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What Are The Best Email Subject Lines for Private Equity & Investors?

Best Email Subject Lines for Private Equity & Investors

What Are The Best Email Subject Lines for Private Equity & Investors?

Getting the attention of investors and deal partners is more difficult now than it’s ever been due to the fact that Private Equity has expanded with more firms being established at what seems like every day. There have never in the history of PE been as many firms as there are now.

This means that you and your firm must stand out!

The question is “How can your private equity firm stand out in this new sea of other firms?” One of the easiest ways to do this is by sending out email and getting investors or deal partners to pay attention to the message by ensuring you have a subject line that speaks to them and compels the recipient to take action. That action being to click through on the subject line to read the email.

We say “One of the easiest ways… “, but the truth is that creating a subject line that gets attention isn’t easy for many people. Marketers across all industries struggle with crafting short concise messages that move email recipients forward and Private Equity is no different. That is why this article is so important to the success of your future email campaigns.

So if you have questions such as…

“How do you write an email to attract investors?”, “How do you write an investor cold email?” or “How can I get investors to open my emails?” Then keep reading because this article is for you.


What Makes a Good Email Subject Line for Private Equity?

While there are nuances to email within the private equity space when emailing investors or deal partners, it’s important to understand that the fundamentals for email and email subject lines hold true. These basic principles for email need to be followed to ensure your emails get noticed and opened.


Again, remember that you will still be tweaking your subject lines to speak directly and specifically to the audience you’re targeting (in your case investors or deal partners, businesses, boards, etc.).

Let’s look at these factors for good email subject lines.


Why is a subject line so important?

The email subject line is extremely important because it is the first thing a recipient sees and is the first battle to be won. You have to get the recipient to click through or they will never see the content of your email. That’s literally it. Some will argue that it’s important because it’s sets the tone or expectation of what’s to come in the body of the email and while we agree, it’s still a fact that it’s more important to get the click through and have the email opened or else they will never see anything inside the body of that email. Obviously the most advantageous email subject lines will incorporate both relevant and expectation setting words tied with attention getting action oriented copy to achieve the best result.


Email subject lines should be short

A huge factor in creating a successful subject line is keeping it short. 60 characters or less is advised.  Why should you keep a subject line short? Good question and here are a few of the primary reasons why.  

Short email subject lines…

  • Don’t get cut off in the email preview on a phone or inbox
  • Are quicker to read, making them read more often
  • Get to the point easier
  • Force you to focus on what matters most


Mention the Industry You’re Focused On

This is a very effective way to catch the attention of your email list. When an investor or deal partner reads an email coming from a private equity firm that has a specific industry or segment angle to it they gravitate towards it inside of the inbox and click through. Investors are more likely to look at offerings in different segments because they are either…

  1. Interested in the segment or industry
  2. Feel the information may be more credible and informational when compared  to a more generic email not focused on an industry.

Investors and potential partners love focus. So the more dialed in you are the better your results will be when it comes to getting your email open.


Incorporate Time Sensitivity & Sense of Urgency

It’s human nature to feel a sense of urgency when it is stated that time may be limited or something won’t be available in the future and in private equity this is no different. A funding round may have a close date, only a certain number of LP spots may be left, etc.

If this applies to your firm’s offering then including it in the subject line may be a good idea.


Reference a Video or Attachment

If there is a video accompanying the content of the email in many cases the subject line will do much better when it states that a video exists. Many investors love having the opportunity to have a more visual and auditory experience when learning more about an investment or firm.

Alternatively, if you are going to share a PPM or some other investment document, by mentioning that in the subject line it can create the same effect on the recipient as now there is a higher perceived value for opening that email.

Both of these assets mentioned in the subject line can work well in getting more attention and achieving a high click through rate.


Examples of Good Email Subject Lines for Investors

Listed below we are sharing 3 subject line examples that would be good to use if you were targeting investors on your email list.

  • Industrial Warehouse Project Open to Investors for 29 Days
  • Fund 3 – Medical Offices in Houston, Austin & Dallas
  • Short Video on New B2B Tech Fund Inside


Each of these subject lines have unique qualities that we mentioned earlier in the article and highlight areas of interest that investors would find compelling and click through to learn more.


Good Email Subject Line Examples to Increase Deal Flow

Here we are sharing 3 examples of email subject lines that are speaking to prospective deal partners that your firm is looking to acquire in part or in full to add to your portfolio.

  • Have You Considered Taking on An Investor Partner?
  • We are Buying 3 Companies in Your Space. Interested?
  • Our Firm is Looking for B2B Tech Founders Positioned to Grow


As you can see we are using different approaches in each of those subject lines to capture the attention of the recipient. With Deal Flow emails you can get much more personalized though. Not all firms are targeting businesses en masse, so if you are being highly selective then obviously you can be more direct using the targets first name, company name, and details about the business only they would really know which will 100% catch their attention.


Examples of Bad Email Subject Lines in Private Equity

And like everything else, where there is good, there is also bad. Here we wanted to share a number of bad subject lines that will either get ignored or anger the recipient, so much so that they may report your email as spam or simply unsubscribe. Why risk alienating your email list if you don’t have to.


Bad subject line examples for firms

“Re: Did you check this out yet?”

This one could get a fairly high open rate, but unfortunately it will feel like they’ve been duped and probably mark you as a spammer.


“New Investment Opportunity”

This is so vague and boring. If you’re being honest with yourself, would you open this email? We wouldn’t.


“Do You Have Time To Talk?”

Again this one is very vague (even more than the last example) and they have no clue what you want to talk about. Guess what will happen? DELETE 


We could actually go on and on about email and email subject lines here, but the truth is that if you take the advice we’re giving here and incorporate it into your email marketing efforts then you will get more emails looked at and clicked on, which will lead to more capital raised and more deals closed.


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