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I put together this quick video to give you an introduction into what we do at Acumen Studio.

We are a High Performance Digital Marketing Agency that Connects People With Companies.

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    What we see over and over again are people and agencies speaking on how easy SEO is and minimizing it by only talking about the most basic aspects of both SEO and overall Digital Marketing.

    Why is this?
    It definitely makes it easier to sell, but is that the only reason?

    We dug in and realized that the reason most people minimize how important the tactics within Digital Marketing actually are (including SEO) is because they SUCK at Execution. They cannot do the work well.

    It’s easy to say you should be strategic and speak to the right people at the right time online, but when it comes to actually pulling that off, most fail and fail hard.

    This is where we differentiate in that our execution is deep and drives massive results.

    Our advice to everyone is to Quit talking about Digital Marketing like you know something if you can’t back it up with execution.

    Talk to us!

    The Question: “What should I include in my content marketing?”

    Here are the things that YOU SHOULD be including in your content marketing efforts.

    You don’t just need content, you need Awesome Content!

    Developing relevant content does not have to be a difficult. It doesn’t require any special tools, secret or magic. It all begins with understanding who your prospects & customers are, how they behave and what they crave.

    The formula:
    Useful x Consumable x Inspired = Innovative Content

    This process begins with the creation of a piece of a REAL IDEA, Not some 2,000 word “evergreen” piece or ebook. Something Awesome.
    Many marketers will tell you this should be a 50 to 100 page ebook or massive how to guide. The problem is most people can’t handle it. Big = Overwhelming.

    Everyone wants to believe there is a magic bullet. So create the Magic Bullet!

    Highly valuable & easily consumed content is the gift that keeps on giving. This content will attract links, generate traffic and build brand awareness.

    Once your content is created, blast it EVERYWHERE: Company pages, email, blog, sponsored updates, Display ads, SlideShare, PPC, Twitter, etc.

    Simple Execution
    In many cases it is easy to develop a set of goals, but a plan is specific, executed over time and measurable. After determining what your Big Idea is going to be, write that out into a series or digestable snapshots that can easily be distributed over time. This can include videos, infographics, blog posts, 3rd party posts, podcasts, etc.

    Week 1: Publish & Schedule Your Content
    Week 2: Conduct a Webinar
    Week 3: Run a Contest
    Week 4: Lead a Twitter Chat
    Week 5: Do an interview: On TV, Online, At a Conference, etc.

    While all of this is running your content is being promoted though influencer outreach, promoted posts, email, sponsored updates, paid search, retargeting, organic social, organic search, etc.

    Everything gets tagged and tracked for performance evaluation and follow up.

    Your Blog
    Make your blog content diverse, relevant and structured.

    Monday: Case Studies, Statistics / Infographics, Industry (35% time spent)
    Tuesday: Strategic Research & Analysis, Points of View, Thought Leadership (20% time spent)
    Wednesday: How-To Posts, Guest Blogging, Peer Content (25% time spent)
    Thursday: Bold Points of View / Strong Opinion, Challenger (5% time spent)
    Friday: Light-hearted, Cultural, Funny Amusing (15% time spent)

    A Quick View
    SEO – Lays the groundwork
    Social – Fuels the content
    Content – Fuels the demand


    • Consistently deliver content that their target wants to consume & share
    • PR efforts guide their vision as a leader in the space
    • Deliver amazing experiences on and offline
    • Build a thriving community

    Make a plan, make it Asesome, deploy, track & measure, optimize, close new business and WIN!

    And this is why we are considered the best content marketing agencies in St. Louis.

    Brace yourselves and help us welcome Kerry Musenbrock to the team!

    “aka Fitness Coach, aka, Marketing Genius, aka Makes things Happen”

    If it wasn’t for Kerry joining, Acumen Studio could have gone downhill quick, but luckily she chose to come on board and the future is guaranteed to be filled with Huge Wins, Slick Campaigns, New Revenue all over the place and Big Smiles.

    As the Lead Marketing Strategist & Account Manager she oversees client onboarding, campaigns, reporting and making sure our customers results are way up.

    Kerry has a serious background in Marketing, Finance, Health & Wellness.

    Get ready to be amazed and when you see her out an event, blogging, vlogging, on social or livestreaming let her know how hard she is killing it!

    We are pleased to announce that $2,000,000 has been raised to accelerate the developent of our proprietary digital marketing process and platform.

    Investors were clammoring to buy equity in our formulaic approach that virtually guarantees tremendous awareness, huge lead increases and unprecedented revenue growth.

    While the process will remain under lock and key, we can tell you that all new clients will see a performance increase of over 150% within the first month of implementation.

    April 1, 2016
    día de los Inocentes

    Snapchat has been in the hands of teens, young adults and the socially connected for a few years now. The application functions as a sort of communication-social media hybrid and has seen its fair share of updates and changes. What started out solely as a way to send short photo “snaps,” has evolved to adding facially specific animated filters, My Story, and the capabilities to communicate via chat and live video with other users, among countless other features.

    Though every update that Snapchat releases is sure to stir up plenty of online chatter and countless screen-shots, I would say that the most notable change for Snapchat has been how people are using the application. Sure, people will continue to send a flurry of snaps whenever they get a killer new haircut, are hashtag blessed with quaint latte art or just get suuuper bored in night class, but let’s cover a few ways and reasons you can and should use Snapchat to benefit your business.


    You can use it and use it often.


    A lot of companies think they don’t belong, or simply don’t need to be on Snapchat, but plenty were saying the same thing about Twitter a few years ago, and now pretty much any conscious business is tweeting. The cool thing about Snapchat is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This could be a chance to show your audience that you’re more than just a number crunching financial firm!

    Get to work and find donuts in the conference room?
    Caption and post it to the company My Story; let your viewers know that you’re on the grind but you need to fuel up first.

    Taking a break with some trashcan basketball?
    Snap it.

    Have a quick tip to share about cloud computing or something else smart sounding?
    Record a short and sweet vid and post that too.

    One of your coworkers has an ultra-weird brainstorming process?
    Give your audience the inside scoop as to how you get those creative juices flowing, it’ll make them feel included and in turn make you more interesting!

    Releasing a new product or service? This is an absolutely free way to promote, promote, promote. Give your viewers a heads up as to when they can expect the latest and greatest from you and keep them posted (just be careful not to get too spammy).

    Consider the things you appreciate most about your job and what you think people from the outside world might find unique, interesting or entertaining.

    The My Story of your company by no means has to be a high quality production or blockbuster film, just get your faces/biz out there and get to snappin’!


    Instagram confirmed last Tuesday that it is adding an algorithm that will reorder posts & videos users see in their feeds.

    Commentors from Instagram stated that the posts will be shown to you…

    “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.”

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

    The globally popular photo-sharing app didn’t say when the new algorithm will go into effect, but The New York Times, reported that the changes will roll out slowly with a small set of tests that affect only a “single-digit percentage of users.”

    Instagram now has 400 million monthly users and makes sense as to why they are making similar changes to what Facebook made in 2009. According to Instagram, users only see 30 percent of posts in their feeds.

    Some sources reportedly believe that this is a sign to advertisers that brands will have to pay to be seen just like on Facebook, but the difference with Instagram is that they do not have isolated brand accounts vs personal accounts. They could potentially figure this out algorithmically, but tha would be very daunting since there is such a proliferation of personal brands leveraged for business.

    If you are interested in social media or content marketing please contact us by calling or filling out the form below.

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      Google officially announced today that starting in May 2016 they will begin significantly ranking better Mobile Friendly websites and penalizing those sites that are not responsive or have mobile versions of the website.

      Check out Google’s announcment here: https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2016/03/continuing-to-make-web-more-mobile.html

      They started ranking mobile websites higher last year and now it isn’t an option.  You must have a mobile friendly website or face the consequence of lower mobile search rankings.

      From the #1 St. Louis SEO Agency!

      These changes have been taking place over the past few weeks, but they are not very solid.

      We wanted to give you a clear picture of the new Google SERP changes that could have a massive impact for search marketers.

      First, let’s look at the old Google SERPs.
      You would find typically 3 text ads above the 10 organic search results and 8 text ads down the right side rail of the page.
      You can see how this SERP orientation looks below.

      Old Google SERPs

      Now let’s look at the New Google SERPs.

      In the new Google SERPs layout we find 4 texts ads above the 10 organic search results and 3 text ads below the organic search results at the bottom of the page. NO text ads down the right side rail of the page.
      You can see how this SERP orientation looks below.

      New Google SERPS March 2016

      Why is this a big deal?
      There are a number of reasons.
      1. We now no longer have ad positions 8 – 11 on the first page of the search results. While these positions may not have produced high volume returns, they definitely contributed to incremental and profitable revenue for many companies.

      2. With a 4th text ad above the organic results it pushes the organic search results even farther down the page. This is probably one of the largest hits to organic search since the last major algorithm change!

      Will this layout remain in place?
      Not sure. The data on Google’s end will determine that.
      If usage remains consistent by advertisers & consumers and ad revenue increases slightly, then it likely will remain.

      What are your thoughts on the new Google SERP changes?

      Check out a video explaining this in more detail.

      You have probably thought about starting a Podcast to Market your Business or Organization.

      This is why I put out the Business Guide to Podcasting.  Keep Reading.

      But inevitably questions bubble up like…

      • Will this help the company?
      • How do I start?
      • How much time will it take?
      • How much will it cost?

      These are all valid questions and the simple answer is that Yes, it will help your company and for everything else it varies based on how much you want to do, how long, what level of quality, frequency, how agressive you want to market it, etc.

      I recently put an article out on LinkedIn that answers all of these questions in depth with examples.

      Check out the ultimate Business Guide to Podcasting here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/businesses-guide-podcasting-john-bracamontes


      We work on all podcast production and marketing with BIGWIDESKY here in Clayton, MO!

      The Only St. Louis Podcast Agency.