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The COVID-19 Recap – What You Can Do Now to Gain New Momentum

Marketing Post COVID 19

The COVID-19 Recap – What You Can Do Now to Gain New Momentum

Now that people are getting back to work, businesses are opening back up fully and people are generally ready to move on from the effects of the virus, what should you be doing now to gain momentum from your marketing, generating new leads and more sales online?

How to Bounce Back with Marketing Post COVID

During the shutdown we took on new clients but spent a lot of time with out existing clients as well amplifying their marketing to ensure they capitalized on the opportunity given to them that the virus created. While business slowed down for many we made sure that our clients gained even more visibility during a time when their competitors pulled back and did less in their marketing.

Competitors Are Still Holding Back!

This makes now (or technically yesterday) the best time to kick start your online marketing.

What Should You Be Doing?

The most effective tactics are going to be a combined effort to ensure you get in front of customers who are eager to get back to work as usual and stay ahead of your competition.  A mix of…

  • SEO
  • Paid Social Campaigns (such as LinkedIn)
  • Paid Search
  • Blogging
  • and Email

… working together are all going to put you miles ahead of the competitors and will have you front and center for customers who need your products and services.

It’s as easy as that. #Truth


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