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Kerry Musenbrock

Kerry Musenbrock

Kerry Musenbrock

Brace yourselves and help us welcome Kerry Musenbrock to the team!

“aka Fitness Coach, aka, Marketing Genius, aka Makes things Happen”

If it wasn’t for Kerry joining, Acumen Studio could have gone downhill quick, but luckily she chose to come on board and the future is guaranteed to be filled with Huge Wins, Slick Campaigns, New Revenue all over the place and Big Smiles.

As the Lead Marketing Strategist & Account Manager she oversees client onboarding, campaigns, reporting and making sure our customers results are way up.

Kerry has a serious background in Marketing, Finance, Health & Wellness.

Get ready to be amazed and when you see her out an event, blogging, vlogging, on social or livestreaming let her know how hard she is killing it!