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B2B Digital Marketing

As a Partner, Managing Director or Marketing Leader within a commercial real estate investment firm or CRE fund you may have asked yourself if blogs are something you should write and publish as a part of your overall marketing strategy. This is a great question and you may have come here to this article in search of that answer or you may know that you want to write blogs for your firm and simply looking for blog topic ideas, but either way we’ll break down the why and the how to move you in the right direction.


So what are good commercial real estate blog topics?

And should you write blogs for your CRE firm or fund?


Does Blogging Help Commercial Real Estate Firms?

We’ll start by defining what a “blog” actually is as it relates to your firm.

In general a blog is just a short article that you will share with your audience, but there are specific goals that this blog may need to achieve.


The Goal of a Blog Post

Is your blog being created similar to a press release and it will be used solely to direct existing investors, partners or prospects to the article so they can remain aware of your firm or up to date on status of transactions, fund launches, syndications, etc?

Or is the intention for writing a commercial real estate blog post to gain visibility in the search engines so that when a prospective investor or deal partner searches online for an answer to a question they have related to CRE you show up?


If you are creating press release blog posts and that’s all you plan to do then you probably landed on our blog post by accident because those who are seeking CRE blog post topics are in need of ideas beyond the typical PR style posting.


So we will assume that you are a decision maker at your firm and are looking for blog post topics that commercial real estate investors are interested in or prospects within the deal flow chain such as business owners, partners, board members, intermediaries, CPA’s, etc.


Do Blog Posts Help?

Yes. You just need to understand what “Help” you need from the post.


How to Come Up With CRE Blog Topics

Now that it’s established blog posts can help your firm achieve a goal and assuming you are “bought in” to the theory of how and why this works, let’s focus on how to come up with good commercial real estate blog post topics & ideas.


Where to Find CRE Blog Post Ideas?

An easy way to generate blog post topics is to visit commercial real estate industry blogs. Their sole model is creating content that engages the industry and can leave clues as to what could be successful content for your blog. You just need to make sure that the publications you research aren’t creating content for YOU, the CRE firm, but instead your target audience.

So in a sense these publications are your competition.


If you Google Top Commercial Real Estate Blogs a good list of them will come up.

Many of them are writing content that would be more interesting to you, but then you have people like Shane Melanson who has content that is catering more towards the investor and is a good place to find topics more relevant to CRE investors.


Topics like “Developing Your Commercial Real Estate Exit Strategy” or “8 Questions Every Real Estate Investor Should Ask to Assess the Risk of a Property” are good as they are covering areas that CRE investors are interested in and will get value from.


These types of topics are driven by questions asked by your target audience.

For example, an investor may be searching “When is the Best Time to Sell of My CRE Portfolio?”

Or “What questions should I ask a seller when looking to buy a commercial property?”

The two blog post topic examples we shared are prime posts to get found by investors asking these questions online.


This doesn’t just apply to investors but this works the same on the deal flow side when those targets search for answers to their questions online as well.


How Else Can You Come Up with Commercial Real Estate Blog Ideas?

While getting ideas from other blogs is great, it’s also slightly diluted because you’re focusing on topics that have already been covered. So a good thing to do here is write derivatives of those topics you found. A derivative blog post topic could be “7 Questions Investors Should Ask Before Buying a Multi-Family Property.”.


Alternatively you can use data provided by Google to give you ideas based on demand.

This is commonly referred to as Keyword Research. And you should definitely do it.


Google Ads has a tool for current advertisers, but if you don’t have access to that tool, use Ubersuggest instead ( https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ ). 

We did a quick search for Top Cities for Commercial Real Estate Investing and it didn’t show any specific search volume but it gave us the keyword idea of “Best Cities for Commercial Real Estate Investment”. That term had an approximate 10 searches per month. ** In reality it’s probably 100+ searches per month, but these tools give very conservative estimates

So that is a great topic to write on.

And in the screenshot below you can see the tool gives a list of pages that show up in the search engine results for that keyword / keyphrase.

You can click through to these posts to see how and what they are writing about in their post to give you ideas on how to write your blog post and ultimately outrank them in the search engines.

commercial real estate blog post topics and ideas


Hopefully this has given you a good start to coming up with blog post ideas for your CRE Firm or Fund, but if you are wanting more help on your CRE Content Strategy then let’s talk. We are working with and marketing for PE firms including Commercial Real Estate Investment Firms that syndicate, are in multifamily, industrial and more.


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    You Opened and Email that said “Do Not Open”

    You Clicked Through an Email that said “Do Not Click”

    Now that You are here, the last thing we have to say is DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!




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      Are you a Marketer, Sales Leader or Owner of a Print Company that is interested in sharing your knowledge and skills with the greater print community?

      We’re starting a series of content where we interview people like you in the print industry to get the best advice, tips and tricks on how you market your company.

      If you would like to be interviewed for an upcoming article please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with information and next steps!


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        One of the most common pieces of advice I give to businesses, firms and professionals who commit to marketing is that you must put in the work every day. Success comes from consistent output that builds up over time which in turn delivers more and more opportunity as it grows.

        An inspiration for me personally is an individual and coach by the name of Ben Newman who travels the country working with businesses, sports teams and financial teams to move them forward strategically as it relates to the team and their organizational development strategy.

        ben newman coach

        One of the common phrases he uses is that “Champions Create Distance on Fridays” and I’ve always loved that because of how strong of a message it is.

        When most professionals check out on Friday, those who succeed are still going hard.


        Why Am I Sharing This?

        Really just as a piece of personal inspiration that hopefully will resonate with you.

        At Acumen we use philosophies like this to make our work strong and deliver good results that really does set us apart.



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          B2B companies ask us often “Does Social Media Work for B2B?” and in our experience that question is being asked because there is a presupposition that is doesn’t work for B2B markets. But as with any answer we give here on the Acumen blog it really depends. What does it depend on? What does “Work” mean for you as a B2B company?

          If you simply ask Does Social Media Work for B2B Businesses then the answer is Yes!

          If you ask will social media increase sales for my B2B company, then the answer isn’t so simple.

          What are Your Social Media Goals?

          Are you trying to primarily increase brand awareness, increase engagement, generate leads, increase sales? While you may want to say ALL of those things, the hard truth is that you aren’t going to be able to easily accomplish that if you are medium to smaller size B2B company. So focusing on one will allow you to more easily generate the results you are looking for.

          Speaking of company size, we’ll discuss that a little later in the post, so keep reading!

          Each goal has a different tactic that you would apply within social media to achieve success.

          Awareness for example would be doing things to get in front of your prospective buyer over, and over, and over, and over, etc. This way they know that you exist, know who you are, and what you do.

          But if you are trying to increase sales then you’ll be posting a lot more direct response content related to selling a product.

          The content you post cannot be in conflict with your goal on social media.


          Make Social Media Work for B2B

          For most medium sized to small B2B companies you need to be posting at least 3 times per week with a mix of consideration focused content and direct sales posts.

          This will generate more leads overall but at the same time mildly accomplish increasing brand awareness.


          Why Can’t I Do “All the Social Media Things”?

          We think you know the answer to that. Bandwidth and Return on Investment (ROI).

          You likely don’t have the resources to put into it and there is a point of diminishing return on the social media effort. But how do I grow then you may say? Our answer is to leverage social but grow your customer base in other more efficient ways such as SEO, direct sales and advertising (which you can do on social by the way, which is different then using organic non-paid social media).

          Huge B2B brands can pull this off but they didn’t build their business on the back of social media. Social becomes most effective once your brand has reached a significant customer base that can be leveraged to make your social media do real work for you.



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            There is nothing new about blogging, but still the question for some remains… “Are Blogs Important?”, “How Important Are Blogs?”, “Should I Write Blogs For My Company?”, etc.

            These questions are asked across all industries. B2B, Private Equity, Finance, Commercial Printing, Industrial, Construction, etc.

            And to be honest they are really good questions because how would someone actually know if blogs are important or not? If you don’t know how to measure their effectiveness or you’ve never heard anyone explain why blogs are important then their really is no way you should know or believe they are.

            Are Blogs Important?


            In the video above we go in detail showing you why they are important, how they are important and what you can do to capture value from your blog posts.

            The reason that blogs are so important is because they answer questions. Nearly every search in Google is someone seeking to gain an answer to a question and it’s even more specific for industries in the B2B space, Finance, Print, Industrial and Contracting industries.

            If a buyer, customer, investor or potential partner searching for something they need an answer to and your company has a solution that is the answer to their question then you want to be found, need to be found and will close more sales, deals, investment and partnerships if you create blog posts that answer their questions.


            Other Benefits of Blogging

            • They drive qualified traffic to your website
            • You can share them on social media
            • You can send out your blogs in email
            • Blogs attract links back to your website
            • They build trust with buyers, it shows your active
            • They build authority for you as an expert
            • And the list could go on


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              When it comes to Digital Marketing a whopping 93% of marketers say that one of the biggest pain points for their company is closing the leads that come in. This is a common struggle across all industries.
              This unfortunate reality is due to the fact that leads must be nurtured.
              Even those leads that are asking for details or a quote need to be followed up on regularly until they either buy or say no.

              How Can You Make Closing New Leads Easier?

              In the video above we go into detail on a tool that can help you close more customers, deals, buyers, investors, etc. by acting on a simple measured behavior.

              The tool is called Streak (streak.com), which will allow you to see exactly when a person is viewing / reading your email.
              If you send out a follow up request, proposal, prospectus or some other material that you’d like to engage on with this lead then reaching back out the moment they are thinking of you will make that happen almost 100% of the time.

              The strategy we’re sharing is that when you get an alert that someone is reading your email, immediately reply back to them on that same email asking if they’ve had a chance to review the materials you shared or if they have time to talk with you about their business, goals, etc.
              Nearly 100% of the time you will get a response, connect with them at that moment or book the next meeting.


              It’s that simple!

              We hope this helps in your journey to closing more leads & deals!


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                Question from us at Acumen to You: “Are you using business email addresses or personal email addresses when marketing to potential customers?”.
                Question we get from our customers: “Should we be marketing to only business email addresses or can we also market to them using their personal email addresses?
                This is concern is understandable, especially in today’s climate when everyone is hyper concerned about doing the “right thing” or not “overstepping” in some way.

                Business vs Personal Email Breakdown

                The reality is that for many people there is a big overlap as to when they use personal or business email addresses.
                There is no rule here either, sometimes customers choose to use their personal email and other times business.
                Here is the good news… It Doesn’t Matter!
                There has been numerous research studies showing the prevalence of business vs personal email use and they all have similar insights.
                People use both when submitting their information online.
                Again that is great news.
                One study even showed that C-Level executives across all size companies provided a personal email address 50% of the time.
                The truth is that most people can’t even describe under what circumstances they might submit a lead generation form using a business or personal email address.

                So What Should You Do With Your Marketing Email?

                Send it to everyone!
                If a lead chooses to give you a personal email address then honor that decision by sending them your marketing material to the email address they gave you.
                We could honestly talk for days on this, but we wanted to share a quick answer to a burning questioning (or held belief) that many marketers have.


                If You Have Questions or Want to Talk more about Email Marketing, Call Us at 866-357-7422

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                  If your organization or firm targets Convenience Stores (C-Stores) then this is Fantastic News!
                  Print Companies supplying Displays and Signage, Private Equity firms or brands with products in the convenience store space all need to know that signs point to more revenue in the short, mid and long term.
                  Now is the time to be Marketing to Convenience Stores!

                  What are the Signs that Point to Revenue Growth for C-Stores?

                  One major sign we’ll focus on is hiring.
                  For example, Royal Farms, Thorntons, Speedway and Pilot are all going on a hiring spree.
                  More states are opening up fully from the COVID shutdowns and for those that still aren’t 100% restrictions have relaxed, plus the American public is restless and needs to get out.
                  This Summer’s driving season is going to be HUGE for these reasons, this will bring a huge influx of cash into the convenience store space and force stores to increase staffing.
                  Positions C-Stores are Hiring For
                  • Hourly Retail: These include cashiers, food services, facility services and other similar positions.
                  • Retail Managers: These oversee store operations and the hourly retail team members.
                  • Drivers: Thousands of new driver positions are looking to be filled for transporting goods and fuel.
                  • Corporate Positions: These consist of marketing, supply chain, inside sales, human resources and finance.

                  In total with just the companies we listed they are looking to fill almost 20,000 positions!


                  Marketing to C-Stores

                  Regardless of your primary business, if Convenience Stores are a target customer or acquisition for your business, organization or firm then now is the time to increase your visibility to their decision makers.
                  How should you market to convenience stores?
                  If we split marketing into two categories: Traditional and Digital ( offline marketing and online marketing )
                  You really need to be doing both.
                  Being present to these decision makers in the c-store space where they are engaging is where you need to be.
                  And the fact is that they are everywhere. Everyone has their own preferences and you being everywhere ensures you’re in front of everyone.
                  At Acumen we know Digital.
                  Our strongest advice is to be running comprehensive online campaigns and publishing content to get found by decision makers when they search and to engage them by sharing your value proposition in ads that run on channels like LinkedIn where you can target the industry, companies, and job titles of target customers or acquisitions.


                  If You Have Questions or Want to Talk about Marketing to C-Stores, Call Us at 866-357-7422

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                    This is a question we get regularly from different printing businesses.

                    They ask, “Does Social Media Actually Work for Print Companies?”

                    And the answer is…  Maybe!


                    What Does Social Media “Working” for You Even Mean?

                    This is the real question that has to be asked.

                    In our experience what most print companies want from social is new business, returning business and higher frequency of orders from existing customers. There are the exceptions such as print companies who are already growing and are looking to change up their entire brand identity & messaging. That is more of a creative endeavor that requires a different set of tactics on social than the goal of just generating new and more business from social.

                    So is that what you think about when saying you want Social Media to “Work” for you? Generate New Business?

                    If yes, then keep reading because that is our area of expertise (not branding or identity).


                    How Can Social Media Work for Your Print Business?

                    1. Be Present

                    Of course this seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately many print companies are not posting to social media. Why aren’t they posting? No time, don’t think it works, don’t know what to post about, etc.  But that is the biggest problem. Not being there for any reason guarantees social will do nothing for you and generate no leads or sales.

                    2.Be Active

                    Some would call this consistency or even engagement and those descriptions work as well, but posting regularly at some frequency is the minimum effort level needed for success. 3 or 5 times a week is all you really need to see an increase in traffic from social to your site and an increase in awareness for your business. We recommend either posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or 5 days per week Monday – Friday.

                    3. Sell

                    This is thing that most printers find troublesome. It’s felt that you can’t sell to people on social media. But the fact is that you need to be. Posting awareness level content is great to give people a glimpse into your world and connect with you on that, but it’s just as important to show customers what you can do, what your value proposition is and move them to buy. This is what brings you that increase in new business from social media.


                    And that really is it.

                    You can do as much as you want or just the bare minimum and you’ll see results. Guaranteed!

                    We’ve got more information on Social Media for Print Companies if you Click Here.


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