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We’re Excited to share with you our newest Account Manager Joe Brenner!

When someone joins us we love to ask them questions to find out more about them and things they like.

Let’s here from Joe:


Where are you from?

I was born and raised in West County St. Louis.

What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working)?

I enjoy calligraphy, drawing, spending time with my family, and video games.

Favorite Movie Genre or Fave Movie?

My all-time favorite movie is No Country for Old Men. I also really love the Kill Bill’s, the Godfather, and Predator.

Favorite Type of Music and/or Band You’re Feeling Right Now?

My favorite band is Fleetwood Mac, but lately, I have really gotten into VHS Collection, Ryn Weaver, Yuksek, and Cut Copy. 

Place you’d like to visit but haven’t yet?

I’d love to visit the UK, specifically London and all of Scotland.

Drink of Choice (doesn’t have to be alcoholic, but can be as well)?

Drink of choice: non-alcoholic: Dr Pepper. Alcoholic: either Ying Ling or Jameson, neat.

Check out the rest of the Team here: https://acumenstudio.com/our-team/

Marketing Automation has existed in some form since business started being done on the internet (it just wasn’t always called that).

But now it has become easier than ever to implement, has one of the highest returns and makes it easy to grow quickly at scale.

  • B2B companies are 67% more likely to see quarterly growth when using a marketing automation platform
  • 55% of polled B2B Companies are already using Marketing Automation in some form
  • 91% of marketers said a tool that enables their teams to review, analyze, and act on customer and marketing data would greatly increase ROI across all marketing channels

If you are wondering why your current digital marketing efforts haven’t produced the ROI you hoped for then take a look at these B2B Marketing Automation Templates that will increase your return on marketing and bring clarity to what channels are doing all the work.

Marketing Automation is the Perfect Blend of Marketing & Sales that Closes More Business!

Download Your B2B Marketing Automation Templates

    No matter the size of your company, the products or services you offer or how long your company has been around, there is tons of competition out there, especially in the digital space. We often hear “There is no one out that offers what we do” or “My business is so unique we don’t have any competition.” While that isn’t necessarily an untrue statement, regardless of the companies or business out there in the same industry, there is and will always be other companies taking up digital real estate.


    Why All Competitors Matter Online

    You’re probably wondering why you should care if there is competition out there even if they don’t offer the same product or service as your company. Here’s why:

    • They are showing up in search engines for the terms your brand wants to be found for
    • They are providing the valuable content that your potential customers are needing at that point in time in their buyer’s journey.
    • They are putting ad spend behind valuable search terms and showing those that could be your customers, why they are the best


    Digital Competitive Analysis is Key

    When you look at your company’s position online and you realize you hardly show up for important search terms, or that you’re not providing anything valuable to potential visitors through downloadable assets or website content, it’s time to start looking at those that are taking up that space online; even those that don’t sell or offer exactly what your company does. By evaluating those companies online, you are taking the steps to truly increase your digital presence and get ahead of your competitors.


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      At this point you should already realize that social media isn’t just a place where friends and family connect, share photos and like posts.

      Social has become a repository of knowledge, similar to the search engines, but more affinity driven by relationships and trusted sources.

      If you want to know who to use for internet law, who can help you with an ESOP or what company is building quality apps, then social is a great place to get real feedback and reviews from people who have ACTUALLY used those services or know their work.

      A B2B Social Media Strategy

      Understanding how your target customers are using social media is key to gaining visibility, providing education to and engaging with these targets.

      1. Customers are asking their network for recommendations
      2. They are qualifying your company on social media
      3. These targets are educating themselves on your products & services

      Has Anyone Heard of this Company?

      A go to question asked by many business owners, executives, directors, buyers, managers, etc.
      This is very powerful.

      If an executive reaches out to their network asking for personal feedback on a company and one of their peers responds with good things to say, then you are on your way to landing new business.

      While not every business will get a personal recommendation, if you have been marketing yourself well, then someone will at least know of you and respond with something like “I’ve seen this company and they look like they know what they are doing.”.
      This is the next best thing, because you have built a small amount of social capital and trust with this target.

      This stage of discovery is very important and completes the infinite loop of growth through marketing, which you can see clearly in our content marketing funnel (which is more of an hourglass), where past customers become salesmen for your business.

      Who Are You Really?

      Once a customer has been made aware of your business, whether it was from a referral on social media or they got nothing on social and asked the wise search engine Google, they will absolutely look your company up on social media.
      Again this is a critical B2B Social Media step.

      While the majority of B2B product & services companies are served well on LinkedIn, it is important to understand that these same customer targets have social profiles on many platforms and will look to find you where they are at in the moment (this could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest in addition to LinkedIn).
      Plus, you will have a more diverse result in the search engines with a cross-platform social media presence. More results, Knowledgegraph inclusions, image results, Twitter feed, etc.

      These customers will look to see if you are a legitimate business and size you up to see if you are a good fit.
      Questions like “Are they too big?”, “Are they too small?”, “Do they think like I think?”, and many more. This is where being clear on your own brand and business is important, because it will qualify buyers for you in a very efficient way, driving better leads into your sales funnel.

      At this point two main things will happen.
      A customer will contact you via phone, form submission or email (they will find this info on your social profiles, if you have built them out completely).
      Or the customer will educate themselves more on a specific product or service.

      How Will Your Product or Service Help Me?

      This is what most businesses think of as soon as they hear B2B Social Media or Social Media Strategy.
      And rightfully so, because it is so critical.

      Customers need to understand:

      • What problem you solve
      • What you sell / solution you provide
      • How it works
      • Why it fits their needs
      • Why you are better or different
      • Your process

      Social Media is a great place to get this clarifying, compelling and enlightening content in front of prospective buyers.
      These customers are comparing you to your competitors and the more you can educate them, the better chance you have of winning that business.

      While you will want this content to primarily live on your website, social is the channel you will distribute this educational material to ensure it gets seen and gets the buyer back to your site where you can convert them or reach back out and communicate in other ways.

      Types of B2B Content for Social Media

      • Blog Posts
      • Whitepapers
      • Ebooks
      • One Sheeters
      • Video
      • Infographics
      • Research Papers
      • Webinars
      • Case Studies
      • Podcasts

      Depending on your product or service the mix of B2B content types will differ and the tactical strategy for each channel can be tailored as well.

      B2B Social Media Research & Tactics

      As with any marketing you should conduct research to identify key information to that will guide the marketing efforts. B2B Social Media is no different.

      Our recommendation is to take the research beyond social as well by using Google search query data (the keywords) and pair it with social media research on your target customers social platforms, including the less thought about forums and groups such as Quora and LinkedIn groups.

      Creating an inventory of who your target prospects is very important and taking this even further by identifying the stakeholders in those companies and engaging with their personal accounts on social will drive massive results.

      This leads us to a few specific tactics that we recommend for a superior B2B Social Media Strategy.

      Following and engaging with the business accounts of your prospective customers, the individual accounts of the decision makers of those businesses and the same for your current customers will create much-needed visibility, awareness, affinity and trust with the organizations that you want to do business with.

      • Like, Comment & Share Posts
      • Favorite, Reply & Retweet
      • Like & Comment using Video

      This exposes you to the businesses you want to work with and gets your customers talking about you more, while at the same time you are indirectly getting in front of other potential customers who also engage with the same companies you are targeting.

      This works like a charm and very few businesses are doing this!

      You can learn more about our approach to social media here: https://acumenstudio.com/social-media-marketing-agency/

      How Do I Know If It’s Working?

      To be 100% Honest, this isn’t easy for most businesses.
      Tracking, monitoring, analyzing, measuring and reporting to identify an ROI on your B2B marketing and social media efforts takes using platforms that can help you measure impact, attribution, and sales.
      Most businesses are not equipped to do this (as are most marketers!).

      You will either need to educate yourself on using platform specific social media analytics, social media tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, SproutSocial, etc. or hire an agency to help you with this.

      What we can tell you is that social media for B2B companies Pays Off BIG!


      Download a Social Media Case Study Below to Learn More

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        If you’re asking… “How Do I Switch To A New Project Management Software?” or “My Company Needs to Change Project Management Tools, What’s the Best Way?” then read on to see what we did.


        Project management tools are supposed to be an organizer’s dream come true, right? So you would think switching from a project management tool that no long fits your needs to one that has all the bells and whistles would be a dream come true.  However, making the switch from one project management tool to the next presents a load of issues you would have never thought possible…one could say this is really an organizer’s worst nightmare?


        Choosing the Right Project Management Tool

        Choosing the right project management tool that will fit all of your wants, needs and desires may seem overwhelming and nearly impossible, but the thing to keep in mind and the best way to approach this question is to write out your top three ‘must-haves’ for your new project management tool.  


        Below are a few features that were important to Acumen when we made the switch to our new project management system.

        • Ability to create task templates
        • Subtasks and sub-folders
        • Ability to send GIFs in a task thread


        For our needs, it was essential that we found a project management tool that allowed us to create temples we could reuse for our monthly work for all of our clients. This would allow us to cut down the time our team spent creating new tasks every month and assigning them out.


        It was also important for us to have the ability to create tasks within tasks, sub-tasks or ‘task inception’ if you will 😉 (get it because Inception was a dream within a dream and this is a task within a task…ok cool, just making sure).  Having this ability would allow us to breakdown a larger tasks into smaller ones and for us to know exactly where we were within a project or task.


        Ok so the last bullet point, “ability to send a GIF” may or may not have been really vital to anyone else but me. I love sending GIFs and use them to communicate roughly 90% of my day.    


        So in Conclusion on Switching to a New Project Management Tool

        As long as you have your list of top ‘must-haves’ for a new project management tool and focus on making sure your new tool has those features, your transition from one platform to the next will be less painful than had you never made that list to begin with….keep in mind, keywords there “less painful”.  Believe me, it will still be painful, but it will be one less thing you need to worry about as you do your research.


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          Project management tools come and go. There are those that work for a while and then they lose their value as your workload increases and the functionality does not meet your needs. This is why I keep my project management starting at a basic old school technique of my trusty notebook and pen while using the Wrike project management platform.


          As 2019 rolled around we gained a handful of new clients and that meant my workload doubled within a short amount of time. In order to keep up with the fast pace of an increasing workload, I continued using my notebook and list system to keep track and prioritize items that I had to check and follow-up on in Wrike.


          The 6 steps I take every morning to manage daily tasks

          1. Make coffee (the most important step)
          2. Sit-down and go through emails
          3. Make my to-do list
          4. Discuss priority items with specific team members
          5. Go through current Wrike tasks for clients and check-in
          6. Create new tasks in Wrike and assign them out.


          Repeat this step as needed and daily. It helps me keep track of progress and what is moving forward or on hold. Missing those important emails in the sea of subscriptions and newsletters will push you back in progress on projects. Not everyone works in the same time zones, some people get started on work super early, and some work late into the night.


          It is also important to understand that when managing multiple clients with various projects, that not everything can be done at once and that prioritizing is important. Each project has its differences, but the best thing to do is to sit down, organize, and get things together before seizing the day. Think strategically about how the workflow will play out for not just you, but your team as a whole.


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            Help us Welcome Manasa Konduri to the Team as our new Associate Account Manager!

            Manasa’s background is heavy in PR and Account Management which brings a more diverse perspective the team in our digital marketing and High ROI Content Marketing efforts.

            Everyone who joins gets asked a series of questions to let everyone know them a little better.  Enjoy!



            Name: Manasa Konduri

            Job Title: Associate Account Manager

            Where are you from?
            Originally from South India, I moved to the States in 2010. Moved to St. Louis in 2018 and finally found a place like home in this beautiful city😊

            What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working)?
            I am an avid reader and my interests in books range from drama to psychological/crime thrillers. Love traveling, exploring new restaurants in the city, meeting new people and learning new things. A passion for fitness hits me every 6 months of the year, so you’ll hear me raving about whichever new sport or exercise I’m hooked onto at that time 😊

            Favorite Movie Genre:
            Romantic Comedies, Drama and Crime/Psychological thrillers

            Favorite Type of Music:
            I love Indian Carnatic music and I’m also a huge fan of Indian composers- A.R,Rahman and Illayaraja. As for western music, I like Pop music. Favorite bands include Coldplay, Panic at the Disco, Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5.

            Place you’d like to visit?
            Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies and therefore Salzburg, Austria heads my list of places to visit. Ireland is another country I would love to visit one day.

            Drink of Choice?
            Water with lime has been my favorite ever since my daughter wanted to share my drink 😊

            You are working on reporting for a client and you open Google Ads to look at the conversions for the last 30 days, the cost per conversion, etc. You then go look at All Conversions by going to the tools section, measurement then conversion expecting to find the conversions you set up. But instead, you find these new Google Hosted local actions that are generating a higher number of conversions.


            If you’re like most digital marketers, you were in that situation and found these new conversions in your Google Ads account. Sure, the more conversions are great but if they aren’t an accurate representation of the work you are doing, you probably don’t want them being reported on.


            That’s the position we found ourselves in, however, we have not successfully found a way to remove these without contacting Google support OR even figured out how to get these conversions to show up for all of our accounts. So that leads me here, writing this blog on how I think these might show up in some accounts but not all and what they mean.


            Here is Google Ad’s explanation on what each of these conversions means https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9013908?hl=en


            Depending on the company, some of these conversions will be more helpful to you than others. For us with B2B, the only one of these local actions we would justify as “accurate” and “relevant” is website visits.


            After a lot of digging, I found that the accounts with these Google Hosted local actions (sometimes) only show up if their Google My Business is linked with their Google Ads as a local extension.


            The accounts showing these Google hosted conversions were linkedin Google My Business under linked accounts.

            Google My Business Linked Accounts Linking Accounts

            Be careful, because even if you think the accounts are synced, they may not be linked. After adding a local extension for an account, that business showed up in this section. BUT, still do not have the Google hosted conversions showing up in the Google Ads account. *eye roll*


            So here we are. Still reading forums and asking questions to try and figure out how these conversions show up in some accounts and not others and how or if they can be removed.


            These are the things that keep marketers up at night am I right?!


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              Are you struggling to understand how B2B Social Media and B2C Social Media are Different?

              Some marketers believes that there is no difference, but if you’re in the the B2B space then you know that is completely wrong.

              But what is it about B2B Social that is so different from B2C?


              John Bracamontes of Acumen Studio breaks down the strategic & tactical differences between the two in this video.


              How is B2B Social Media Different From B2C Social Media?

              In general it’s about providing different types of information.

              But more importantly it’s about understanding your business goal and what you want Social Media Marketing to do for you.

              For most Mid-Size B2B Companies the goal for Digital ( and  B2B Social Media ) is to generate leads.

              This is where most B2C marketers fail because they don’t think like lead generators and sales closers!


              Watch the Full Video to learn Exactly How they are different and HOW YOU can do this well for your company.



              If You Want to Speak With Someone About Generating More Visibility, Leads and Sales for Your Company

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                At it’s core Remarketing is the ability to show ads to individuals who engaged with one of your digital properties.

                How most people are familiar with Remarketing is with B2C ecommerce. The perfect example is when someone looks at a product on Amazon.com and then sees the ad on other websites they visit (the ad follows them around).

                The premise is that those who visited and didn’t purchase will see again what they were looking at and will choose at that moment to complete their purchase by clicking on the ad and finishing the checkout process.


                But How Do You Use Remarketing for B2B Businesses?

                In theory the idea is the same where you targeted those who previously engaged with you to turn them into customers or get them to buy more from you.

                Listed here are the ways you can retarget individuals:

                • Tagging & Tracking Visitors from Your Website
                • Uploading an email list of leads or customers
                • Uploading a physical mailing list of leads or customers


                When using the Tagging & Tracking method you are using a pixel or cookie (code the browser uses to track the visitor) that will allow you to show ads to those same visitors across the internet.

                Uploading email lists and/or physical mailing lists let the platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google) run a matching algorithm to find those users in their target pool to show those contacts on your list, your ads.

                This is one of the easiest ways to get in front of leads and existing customers at the lowest cost.

                And this targeting method is highly effective as the leads & customers already have some affinity for your company.


                How Else Do B2B Companies Use Remarketing?

                One of the most compelling ways we use remarketing for B2B is to use the targeting capabilities of one platform to extend that criteria across onto other platforms.

                Not all ad platforms have the same targeting criteria available to choose from, so we will use the targeting criteria of one platform to drive in visitors and them remarket to those same visitors on other platforms that don’t have the targeting criteria we need.  This way we know the audience being targeted on the 2nd platform is specific to our campaign needs.


                For Example:

                LinkedIn will allow us to target a job title within a specific industry at companies with a specific number of employees.

                Facebook does not give you this capability.

                So we will target on LinkedIn, Retarget those same visitors on Facebook where you cannot target the industries and size of the company accurately.


                Do this to increase your lead gen and revenue generation results when building our our B2B Content Marketing Strategy.


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