ones who are doing it poorly plan to keep on spending money to churn out more and more content. And that content is all targeting the same audience.”

    Hayes’s advice to stand out from the crowd is to spend more time developing high-quality content rather than publish as much as possible. Quality over quaintly, always.


    2. Bob Bechek, Worldwide Managing Director of Bain & Company

    “…don’t be afraid necessarily to stay in one place and build something significant.”

    Wise words from the consulting giant Bechek, which certainly applies to our current marketing atmosphere; rather than jump from one trendy platform to the next without thought, build a cohesive strategy and stick with it before making a decision to discard.


    3. Diana O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer of Deloitte

    “…thought leadership is an anchor not just to marketing, positioning and content, but it also serves as the fundamental source for our professionals because our people are our greatest asset.”

    If you are struggling to develop high quality content, chances are that the people working for you are already capable of producing excellent marketing materials. Enable them to use their voice!


    4. Pierre Duprat, Vice-President, Corporate Communications of VINCI

    “One can speak of the emergence of social media, 2.0 world. It is a vision software.”

    VINCI is the world’s largest construction company, and their marketing gurus recognize that the best strategy is investment in future technologies, which will not resemble the world today. And Duprat makes an important point – as we move closer to fully utilizing resources like virtual reality headsets, marketing in the B2B space will be driven by visuals.


    5. Joel Quadracci, Chairman, President & CEO of Quad/Graphics

    “We constantly dare ourselves to think differently … to ask “what if” and “why not?” … to experiment. The worst that can happen is we fail trying. The best is we champion the next breakaway idea that catapults us to the next level of success.”

    Hopefully you’ve noticed the theme! B2B execs believe in a willingness to try new strategies and technologies in order to develop the best marketing campaign possible, which can be an important differentiator amongst competition in fields like commercial printing.


    6. Leon Black, Chairman of Apollo Global Management

    “Doing something that is worthwhile in terms of helping others is important.”

    Marketing is more than trying to close a sale. In the digital age where there is noise coming from every direction, it is imperative for your marketing to be of actual value for your potential clients or customers.


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    Here are the Top 9 Critical B2B Content Marketing Stats

    The conclusion here is that you really need to be investing more time, energy and effort into your B2B Content Marketing campaigns.
    Ensure you are driving more visibility, leads and sales.
    And the best approaches may be to focuson on using Paid Search / SEM / PPC, LinkedIn and Lead Ads on networks like Facebook.

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