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Financial Services Digital Marketing

Why would anyone follow Financial Brands on Twitter?
We have listed here a list of 10 Reasons why people do it.

1. They Like the Brand
2. To be notified of Offers or Promotions
3. Getting updated brand news
4. Learn about new products or services
5. They are current customers
6. To take part in competitions
7. To Tweet interesting content
8. To get something for free
9. Access to exclusive content
10. Give Brand Feedback

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10 reasons people follow financial services brands on twitter

SEO for Certified Public Accountants

Here is the Good News for CPA’s:

SEO for Certified Public Accountants is Easy!

That’s right, SEO for CPA’s is extremely easy.
Search Engine Optimization today is much more complex than it used be, but for some it has made things much better.

How has SEO changed to benefit CPA’s?

One of the biggest changes over the last couple years in the search engines is the focus being on local.
The search engine results are now being shown against the searchers physical location.

An example would be: If someone in Chicago searches the term “Certified Public Accountants”, then they will be shown search engine results and a list of CPA’s in their part of Chicago.

To make this happen there are things that have to be created, optimized and indexed.

What do I need to do for my Accounting Firm to show up in the local search engine results?

There are a few core elements:

  • Have / Create an Optimized Website
  • Claim or Create local business listings on Google+ and other community directories
  • Create content relevant to your audience / primary customer

Doing these 3 things will establish the local presence online for your firm, take advantage of the local elements Google uses like maps and it’s business reviews and provide useful information that answers the questions of your primary customer targets.

Why do all that just to show up in the search engines

To get more customers and make more money of course.

Whether someone is looking for a CPA for the first time or is looking to switch Accounting Firms, everyone starts in the search engines searching for that solution.

So give them what they want.

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    Branding for Private Equity Firms

    In the past Private Equity firms had the option of worrying about their brand or not. Communication took place in an organic way through partner networks and personal connections. Results produced by the Private Equity firm could stand on their own, demonstrating the value and strength of a firm.

    Today this is slowly fading away. A Private Equity firm is now virtually required to participate in building and growing it’s brand.
    From the Name, Logo and Colors to the Voice of the firm and what sets it apart, all of these things are becoming more and more important to potential investors and business targets (not to mention consumers who voice their opinions about firms).

    Listed here are some specific reasons that Private Equity Firms should care about Branding:

    An increase in competition: There are more firms out there now due to growth in popularity of Private Equity. This is making it imperative to stand out and communicate efficiently an ever increasing number of firms in the US and Globally.

    A maturing market: When it first began, Private Equity was new and sexy, but now that initial luster is over everyone is back to business. Investors were extremely eager to give their money over to firms in the early days, but now they are looking to invest with solid brands that ensure them with trust and performance.

    Defining the offering: Private Equity as a term has been blurred for many investors and individuals. When so many things come to mind while speaking about private equity it is extremely important to define what it is a firm actually does, specializes in or does not do. The constituents and prospects need that clear distinction.

    An increase in publicly documented commentary: In the past Private Equity firms did not need to worry about public scrutiny or even journalist comments. No one seemed to have anything bad to say. Then the media began to demonize practices within the industry and the public joined in. Social media has amplified the ability for investors, consumers, journalists and more to voice their opinions about firms or specific transactions. It is important to be there to control the message.

    Regulatory changes: Recent regulatory changes in regards to general solicitation and advertising (the JOBS Act) has essentially told firms to start marketing & advertising and strengthen their brands. If one firm does not work on positioning themselves one way, it is most assuredly that their competitors are out their doing it.

    Don’t get left behind and start Marketing your Private Equity Firm.

    affinity insurance marketing services and digital marketing

    Affinity Insurance Marketing is suited only for the most experienced marketers.
    Our specialty is Digital Marketing for Affinity Insurance Groups.

    Traditionally affinity insurance marketers had to build their direct marketing lists by identifying the individuals who belonged to certain groups or professions by partnering with those groups or other companies who had this information.

    Now that social media has become so integrated it is extremely important to be literate in all digital mediums and channels.
    The members of these groups are now self identifying on these channels, we can capture their information and present information to them at the right place and right time.

    Effective techniques like retargeting can be used to stay in front of these individuals during their buy cycle.

    Most of the Digital Marketing Campaigns for Affinity Insurance products have been for:

    • Term Life
    • AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment)
    • Disability
    • Hospital Indemnity Protection
    • Hospital Accident Protection
    • Dental Insurance

    The Importance of Tracking Cross Promotion
    Cross Promotion of products to currently insured members is commonplace.
    If someone has AD&D, they may purchase Term Life or Hospital Protection, etc.
    The problem is that promotions in the past were basically a shot in the dark.

    When promoting these products digitally you now have the ability to track at the individual level.
    This will provide you with insight into which products are most interesting to your currently insured members and will generate enrollments and applications quicker, while spending less money.

    Target, Identify, Connect, Capture and Convert.

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    PPC for Private Equity

    Private Equity has traditionally sourced deals through personal and professional networks, direct and referral. PPC (Pay Per Click) has not been used much in the industry.

    Why hasn’t Private Equity used PPC?
    The simple answer is they haven’t had to.
    Now deals are becoming harder to source and competition has increased through the creation of many new PE firms.

    How can Private Equity firms use Pay Per Click?
    The search engines give you the ability to look inside at what people search.
    We can identify search queries that are relevant to your firms offering.
    “St. Louis Private Equity Firm”
    “Investment Options to Grow my Business”

    We can bid on terms like these and drive paid traffic to your firms website, where they can learn more about their options, contact you via email or call you by phone.

    It really is that simple.
    New Traffic = New Leads = Increased Deal Flow = More Closed Deals!

    Knowing who to target
    By matching search queries to intent we can identify what type of person is conducting the search.
    A business owner, industry parter (Broker Dealer, Retail Bank, etc.) or a professional service provider (Advisor, Attorney, Accountatn, etc).
    This is important because we can present the most meaningful information to them.

    How else can this be used
    Using search data, we can generate marketing or industry insights for your firm when considering a new business. This can be done industry wide or at the stage of feasibility.

    PPC is a great tool within the entire spectrum of the Private Equity Digital Marketing suite.

    It’s true that Print Still Works, we use this in campaigns for our clients, where the print pieces use Purls that direct the recipients to personalized microsites or simple vanity url’s that lead to websites or landing pages.
    This medium works very well with financial services marketing.

    • Insurance
    • Mutual Funds
    • Banking
    • etc

    We just wanted to throw our two cents out there to re-iterate that Print is Not Dead.
    Check out Kopytek our favorite St. Louis Printing Company!