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Does Social Media for Print Companies Work?

Does Social Media Work for Print Companies?

Does Social Media for Print Companies Work?

This is a question we get regularly from different printing businesses.

They ask, “Does Social Media Actually Work for Print Companies?”

And the answer is…  Maybe!


What Does Social Media “Working” for You Even Mean?

This is the real question that has to be asked.

In our experience what most print companies want from social is new business, returning business and higher frequency of orders from existing customers. There are the exceptions such as print companies who are already growing and are looking to change up their entire brand identity & messaging. That is more of a creative endeavor that requires a different set of tactics on social than the goal of just generating new and more business from social.

So is that what you think about when saying you want Social Media to “Work” for you? Generate New Business?

If yes, then keep reading because that is our area of expertise (not branding or identity).


How Can Social Media Work for Your Print Business?

1. Be Present

Of course this seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately many print companies are not posting to social media. Why aren’t they posting? No time, don’t think it works, don’t know what to post about, etc.  But that is the biggest problem. Not being there for any reason guarantees social will do nothing for you and generate no leads or sales.

2.Be Active

Some would call this consistency or even engagement and those descriptions work as well, but posting regularly at some frequency is the minimum effort level needed for success. 3 or 5 times a week is all you really need to see an increase in traffic from social to your site and an increase in awareness for your business. We recommend either posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or 5 days per week Monday – Friday.

3. Sell

This is thing that most printers find troublesome. It’s felt that you can’t sell to people on social media. But the fact is that you need to be. Posting awareness level content is great to give people a glimpse into your world and connect with you on that, but it’s just as important to show customers what you can do, what your value proposition is and move them to buy. This is what brings you that increase in new business from social media.


And that really is it.

You can do as much as you want or just the bare minimum and you’ll see results. Guaranteed!

We’ve got more information on Social Media for Print Companies if you Click Here.


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