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Why is Private Equity Behind when it comes to Digital Marketing?

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Why is Private Equity Behind when it comes to Digital Marketing?

We have seen time and time again where Private Equity is lagging in their Digital Marketing efforts.  And we wanted to pose the question, Why is that?  Let us give you a picture of what we see as a trend and the reasons that Private Equity is behind in their Digital Strategy and Online Marketing.

Financial institutions are traditionally conservative and for years the traditional way of marketing their services has worked and to some extent continues to work for them.  There is so much money being made in the space that losses are less hard hitting than in other industries (many financial institutions still make money when others lose).  Until recently the use of “Big Data” or easily obtained user data, had not been used for groups like the private equity firms.

They simply just didn’t need to do it.  (in their minds)

What we did to highlight the opportunity.

  • Acumen put together models to showcase the shortening of time to acquisition
  • Highlighted to potential gains
  • And Displayed how much more engagement came from Digital Interaction

We found that by tracking target user behavior at an individual level, this allowed us to optimize the firms communication prioritization and personalized that outreach.  So not only were we able to tell them who to contact first, but based on their behavior we could also tell them what content to focus on when speaking with the target business owner.

The secret sauce of our Digital Marketing for Private Equity campaign cannot be revealed here though.  We can tell you it involves psychological elements that WORK!

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