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What is l.facebook.com? l.facebook.com in Google Analytics

l.facebook.com and lm.facebook.com and web.facebook.com and m.facebook.com

What is l.facebook.com? l.facebook.com in Google Analytics

l.facebook.com is a referred click from a link that has been shared on Facebook.

The best way to describe how the l.facebook.com referral shows up in Google Analytics is to think about when you post or share on Facebook. If you were to write a Facebook post that included a link to your website, shared it to your feed and someone clicked on that link, the click and resulting traffic to your website can result in the l.facebook.com source to show up in your Google Analytics account. The same thing can happen if you write and publish a post, but then a connection shares your post and someone else clicks on the link, the same thing can occur whereas l.facebook.com (technically in this scenario lm.facebook.com) will show up in your reporting.

This can also happen on both Mobile and Desktop versions of Facebook, so in the app, on a mobile site or a full desktop experience.


Mobile and App m.facebook.com and lm.facebook.com

Something that websites used to do in the past for SEO and for user experience was to create a mobile only version of the website and most of them would use the subdomain of m. to represent mobile. Today many sites will use responsive design so they don’t need a separate site to maintain for mobile. But Facebook uses m.facebook.com for their mobile site. When a link gets clicked¬† here them you will most likely see the lm.facebook.com referral source in your Google Analytics account.


What is the Difference Between Facebook.com and l.facebook.com?

There really is no difference. These are simply different ways that Facebook has sections of their website and service operating on different servers, tracking link clicks and attributing behavior to their own systems.


l.facebook.com vs lm.facebook.com vs m.facebook.com vs web.facebook.com vs business.facebook.com

Again these are all basically the same with the exception of the business.facebook.com subdomain. That one is specific to the Meta Business Suite product that can be used to better manage a Facebook Page, users, permissions, ads, apps, etc.


Here is a short list of a number of referral sources related to Facebook that you’ll find in Google Analytics

  • Facebook.com
  • m.facebook.com
  • l.facebook.com
  • lm.facebook.com
  • web.facebook.com
  • our.intern.facebook.com
  • business.facebook.com


l.facebook.com and lm.facebook.com


If you have more questions about these Facebook referral sources showing up in your analytics platform, then definitely reach out!


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