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How Can You Rank Better for Banner Printing Terms?

How Can You Rank Better for Banner Printing Terms?

While this article is very specific to Banner Printing it actually applies to every term you are looking to rank well for. So let’s set the stage…

You want to rank better in the search engines for terms related to Banner Printing right?

The question is “How do you do that?”.


There are two things you have to consider.

  • Traditional Keyword Research vs Strategic Keyword Research for Printing Terms
  • The search engine results mix (or distribution)


We explain in more detail below.


Traditional Keyword Research VS Strategic Keyword Research for Printing Terms

In traditional KWR the rule of thumb is to enter the name of the product / service you want to rank for into a keyword research tool and capture the term that has the highest volume with the lowest competition. Then optimize your page for that term.  This is not bad advice and does work the majority of the time.



If you want to get better results you’ll do this.

Strategic Keyword Research.

To do this you have to brainstorm a little to come up with other ways that customers search for your product / service.  This could be that they call the product / service something else or they search the “fix” your product / service solves.

You just may find a term with better volume, a lower competitive saturation and better mix in the search engines. We’ll talk about the mix in a second.


The Banner Printing Keyword Example

Let’s say you want to rank for Banner Printing.

We also think you should rank for that.


When doing a keyword research task you find that Banner Printing shows up as having 9,900 searches per month with a moderate level of competitiveness.  That’s good news!



But then you think about the ways customers were asking for that service on calls.

They were saying Custom Banners quite often.

Let’s research that term.


You find Custom Banners returns a search volume of 14,800 searches per month and a similarly moderate level of competition.




You do a quick check and see that Google is return similar results.

Companies like yours selling banners.


We suggest optimizing for the Custom Banners term!


The Search Engine Results Mix

We mentioned this earlier in the article that the search engine results will have a mix of elements.  These are typically ads, maps listings, natural / organic listings, Google My Business information, structured snippets and sometimes Product Listing / Shopping ads.

What we advise looking at as most important (for product / service terms like Custom Banners) is are there maps results and do the organic listings under the maps show massive national competitors or a mix of national and local competitors.

If the organic results have a bunch of big national competitors (Vistaprint, Buildasign, etc.) then you’ll need to focus on optimizing for getting into the maps listings!

If there is a good mix of local companies in the organic results you’ll be optimizing for both the maps and organic results.


Example of Search Engine Mix for Custom Banners



In summary…

If you want to rank for Banner Printing start by optimizing for Custom Banners, but also include the term Banner Printing in your page copy.

AND get yourself claimed, verified and optimized with the Google Business Listing service.



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