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There’s a Huge Spike in Buyer Searches for B2B Products & Services

B2B Buyers are Searching Online More for Products and Services

There’s a Huge Spike in Buyer Searches for B2B Products & Services

Have you seen an increase in your organic (SEO) traffic or a jump in Paid Search (Google Ads) traffic?
Over the past 7 months we’ve seen an Enormous spike in searches for manufacturing and professional service terms.
More specifically, these searches have a buying focused intent. Really Good News for you!
In 2019 so far there has been a lot of leadership change across many B2B industries and new decision makers are replacing an older generation of buyers.
What we’ve found is that this has been the primary factor in all of this new demand online for B2B products & services.

Why is this such a good thing? (B2B Buyers searching for products more online)

This is proving to be a good thing for B2B companies who currently have a strong presence online, in the search engines, on social media, are running ads and are using email consistently.
The companies who are not doing this shouldn’t feel any increase since they are not being found online.
It’s only been the last 2 months that many of these B2B companies have realized this and those that have are currently working at a feverish pace to build out their content and optimize their online presence to take advantage of this wave of opportunity that is positioned to continue it’s growth for a while.

You Need to Be Creating New Optimized Content for Your B2B Buyers!

It will be important to get in early as more and more companies (your competitors) get in and start to crowd the space.
The longer you wait the further behind you’ll fall and having to climb a mountain of competitors content is so much harder than getting in early and holding a top spot, getting the authority, traffic, leads and sales.

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