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Marketing to Convenience Stores – Now is the Time!

marketing to convenience stores

Marketing to Convenience Stores – Now is the Time!

If your organization or firm targets Convenience Stores (C-Stores) then this is Fantastic News!
Print Companies supplying Displays and Signage, Private Equity firms or brands with products in the convenience store space all need to know that signs point to more revenue in the short, mid and long term.
Now is the time to be Marketing to Convenience Stores!

What are the Signs that Point to Revenue Growth for C-Stores?

One major sign we’ll focus on is hiring.
For example, Royal Farms, Thorntons, Speedway and Pilot are all going on a hiring spree.
More states are opening up fully from the COVID shutdowns and for those that still aren’t 100% restrictions have relaxed, plus the American public is restless and needs to get out.
This Summer’s driving season is going to be HUGE for these reasons, this will bring a huge influx of cash into the convenience store space and force stores to increase staffing.
Positions C-Stores are Hiring For
  • Hourly Retail: These include cashiers, food services, facility services and other similar positions.
  • Retail Managers: These oversee store operations and the hourly retail team members.
  • Drivers: Thousands of new driver positions are looking to be filled for transporting goods and fuel.
  • Corporate Positions: These consist of marketing, supply chain, inside sales, human resources and finance.

In total with just the companies we listed they are looking to fill almost 20,000 positions!


Marketing to C-Stores

Regardless of your primary business, if Convenience Stores are a target customer or acquisition for your business, organization or firm then now is the time to increase your visibility to their decision makers.
How should you market to convenience stores?
If we split marketing into two categories: Traditional and Digital ( offline marketing and online marketing )
You really need to be doing both.
Being present to these decision makers in the c-store space where they are engaging is where you need to be.
And the fact is that they are everywhere. Everyone has their own preferences and you being everywhere ensures you’re in front of everyone.
At Acumen we know Digital.
Our strongest advice is to be running comprehensive online campaigns and publishing content to get found by decision makers when they search and to engage them by sharing your value proposition in ads that run on channels like LinkedIn where you can target the industry, companies, and job titles of target customers or acquisitions.


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