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Easy Digital Marketing & Simple Digital Marketing Strategy

easy digital marketing simple digital marketing strategy

Easy Digital Marketing & Simple Digital Marketing Strategy

Something that we’ve encountered over and over are companies and marketers who are looking for ways to make their Digital Marketing Easier. Easy Digital Marketing, Simple Digital Marketing, Simple Digital Marketing Strategy or however you search for it when looking for this answer they all lead to the same thing. “How can I make it easy to market online?”.

Why are people asking this question? That is a simple answer, We Don’t Have Time!

We’re right there with you, it feels like there is never enough time to get all of the things done we need to do and if we could find a way to make all of the “digital marketing things” easier, simpler, more efficient and more effective then we’d be all over it.

The truth is you absolutely can make your digital marketing easy (or easy internet marketing as some would say). In this article and in the video we describe how you can make all of your digital marketing and digital marketing strategy easy.


How to Make Digital Marketing Easy

The fact is that digital marketing isn’t easy if you make it complicated (insert “Duh” here), but we see too many digital marketers making thing overly complicated and it doesn’t have to be that way. In most cases it’s not that the marketing itself is too complicated, but rather the operations behind getting that digital marketing done that makes it “Not Easy”.

Digital Marketing Project Management is the key to making a simple digital marketing strategy actually be simple.

Imagine just committing to…

  • Researching, writing and publishing two blog posts per month
  • Sending out 1 email per month
  • Posting to social media 3 days per week
  • Running a simple ad campaign

Doing this level of content is magnitudes better than doing nothing or marketing sporadically. And if this level of digital marketing is done consistently then the results you’ll get are going to be huge.

Either putting the tasks needed to create this content on your calendar every month ahead of time or using a simple project management tool makes planning to create your digital marketing content and holding yourself accountable very easy.

But you still have to commit to the process and get these items done. We can promise you it makes marketing online very simple.


Don’t get us wrong we know that doing the work isn’t always the easiest thing to do and feeling like the content ideas and topics you choose to produce are good or not can be frustrating, but again simple processes like having 3 or 4 go to repositories online for ideas (like blogs, industry publications, etc.) will make this easier and getting better at using digital marketing research tools such as the Google Ads Keyword Tool, Google Trends, BuzzSumo, SEMRush and other will also make digital marketing strategy simpler.


To be honest the way you can “Make Marketing Easy” is to hire a marketing or digital marketing partner to do the work for you. If your budget allows it then this can be a very good option to move forward on. We love this option, lol. But seriously, using an expert digital marketing agency who is good at focusing on a goal and building content and a strategy that is simple to execute but generates good results is a very efficient way of making your digital marketing very easy.


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