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Top Digital Marketing KPIs for Print Companies

Top Digital Marketing KPIs for Print Companies

Top Digital Marketing KPIs for Print Companies

Measuring performance is critical for every aspect of your print business and marketing is no exception. In order to see what marketing strategies for your print company are working and where you may need to pivot, there are KPIs you need to pay attention to. If you read anything online, you will find hundreds of articles listing out all of the marketing KPIs that are the most important to measure and track. While this is not only overwhelming, they are also not tailored to the print industry. That’s why we wanted to put together the top marketing KPIs that you should pay attention to for your print company. 


All of these KPIs can be set up and tracked using Google Analytics. 


Digital Marketing KPI #1: Leads

Maybe one of the most important KPIs you should be tracking for both your sales and marketing efforts is leads. The number one way to generate more sales from marketing is to focus on bringing in new leads that you can then work to turn into a sale. Whether you are running paid ad campaigns, publishing social content or email marketing, you’ll want to be able to see what channel or what messages are bringing in leads and which are not. This can help you tailor your marketing to focus on what is working. 


Digital Marketing KPI #2: Cost Per Lead

This probably goes without saying but tracking the cost per lead is another important metric to report on. In the beginning of your marketing campaigns, your cost per lead, CPL, may be higher while your campaigns and accounts warm up but after 30 – 60 days, you should get an accurate cost per lead which can help drive your marketing decisions. Tracking your CPL allows you to see how much you’re spending per lead or contact that you’re bringing in so you don’t overspend with little to no results. 


Digital Marketing KPI #3: Website Traffic by Channel

In addition to tracking the leads coming in from your marketing, you need to be able to know where your website traffic is coming from, meaning from which channel is driving traffic to your print site. These channels include social, paid, direct, email or referral. It’s important to be able to measure the channels that bring in the most traffic because it can tell you if your marketing is working by bringing in website traffic or it can help you see what channels are already performing well and you can focus your marketing efforts there. 


Hopefully this helps narrow in your focus on the KPIs to focus on when it comes to digital marketing for your print shop.



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