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Search Engine Optimization: Ongoing SEO Or One-Time Enough?

Your business launches a new website or a redesign and now you start to think about search engine optimization (SEO). Is one-time SEO enough or do you need ongoing SEO? The one-time SEO is good to get started but ongoing search engine optimization is critical for a successful business. Organic search engine optimization is cost-effective and contributes to ROI giving your business that competitive edge. Once, you get to the first page of the search results you don’t want to let your guard down or your competitors will pass you up. Thousands of websites launched every day causes your competitors to continue to grow. Ongoing SEO will get you to the top of search results and help keep you there. Not having search engine optimization in the budget could cause your online business to fail.


Technical SEO Goes Beyond Keyword Research

Technical SEO is very important for websites to make sure it is search engine friendly. Most people believe SEO is just keyword research, but technical SEO goes far beyond keyword research. Just last week, I worked on a client’s new site and I discovered their web designer forgot to remove the noindex from the code. The noindex was telling the search engines not to index the pages so the pages will not show up in the search results. This is a major disaster for a business especially if not found right away. Surprisingly, this happens often.

Here are just a few things that technical SEO checks:

  • Crawl errors
  • Indexing issues
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Page Rendering
  • Site speed
  • Canonical issues
  • & More


A good Digital Marketing Audit should be very thorough and identify a websites key strengths and weaknesses.  SEO included!


B2C & B2B SEO Strategies

Some of our important b2c and b2b SEO strategies involve educating your customers. Just by answering why, how and what questions from their searches helps your business become the authority and creates traffic to your site.

These services below complement our SEO:

  • Content marketing
  • PPC
  • Social media
  • Email marketing


All these things build a powerful marketing strategy. If you’re in need of detailed strategic work like this See Below!


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    What we see over and over again are people and agencies speaking on how easy SEO is and minimizing it by only talking about the most basic aspects of both SEO and overall Digital Marketing.

    Why is this?
    It definitely makes it easier to sell, but is that the only reason?

    We dug in and realized that the reason most people minimize how important the tactics within Digital Marketing actually are (including SEO) is because they SUCK at Execution. They cannot do the work well.

    It’s easy to say you should be strategic and speak to the right people at the right time online, but when it comes to actually pulling that off, most fail and fail hard.

    This is where we differentiate in that our execution is deep and drives massive results.

    Our advice to everyone is to Quit talking about Digital Marketing like you know something if you can’t back it up with execution.

    Talk to us!

    Google officially announced today that starting in May 2016 they will begin significantly ranking better Mobile Friendly websites and penalizing those sites that are not responsive or have mobile versions of the website.

    Check out Google’s announcment here: https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2016/03/continuing-to-make-web-more-mobile.html

    They started ranking mobile websites higher last year and now it isn’t an option.  You must have a mobile friendly website or face the consequence of lower mobile search rankings.

    From the #1 St. Louis SEO Agency!

    A 2013 study calculated that over 500 websites are created each minute.

    That is a HUGE number.

    Let’s be conservative and say that today in 2016, 75 of those new websites are being created and are scheduled to replace an existing website every single day.

    That is a very large number of sites putting themselves at risk!


    How are they putting themselves at risk you say?


    Well, let us give you an example.


    Imagine you have a website that looks so 2005.

    You want to update the look, the copy and make it responsive.

    All with the goal of turning more visitors into customers.

    These are Awesome goals!

    Let’s say your site has an average conversion rate compared to the industry and 75% of your site traffic comes from Organic Search.



    When migrating your website in most cases, your URL structure will change.

    This will make all of your old URL’s or links to your site break and generate either a 404 error or some other server error.

    If that happens:

    • Visitors are very unhappy and will leave your site

    • Google will penalize you for a bad user experience

    • Your rankings will drop

    • You could be dropped from the search engines completely for a while


    What can you do to FIX This?

    Map your current website URLs to your new website URLs

    Create 301 redirects (using .htaccess or a plugin or whatever you use choose to create this)

    Test the redirects to make sure they are correct

    Submit a new Sitemap to the search engines

    This is the Number 1, Most Critical Step in Preserving Your Website’s Current Authority, Visibility and Integrity.

    If you don’t, then you will most definitely use the acronym FML in a tweet, text, post, etc. soon after.


    Make 2016 The Year of Marketing Intelligence.
    Understand what your marketing dollars are producing for you, identify waste & optimize your marketing efforts!

    Here John Bracamontes discusses what Acumen Studio does and how we can help you generate greater visibility online, generate new customers and more revenue.

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    On April 21, 2015 Google will be rolling out their mobile update.
    What this means for you, your business & your website is:
    If your website is not mobile friendly it will suffer in the mobile search results on Google.

    • Google will assess your websites mobile friendliness on a page by page basis
    • Your site will need to either be:
      • Responsive – adjusting to the size of the browser window / viewport efficiently
      • Mobile Site or Pages – having specific pages only for mobile (m.domain.com)
      • Dynamically Serving – serves the correct code once the device type is identified
    • Google will significantly weigh image load time
    • You should not be using small text or flash

    You can find out if your site is Mobile Friendly by using this tool provided by Google: Google Mobile Friendly Test

    Check out the infographic below that visually explains what you will need to do to win in the mobile search results.

    Google Mobile Update April 21 2015