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90% of marketers say that Segmenting Your B2B Content Marketing is important.

BUT only 45% of marketers are actually doing this!

We’re not surprised by this because we know it’s not that easy.

The thing is that by doing this level of market segmentation will provide BIG Results.

It’s not our opinion, This is a Fact!


Here is a real example of how we’ve seen this work (and it’s really simple)

An Engineering company had a service that was specific to servicing public parks.

They wanted to get their offering in front of the decision makers who could hire them to do this work.

They wanted to run ads in specific cities to promote their service.

But that was it, run ads targeting all people in those cities.




While targeting specific cities is a level of segmentation, it’s not even close to good enough.

They would have wasted a ton of money.

So we investigated with them further and found that the people they really needed to get in front of were Parks and Recreation Directors, City Managers and Mayors.

And guess what? We can target those people!

We put a campaign in place targeting All Three of those job titles on LinkedIn and Facebook. Created ads that messaged directly to them and led them to a landing page that again spoke directly to them.

City + Job Title = Winning Combination


“To be honest we went even deeper with them but we’ll keep it simple for our example.”


This is a perfect example of how this works.  Especially when this campaign was generating 5 – 15 leads per day for months!

Takeaways are to Know Your Audience / Customer / Buyer / Investor demographics, traits and characteristics so they can be targeted and Know their Pain Points, Questions and Philosophies so you can message them correctly.


Know Your Audience for Segmentation

This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of all because it will maximize your effort.  It’s getting in front of the right people.

  • Geography (country, state, city)
  • Industry
  • Company(ies)
  • Job Title(s)
  • Age Range
  • Sex
  • Etc.

These elements allow you to target very specifically, not waste ad spend and generate way more leads than you ever have in the past.


Messaging for Segmentation

Saying what they want to hear and need to hear.

For us message segmentation is more about solving a problem and speaking very clearly about how that is done.  We don’t fluff it up with ambiguous words that will leave people confused as to what you actually do.

  • What are current industry wide problems
  • What are trends your prospects are talking about
  • What problems do you solve that these prospects are facing most often
  • What does your prospect care about
  • What is your prospects asking most often?

Answering these questions leads to clear and compelling messaging for your campaign and content strategy.


If you have been struggling to create a content marketing strategy that actually delivers results, leads, customers and revenue then follow the steps we outline in this post or call us with questions if you need help.


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    Do you know what channels produce the leads you get?

    Do you know if Social Media is even helping your company grow?

    Do you know if your Ad Spend is being Wasted?

    Of course you don’t.


    Not to be mean, but 53% of CEO’s and Marketing Leaders claim they don’t actually know how their marketing efforts are performing across all channels and when we surveyed these same people it was 87% who didn’t actually know how their efforts were truly performing.


    Simply Knowing what efforts are delivering you performance leads to a 35% boost in results!

    This is due to better decision making guided by these results and findings.

    It is important to establish integrated tracking across all of your efforts and ensure that everything you do is attributable so it can be accounted for.


    Audit Your Tracking

    This is simple. If you aren’t tracking it then it doesn’t exist.

    What we are saying is that YOU MUST track everything.

    • Simplify Tracking by using tag managment
    • Use pixels & tags available from each platform you are on
    • Ensure all traffic sources, pixels and tags are firing and tracking correctly
    • Establish tracked conversions and events (form submissions, click to call numbers, etc.)


    Audit Your Conversions & Attribution

    Knowing what parts of your efforts led to traffic, leads, customers and revenue is critical to making sound marketing and sales decisions.  And it mitigates wasted ad spend.

    • Define KPI’s that will guide your decision making
    • Create reports to easily view performance

    The thing to remember is that all digital marketing is trackable and attributable so if you want to understand how your marketing is performing allowing for better decisions, better results and spend more efficiently then audit your digital marketing with a focus on tracking and attribution then set it up!


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      It’s Official!

      We’d like to give a big Welcome to Scott Foster for joining the team as the new Sr. Acquisition Partner.

      We always like to get a little more info to share with you about our team so keep reading to learn more about Scott.

      Where are you from?

      Born in Myrtle Beach South Carolina but now reside in the beautiful St. Charles Missouri


      What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working)?

      I enjoy hanging out with my awesome soon to be 5 year old son. He keeps me pretty entertained! Besides him I enjoy golfing and being with family.


      Favorite Movie Genre:

      I enjoy action/suspense films. Something to keep you guessing.


      Favorite Type of Music:

      I listen mostly to different podcast but when it comes to music it would be more country than anything other


      Place you’d like to visit?

      Australia would be a fun adventure!


      Drink of Choice?

      During the day I enjoy coffee and water but when it comes to a little fun I enjoy a nice vodka sprite!

      We are Excited to welcome Aykut Ibrisim to the team as a new Sr. Marketing Strategist!
      His experience is strong, his attitude for winning is stronger.
      Learn a little bit more about Aykut.

      Where are you from?
      I’m actually from  Turkey – Istanbul, but I’ve been living in St. Louis for almost 4 years now.


      Where did you Graduate from? (College / High School if not college grad)
      I  had my BA in Public Relations and Advertising from Istanbul Bilgi University.


      What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working )?
      I recently began producing Podcasts and I really enjoy learning different things, meeting with different people with each show. I love making and upscaling things such as turning vintage cameras into lamps, bringing old bikes back into life.


      Favorite Movie or Movie Genre?
      Good old Star Wars series are the best. Give me all Dystopian movies 🙂


      Favorite Type of Music?
      I am a fan of Blues from the heart. But my Spotify lists are mostly filled with Indie Rock.


      Place you’d like to visit?
      There are too many places I would like to visit in States which makes me very excited but I am really looking forward to visiting Grand Canyon.


      Drink of Choice?
      During the day always trying to keep hydrated with plenty of water. But in terms of enjoying the moment with friends and family, The Old Fashioned is my first choice.

      Facebook ads are typically a part of most successful B2B digital marketing & content marketing campaigns.
      This platform has become increasingly more complex over the years, but is very powerful at getting in front of prospective customers.

      To guarantee you’re maximizing ad spend and generating High ROI from your Facebook Ad Efforts we wanted to make sure you had a guide that would give you the best advice possible in making that happen.

      • Only 2 out of 9 B2B companies that run Facebook ads have a strategy
      • 79% of B2B Marketers say Facebook Ads are one on the best places to target buyers
      • 87% of B2B Facebook ads generate at least a 5X return when used in combination with a strategy

      If you are wondering why your current Facebook Ads haven’t produced the ROI you hoped for then take a look at these B2B Social Media recommendations for Facebook Ads in our easy to follow guide.

      Download Your B2B Facebook Ads Bidding Guide

        We love hearing from the Experts!

        You’re talking to customers everyday and are hearing their questions, concerns, wants and needs.

        We are writing a collaborative article that features You and what you are seeing / hearing in the industry today.



        What are current and prospective customers asking for most often of you?

        What helps your current and prospective customers better understand your capabilities?

        What is the most common way new and prospective customers order from you?


        Below is a form that if you could fill in these answers below we will feature you and your answers in our upcoming Print Professionals Q&A Article!



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          Phone ConversationForm on your WebsiteOnline Customer Portal

          Apple’s iOS 11 will now have a native installation of a QR Code reader built into the camera.

          QR code usage was never really that strong due to the need for using a 3rd party app to scan them.

          The journey went something like this:  A company adds a QR code to some information or engagement piece, the user has to find and download a QR reader, then has to scan the code and finally land on the piece.

          Now all the user has to do is open their camera and click!

          This is huge for Commercial Printing Company Marketing because now it makes sense to add QR to direct mail, brochures, flyers, posters, etc.

          What are your thoughts?

          Rebecca Fields

          Welcome to the Team Rebecca!

          We are super excited to have Rebecca Fields join the team as our new Director of Digital Marketing.

          Read on to learn a little more about Rebecca?

          Where are you from?
          Born and raised in STL!

          Where did you Graduate from?
          Master’s from Webster and Undergrad from the Harvard of the Midwest (haha…AKA Missouri State)

          What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working):
          Love working with dogs – currently working with a rescue pup, for the last 3 years, to help her enjoy the company of people and not be afraid! Also love doing home improvements – anything is possible with the right power tool!!

          Favorite Movie Genre:
          I most often watch comedies – but horror movies are by far my favorite!

          Favorite Type of Music:
          Anything but country! Favorite band of all time: Led Zeppelin.

          Place you’d like to visit?
          Anywhere I haven’t been! But, Hawaii is my dream destination – waiting to go until I can spend 3 weeks!

          Drink of Choice?
          My drink pallet is rather boring – I prefer water – unless you’re talking alcoholic drinks – in which case I love beer that tastes like water! Natty Light please!