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Really Good Blog Example – The Top 3 B2B Marketing Tips


Really Good Blog Example – The Top 3 B2B Marketing Tips

You’ve likely tried almost every marketing play to get more visibility, awareness, traffic, leads and sales for your company.  Some things worked while others did not.

But if you’re like many other B2B marketers you’ve thought “What else can I do? What’s going to give me the biggest return on my marketing effort?”.


Good questions and is why we decided to create this list of the Top 3 B2B Marketing Tips to help you with new ideas that will accelerate your marketing performance.


The 3 B2B Marketing Tips

  1. Use LinkedIn to Prioritize Customer Targets
  2. Email Specific Tips to Your Customers
  3. Blog About What Customers are Searching For


Use LinkedIn to Prioritize Customer Targets

You may currently publish content to LinkedIn on your personal profile and/or on your company page, but we’re talking about using the LinkedIn Ads platform to identify targetable customers that will allow you to prioritize your marketing messages to a specific audience.


Here’s how this can work.

Using the LinkedIn Ads Manager, start by creating an ad (you won’t actually create one) to then search what customers you can actually target by industry, job title, years of experience and more.


What this will do is show you who is targetable on LinkedIn so when you publish that content or run an ad you’ll ensure you are speaking to an audience that is present on the platform and highly specific.


Email Specific Tips to Your Customers

We get it, EVERYONE talks about email, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

What will make those emails most successful and cut through the noise of all the others is to be highly specific in your email content.


What is “highly specific”?


Let’s look at an example.

A Manufacturer has a process that allows them to create a very unique product which has application across a number of products within a certain industry.

The email content can focus on all of the applications that this product serves to generate inspiration within that industry, generate inquiries and land more orders / sales.


Not only does it lead to sales it highlights you as helpful, authoritative and a smart partner.


Blog About What Customers are Searching For

Sometimes you may get stuck on coming up with ideas for content.

We’ve been there like many other B2B marketers and it’s why we wanted to share that one of the most lucrative places to get ideas for content is from what your customers are actually searching for.


You’re likely familiar with SEO and heard of Keyword Research.

While those are both very important for you (meaning do it), it’s also important to take that a step further by using that keyword research to expand your searching into more detailed questions that are being asked online by your target audience.

There are a number of ways to do this, but to keep things simple, if you do your initial keyword research then formulate questions your customers may ask that include those keywords, and search those questions online you’ll find a ton of ideas on what to write about.


By doing that research you have essentially used the internet as your focus group where customers are telling you exactly what they want to know.

It’s a winner every time!


We know there is a lot that goes into each of these tips, but trust us it can be done and if you run into issues doing this on your own reach out. It’s what we’re here for!


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