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The Most Lucrative B2B Content Marketing Ideas for 2019

The Top B2B Content Marketing Ideas for 2019

The Most Lucrative B2B Content Marketing Ideas for 2019

It’s true that most B2B companies aren’t doing any content marketing at all.

And of those that do, most are simply pushing out awareness focused messages that don’t convert.

We know it’s tough out there to make this a priority, but if you are currently running any content marketing or plan to do any in the near future then read on to learn how to make sure what you do gets results.


The Top B2B Content Marketing Ideas for 2019

  • Run LinkedIn Ads sponsoring your company page content
  • Run LinkedIn InMail Ads that email your top customer targets
  • Write blogs that are Q&A style
  • Create a price sheet and put it behind an info gate and promote it


We explain in more detail below.


Run LinkedIn Ads sponsoring your company page content

This is probably the best way to instantly get new leads in 2019.

The targeting LinkedIn provides is unmatched when it comes to B2B.

Now for this to work you’ll need to produce content that will get promoted.

We have content suggestions in our other two ideas on this list, but literally any relevant post about your company that includes a problem, solution and call to action that links back to your website is worthy of sponsoring that content.


The customers targeted will see your ad in their feed, click on the call to action button and convert on your website through a form or call to get more information and do business with you.




Run LinkedIn InMail Ads that email your top customer targets

Similar to sponsored content you can target your primary customer and get in front of them very easily using LinkedIn InMail ads.

The big difference here is the ad type and how it is presented.


With InMail ads you as an individual (or someone on your sales team) will send an email through the LinkedIn messaging system directly to those targeted customers.

So not only does your message get to the target on LinkedIn but it also goes directly to their email address which is usually connected to their phone.

This means you’re getting in front of the buyer immediately!


Again you’ll need to craft a message that is compelling to the buyer, speaks to a problem you solve and the solution you have for solving that problem paired with a Call to Action that either moves them to…

  • Message you back
  • Click through to your website where they can convert there
  • Or call you directly by listing your number in the message


This works really well and scales your sales team in a very efficient way.




Write blogs that are Q&A style

Without going into a deep dive on Keyword Research for B2B companies we’ll say that many of your customers are searching on Google asking questions they need answers to. So you’ll want to do keyword research to identify How they ask those questions and what terms they use when asking.

Once you have that craft a post that literally opens by asking that exact question and follow it up with your answer. Preferably the answer is something that you offer as a product or service.


Many B2B marketers make the mistake of sharing a lot of 3rd party content or ideas that really are good ideas, but have not compatibility with your business and would never generate new sales. 

So be sure to make it 1st party knowledge tied to what you do as a business.


Create a price sheet and put it behind an info gate and promote it

One of the most popular downloadable assets that we see work well for B2B companies is a price sheet.  The reason this is so popular is because so many B2B businesses don’t share their pricing.

While we understand you may not want to share your pricing like most of these companies you can at least give estimates for these customers to take a look at.

To do this you’ll need to create a page (landing page) on your website with a form that when submitted will present them with the price sheet.


For example…

If you are a manufacturer and sell a variety of parts upload your price list each month so your prospective customers can see costs and viola you know have a list of leads to contact.

Or if you don’t want to share exact pricing create example statements of work or groupings of products showing the prices for that SOW or the price breaks for volume purchases of a specific product line. This is still valuable as it will give the prospect a better understanding of what they can expect when working with you.


Regardless of if you do one or all of those B2B content marketing ideas we can Guarantee you that they will produce new leads for your company.



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