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How Private Equity Firms Can Reach New Investors Online

How Private Equity Firms are finding New Investors and Closing More Details

How Private Equity Firms Can Reach New Investors Online

Is it Actually TRUE that Investors don’t spend time online?


The short answer is NO it’s not True.

Investors are online just like the rest of us.

And how could they not be?  Just like you they need to stay on top of industry news, finance news and market forecasts.  Where is the best place to get this info…? ONLINE!

Phones, computers / laptops, tablets, social media, etc.  They are there.


But the bigger question is what are they doing online and how can you as an investment firm effectively get in front of new investors.


Today we’re going to give you one way that works all the time / every time… Promote Your Offering to Generate New Investor Leads.


Promote Your Offer to Get New Investor Leads

You want to make sure you get in front of qualified investors so you aren’t wasting time & money, and you also want to ensure that what you have to say is enticing enough to make those qualified investors, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), UHNWI, Family Offices, HNW CPA Firms, etc. engage with your offering.


To make this happen there are 5 things you MUST do

  • Have a good looking and easy to understand Pitchbook or Prospectus as a PDF
  • Create a landing page on your website that promotes the offering and has a form to download the pitchbook / prospectus (ask for contact info & qualifying details)
  • Create Ad Campaigns that target…
    • High Earning Job Titles, Individual CPA Firms, Family Office employees, etc. in your target market on LinkedIn
    • Target investor publications on the Google Ad Network
    • Retarget visitors of your site on Facebook and the Google Ad Network
  • Use an Automation solution such as HubSpot to track investor engagement


As this runs you’ll get new investor leads and identify who’s interested in your offering from existing leads by observing their behavior in the Automation / CRM solution.  Who downloaded, who’s visited your site, who’s opened additional emails, etc.

These are your hottest investor prospects for the deal and when you see them engaging it’s time to prioritize your outreach to those investors.


If you want to read more on how we approach marketing for Private Equity Firms check this page out  https://acumenstudio.com/private-equity-marketing/


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