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Welcome Logan Wertin!

Welcome Logan Wertin

Welcome Logan Wertin!

When someone new starts at Acumen we ask a handful of questions to start to get to know them better and share that with you because we’re excited to have Awesome people join the team!


Where are you from?

Litchfield, IL


What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working)?

I like to go to the gym in my free time, occasionally read Stephen King novels, and eating SUSHI


Favorite Movie Genre or Fave Movie?

Anything Scary or Thriller


Favorite Type of Music and/or Band You’re Feeling Right Now?

I’ve never had a favorite, just anything but country


Place you’d like to visit but haven’t yet?

Bali, Maui, or Singapore


Drink of Choice (doesn’t have to be alcoholic, but can be as well)?

Chocolate milk or a nice Riesling


Welcome to the Team Logan!