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What is Trafficpro.live and Trafficpro.store?

what is trafficpro live and trafficpro store in google analytics

What is Trafficpro.live and Trafficpro.store?

Trafficpro.live is a referral source that you will see show up in the Google Analytics report under the All Traffic / Referrals report

Trafficpro.store is also a referred click that shows up in the Referrals report inside of Google Analytics.

The thing is about both of these traffic sources is that they are both Bot Traffic being sent out by a company. If you type in either of those URLs they redirect to the same destination which is www.gammatraffic.com.

On that site you can clearly see that they are selling traffic to websites. There are traffic packages ranging from $0 per month for 6,000 “hits” per month up to $99.99 for 1,000,000 “hits” per month. Obviously this is a horrible idea and does nothing for you, but companies like this are still out there and their useless bot traffic does nothing but clutter up your Google Analytics reports.

Below is a screenshot showing trafficpro.live and trafficpro.store in a Google Analytics report

trafficpro live and trafficpro store

You’ll also notice that there is another traffic source labeled at trafficplus.me

That is also the same bot traffic company as it redirects to the same URL as trafficpro.live and trafficpro.store


How Do You Get Rid of Trafficpro.live and Trafficpro.store from Google Analytics?

To get Trafficpro.live and Trafficpro.store out of your Google Analytics reports is by creating a filter. Here we’ll walk through the easiest way to do that.

First go to the Admin section of Google Analytics. Then in the Account Column click on the All Filters section.

Next click the + Add Filter button.

A window will open up that asks for a number of things to be set.

  • Give the filter a name (maybe use Trafficpro.live / Trafficpro.store)
  • Choose Custom as your filter type
  • Click on Exclude and set the filter field to Campaign Source
  • In the filter Pattern field type in trafficpro\.live|trafficpro\.store
  • Click on your website from the Available Views box and click Add
  • Then click on the Save button

filter out trafficpro live and trafficpro store


What is the Difference Between Trafficpro.live and Trafficpro.store?

There is literally no difference other than the URL’s Top Level Domain (TLD) of .live and .store.  They do the same thing, are the same company and both are a nuisance.


If you have more questions about these Trafficpro referral sources showing up in your analytics platform, then definitely reach out!


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