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What is the Best Social Media Channel for Print Companies?

What is the Best Social Media Channel or Platform for Printers

What is the Best Social Media Channel for Print Companies?

A Question we hear quite often is… “What is the Best Social Media Channel for Print Companies?” and in every case it’s really being asked what the best social media platform is to drive more traffic, more leads and more sales.


So What is the best social platform for printers?

If you ask any other agency that doesn’t have significant print experience they’ll tell you… “It depends on these factors and what you’re trying to accomplish.” they’ll tell you… “Well social isn’t really for getting leads and sales it’s about engagement.” and blah, blah, blah.


These passive answers are why we HAD TO write this post.


You want the quick answer? Yep?

LinkedIn is going to be your #1 Social Media platform to use as a tool to get more leads and sales.


What about the others like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?

Those will get you exposure and Facebook can get leads, but at a much lower rate than LinkedIn.  Instagram and Twitter are more for Awareness.


All of these channels can be used to engage and nurture a customer base and we do recommend you do that, but only YOU can cost effectively do that internally and if you don’t have the resources to devote to long game awareness activities then YOU NEED to be focused on revenue generating activities.


LinkedIn for Print Companies

Let’s talk about Linkedin for a second.

This social platform allows you to connect with anyone who is on the platform and gives you the ability to find and directly engage with decision makers and influencers at every level of a company.


This means you can connect with the Print Buyers and Print Buying Influencers directly to talk with them about doing business together.


There is a ton of detail we could share here about LinkedIn on what is possible, but that will have to come in a post of it’s own.  So we’ll list some bullets of the important ways to use it for now.

  • Manually connect with print buyers and start buying conversations
  • Manually like and comment on existing customers and prospect LinkedIn posts at least once per week to stay visible
  • Use an automated tool to give congratulatory messages on new jobs, anniversaries and birthdays
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY run ads promoting your product / service targeting your print buying customer


If you have questions about this message us through the site because we could talk ALL DAY on this!


Facebook for Print Companies

Facebook is a little simpler because we basically recommend two main things.

  • Promote all posts to your target customer, website visitors and existing customer list
  • Run lead ads to your target customer


That’s it!

Doing those things on LinkedIn and Facebook will generate the MOST benefit for you as a print company.


Everything else is momentum building over time and incremental.

We only suggest doing more intimate social media management if you have an internal team member who can actively respond to questions and engage on the platform throughout the day.


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