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How To Make Your B2B Marketing Automation Easy


How To Make Your B2B Marketing Automation Easy

If you talk to an agency or “expert” marketing technologist they will tell you about all the Best Practices you should be following when it comes to Marketing Automation for B2B.  And all of those “best practices” are typically highly involved, complicated, time consuming and expensive.

But here’s the TRUTH, B2B Marketing Automation can be EASY.


Why would anyone try to make it so difficult?

There are many reasons…

  1. They believe it needs to be (… but it doesn’t)
  2. They don’t know it well enough and are quoting the “expert posts” they’ve read
  3. They aren’t that great at marketing and are a technology enthusiast (leads to overtech marketing)
  4. They have a desire to feel important and the more complicated something is the more important they think they are
  5. They want you to be “Stuck” with them, if it’s too hard for you then they feel you can’t get rid of them
  6. And the list goes on


So the question for you should be… “How Can I Make B2B Marketing Automation Easy?”

Read On.


How You Can Make B2B Marketing Automation Easy

The simplest and easiest way to get started with marketing automation as a B2B company is to use it in combination with a lead generation campaign by creating a linear, time based, drip nurture email sequence. (I explain below)


Here are the 3 things you need to do

  • Choose an Automation Platform (I won’t go into these here, but pick one!) *we love HubSpot
  • Create an Ad Campaign to fill your marketing automation platform
  • Create your automation emails & logic


Choose an Automation Platform

This up to you and the choices are many.

To be honest it doesn’t matter a ton which one you pick when you are first starting because it’s more important to just start doing it.

You’ll be looking at price, contact tiers, capabilities and integrations that fit your business best.


Again we personally love HubSpot for this (but it can get pricey quick, we get it)


Create and Ad Campaign

This is who you’ll actually use your marketing automation platform on.

Basically decide on a target customer, create the ads, set up the campaign and ensure that the leads which come in are integrated into your automation tools database through forms.

You can read in detail on how to set up a High ROI B2B Ad Campaign Here: https://acumenstudio.com/ad-campaigns-for-b2b-how-to-make-them-work-more-leads-and-paying-less/


Create Your Automation Emails & Logic

Lastly you’ll need to create the emails that will nurture your leads.

We recommend starting by doing this to start.


Create a 4 part email nurture series.

  1. Auto-response email to a form submission
  2. 2 days later – A follow up email asking if they received a link to the download from the form submission and / or if they have any questions
  3. 4 days later – An email giving them a little more detail on the same subject matter they originally requested and an ask to call them to learn more about them and their business need
  4. 5 days later – An email stating you don’t want to be a bother so you’d rather just jump on a call to talk give them more information on your company and what you do as well as learn about what their original interest was when downloading from the form.


At this point your sales team should reach out directly a couple days after the last email went out.  What you’ll find is that you get more responses and leads are more responsive to “warm call” outreach once they have gotten all of these emails.


I hope this shows you how a B2B company can implement a marketing automation tool and campaign easily without over-complicating the whole thing.


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