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What Are Your Thoughts On Print Customer Needs?

Thoughts on Marketing and Sales from Print Marketers

What Are Your Thoughts On Print Customer Needs?

We love hearing from the Experts!

You’re talking to customers everyday and are hearing their questions, concerns, wants and needs.

We are writing a collaborative article that features You and what you are seeing / hearing in the industry today.



What are current and prospective customers asking for most often of you?

What helps your current and prospective customers better understand your capabilities?

What is the most common way new and prospective customers order from you?


Below is a form that if you could fill in these answers below we will feature you and your answers in our upcoming Print Professionals Q&A Article!



    Best Way to clarify your capabilities to customers? (required)
    Phone ConversationYour WebsitePhysical Packet or FlyerDigital PDF Sales Sheet

    The most common way customers order from you? (required)
    Phone ConversationForm on your WebsiteOnline Customer Portal