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If you’re asking… “How Do I Switch To A New Project Management Software?” or “My Company Needs to Change Project Management Tools, What’s the Best Way?” then read on to see what we did.


Project management tools are supposed to be an organizer’s dream come true, right? So you would think switching from a project management tool that no long fits your needs to one that has all the bells and whistles would be a dream come true.  However, making the switch from one project management tool to the next presents a load of issues you would have never thought possible…one could say this is really an organizer’s worst nightmare?


Choosing the Right Project Management Tool

Choosing the right project management tool that will fit all of your wants, needs and desires may seem overwhelming and nearly impossible, but the thing to keep in mind and the best way to approach this question is to write out your top three ‘must-haves’ for your new project management tool.  


Below are a few features that were important to Acumen when we made the switch to our new project management system.

  • Ability to create task templates
  • Subtasks and sub-folders
  • Ability to send GIFs in a task thread


For our needs, it was essential that we found a project management tool that allowed us to create temples we could reuse for our monthly work for all of our clients. This would allow us to cut down the time our team spent creating new tasks every month and assigning them out.


It was also important for us to have the ability to create tasks within tasks, sub-tasks or ‘task inception’ if you will 😉 (get it because Inception was a dream within a dream and this is a task within a task…ok cool, just making sure).  Having this ability would allow us to breakdown a larger tasks into smaller ones and for us to know exactly where we were within a project or task.


Ok so the last bullet point, “ability to send a GIF” may or may not have been really vital to anyone else but me. I love sending GIFs and use them to communicate roughly 90% of my day.    


So in Conclusion on Switching to a New Project Management Tool

As long as you have your list of top ‘must-haves’ for a new project management tool and focus on making sure your new tool has those features, your transition from one platform to the next will be less painful than had you never made that list to begin with….keep in mind, keywords there “less painful”.  Believe me, it will still be painful, but it will be one less thing you need to worry about as you do your research.


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    Is your primary buyer a commercial print company?

    If so read on.


    It isn’t a question of whether or not they need your products and services. They do.

    Maybe they need it now, maybe they’ll need it later, but the fact is they’ll still need it.

    So the fact is you know you need to be in front of these printers when they are most receptive to seeing your message.


    But How the heck do you do that?

    It’s actually pretty simple…

    1. You have to run ads
    2. Know what they are searching and asking online
    3. Publish!!!


    Run Ads to Target Print Companies

    We know the initial thought of running ads can be tough if you haven’t been running them, have never run them or ran them unsuccessfully in the past.

    But the fact is that running ads is critical to ensuring you get seen by the decision makers at these print companies.


    Here are things that you NEED to do so that ads are successful for you

    • Run LinkedIn ads to get in front of decision makers at print companies by targeting the Print Industry paired with the job titles you want to connect with (CEO, COO, Ops, etc.)
    • Retarget the visitors of your landing pages (built for the LinkedIn ads), visitors to your website, and uploaded leads lists on Facebook and Google.
    • Run highly focused paid search ads targeting very specific keywords (we get it, this one is a little harder to do, but not for us)


    Know What Printers are Searching for & Asking for Online

    This will be the core of your content strategy and it works REALLY Well!

    You’ve probably heard of keyword research, but this goes well beyond that.

    Initial keyword research is great to get a macro idea of how and what people are searching for but once you pair that with social media research to identify the actual questions being asked about the products, services and solutions that you solve for then it all becomes very clear as to what you need to create.


    Again, here are the things that you NEED to do so you can create content that converts

    • Do Keyword research using Google, MOZ, SEMRush or whatever tool you can
    • Expand the KW Research to social media and search industry publications, Quora, Reddit and other community sources to find the question being asked that YOU are the answer to
    • Turn those questions and answers into content that can be used across the web


    Publish Your Content

    Take that content you just developed and make sure it includes these elements.

    1. Blog Posts
    2. Updated Webpages
    3. Social Media Posts
    4. Campaigns
    5. Emails


    By doing this it ensures you stay in front of your target buyer all the time, saying the things you KNOW they need to hear and when they are ready to buy you’ll be the first person they talk with.  Guaranteed!


    If you want to talk game plan, contact us and we would be glad to tell you more and give tips on how you can dominate the market.


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      Are you running a consistent content marketing effort online?
      Most companies in the Print Industry answer No.
      That’s a good thing!
      We’ve talked with Hundreds of companies in the industry and found that literally less than 10% of them are running ANY consistent marketing online.
      Why is that a Good Thing?
      If you are marketing online then you’re already winning.
      If you ARE NOT then it means if you Start Now then you’ll be able to Dominate your competition, gain visibility, new leads and more sales.

      Why don’t more companies in the print industry do much marketing online?

      There are several main reasons.
      1. They feel they are betraying print in some way (Which is so not true, and I’ll explain why)
      2. They think it doesn’t generate leads & sales (I’ll explain how if done right it brings High ROI)
      3. It’s a change to the way things have been done (Everyone’s biggest fear!)

      Feeling Like Your Betraying Print By Pushing Digital?

      You’re Not!
      Here’s the biggest reason why.
      If you consistently do High ROI content marketing activities then you’ll get in front of more businesses and people wanting print projects done, or if you’re a provider to the print industry then it’s more paper sales, ink sales, service calls, etc. which means you’ll sell more print, products and services.  Online marketing = more print production, more industry sales and more services provided.
      It’s the Truth!
      There are also many other good reasons such as the integration of print and digital, automation, etc.

      Do You Think Digital Won’t Return a Profit for You?

      It Will!
      In nearly every case we find that companies have internal resources managing their social media who are simply posting to the accounts and are typically rarely blogging.
      Most haven’t or aren’t doing any SEO and email is nearly non-existent.
      This combination of, to be honest, a lack of strategic effort, will surely generate no return.
      But imagine for a second you have someone working with you to make sure your website shows up for every search that your customers are searching online, your social content is speaking to the value you deliver and keeping you in front of highly targeted customers, and emails are going out to leads that continue to come in each month which is clearly showing Sales Increase each month year over year.
      That’s what happens when you use your assets online positioned for sales.
      Unfortunately most marketers don’t know how to sell.
      As proven by so many companies having a Marketing Department and a Sales Department.
      You Have to Do Both Online!
      *If you need this done we know someone who is really good at doing this for companies in the print industry (hint, hint, wink, wink)

      Is Marketing Online a Change to the Way Things Have Been Done?

      Yes it is.
      But just like the print industry has changed, so has marketing and channels for selling.
      Yes the old way still works.
      And digital marketing done well is still rooted in the fundamentals of marketing and sales.
      AND you still need those 1 to 1 conversations to close new business.
      So it’s really not that much of a change.
      It’s more like, Up Your Online Content Marketing Game and you’ll Up Your Sales Opportunities.
      Meaning you get to do more of what you’ll been doing.
      You’re just sneaking in a new tool to get more business in the door.
      High ROI Content Marketing for the Print Industry is a Simple Solution to Increase Your Sales.
      You can learn more about doing this here: https://acumenstudio.com/print-industry-digital-marketing/

      If You Want to Speak With Someone About Generating More Visibility, Leads and Sales for Your Company

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        We love hearing from the Experts!

        You’re talking to customers everyday and are hearing their questions, concerns, wants and needs.

        We are writing a collaborative article that features You and what you are seeing / hearing in the industry today.



        What are current and prospective customers asking for most often of you?

        What helps your current and prospective customers better understand your capabilities?

        What is the most common way new and prospective customers order from you?


        Below is a form that if you could fill in these answers below we will feature you and your answers in our upcoming Print Professionals Q&A Article!



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          Phone ConversationForm on your WebsiteOnline Customer Portal

          It amazes us at how little there is out there online specific to the print industry on practically marketing your services digitally.
          Obviously SEO works, so does PPC, social media is a must and email is a no-brainer.
          But everything we’ve found is so weak!

          We are planning to change that.
          While the fundamentals are the same, we have learned over years of working with customers in the print industry what works and what doesn’t.

          We are starting a new series of posts that will highlight specific tactics that work really well for print companies.

          But for now check out this Case Study on Digital Marketing for Print Companies click here: https://acumenstudio.com/help-printing-companies-grow/