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B2B Content Marketing

Day 1 at PRINT 19 was a Success!

We got to meet with a lot of interested print companies from all over the U.S. and all them had the same things to say…  “How do we get in front of more customers online?”

Obviously we were excited to talk to everyone about that and set them on a path that will generate those leads and sales online.

But we also felt even more determined to push harder on making sure that the entire Print Industry knows how to do this well!

So make sure to check out the resources we have available here on Digital Marketing for Print Companies.

And for fun, here are a couple shots from our booth with new “Acumen Fans”.


Every time someone new joins the Acumen Team we get excited to share with you a little about them.

Mark is joining us as the newest Account Manager and we asked him a few questions that are always good “get to know you” ice-breakers.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Belleville, IL.

What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working)?

I enjoy watching and playing cricket, hiking, and checking out new places around town with friends and family.

Favorite Movie Genre?

My favorite movie genre is comedy. I think it’s so impressive when people can come together and make others laugh.

Favorite Type of Music?

My favorite music is alternative/punk rock. Having grown up in the late 90’s I was around for the glory days of that genre. Blink 182 and Taking Back Sunday are two of my favorites.

Place you’d like to visit?

I’d love to visit New Zealand. It’s been my number one travel destination for many years now. I love the beauty of it.

Drink of Choice?

Drink of choice is water with MiO flavoring. Orange Vanilla is my favorite. I don’t drink coffee, so I’d like to think constantly drinking water throughout the day keeps me energized.

Have you every asked the question: Who Should I Be Targeting on Facebook?

This is one of the Most Common questions we hear from print companies when it comes to Facebook.
And it’s actually a really good question!

Why Did We Put This List Together?

To be honest it’s our business to put together content & campaigns for printers like you which in many cases includes running Facebook ads to get you in front of new customers. BUT we know you’ll want to try this out.
And if you do try it using what we’ve shared here and it works (which we know it will), then we’re hoping to get a shout out from you online or at least some feedback on the results you achieved!

Who are the Targets?

We have the exact settings & targeting for you in a PDF for download but to give you a quick glimpse into what the interface and targeting will look like for you we’ve shared a snapshot below.


Download the Facebook Targeting PDF Below

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    Have you seen an increase in your organic (SEO) traffic or a jump in Paid Search (Google Ads) traffic?
    Over the past 7 months we’ve seen an Enormous spike in searches for manufacturing and professional service terms.
    More specifically, these searches have a buying focused intent. Really Good News for you!
    In 2019 so far there has been a lot of leadership change across many B2B industries and new decision makers are replacing an older generation of buyers.
    What we’ve found is that this has been the primary factor in all of this new demand online for B2B products & services.

    Why is this such a good thing? (B2B Buyers searching for products more online)

    This is proving to be a good thing for B2B companies who currently have a strong presence online, in the search engines, on social media, are running ads and are using email consistently.
    The companies who are not doing this shouldn’t feel any increase since they are not being found online.
    It’s only been the last 2 months that many of these B2B companies have realized this and those that have are currently working at a feverish pace to build out their content and optimize their online presence to take advantage of this wave of opportunity that is positioned to continue it’s growth for a while.

    You Need to Be Creating New Optimized Content for Your B2B Buyers!

    It will be important to get in early as more and more companies (your competitors) get in and start to crowd the space.
    The longer you wait the further behind you’ll fall and having to climb a mountain of competitors content is so much harder than getting in early and holding a top spot, getting the authority, traffic, leads and sales.

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      It’s true that most B2B companies aren’t doing any content marketing at all.

      And of those that do, most are simply pushing out awareness focused messages that don’t convert.

      We know it’s tough out there to make this a priority, but if you are currently running any content marketing or plan to do any in the near future then read on to learn how to make sure what you do gets results.


      The Top B2B Content Marketing Ideas for 2019

      • Run LinkedIn Ads sponsoring your company page content
      • Run LinkedIn InMail Ads that email your top customer targets
      • Write blogs that are Q&A style
      • Create a price sheet and put it behind an info gate and promote it


      We explain in more detail below.


      Run LinkedIn Ads sponsoring your company page content

      This is probably the best way to instantly get new leads in 2019.

      The targeting LinkedIn provides is unmatched when it comes to B2B.

      Now for this to work you’ll need to produce content that will get promoted.

      We have content suggestions in our other two ideas on this list, but literally any relevant post about your company that includes a problem, solution and call to action that links back to your website is worthy of sponsoring that content.


      The customers targeted will see your ad in their feed, click on the call to action button and convert on your website through a form or call to get more information and do business with you.




      Run LinkedIn InMail Ads that email your top customer targets

      Similar to sponsored content you can target your primary customer and get in front of them very easily using LinkedIn InMail ads.

      The big difference here is the ad type and how it is presented.


      With InMail ads you as an individual (or someone on your sales team) will send an email through the LinkedIn messaging system directly to those targeted customers.

      So not only does your message get to the target on LinkedIn but it also goes directly to their email address which is usually connected to their phone.

      This means you’re getting in front of the buyer immediately!


      Again you’ll need to craft a message that is compelling to the buyer, speaks to a problem you solve and the solution you have for solving that problem paired with a Call to Action that either moves them to…

      • Message you back
      • Click through to your website where they can convert there
      • Or call you directly by listing your number in the message


      This works really well and scales your sales team in a very efficient way.




      Write blogs that are Q&A style

      Without going into a deep dive on Keyword Research for B2B companies we’ll say that many of your customers are searching on Google asking questions they need answers to. So you’ll want to do keyword research to identify How they ask those questions and what terms they use when asking.

      Once you have that craft a post that literally opens by asking that exact question and follow it up with your answer. Preferably the answer is something that you offer as a product or service.


      Many B2B marketers make the mistake of sharing a lot of 3rd party content or ideas that really are good ideas, but have not compatibility with your business and would never generate new sales. 

      So be sure to make it 1st party knowledge tied to what you do as a business.


      Create a price sheet and put it behind an info gate and promote it

      One of the most popular downloadable assets that we see work well for B2B companies is a price sheet.  The reason this is so popular is because so many B2B businesses don’t share their pricing.

      While we understand you may not want to share your pricing like most of these companies you can at least give estimates for these customers to take a look at.

      To do this you’ll need to create a page (landing page) on your website with a form that when submitted will present them with the price sheet.


      For example…

      If you are a manufacturer and sell a variety of parts upload your price list each month so your prospective customers can see costs and viola you know have a list of leads to contact.

      Or if you don’t want to share exact pricing create example statements of work or groupings of products showing the prices for that SOW or the price breaks for volume purchases of a specific product line. This is still valuable as it will give the prospect a better understanding of what they can expect when working with you.


      Regardless of if you do one or all of those B2B content marketing ideas we can Guarantee you that they will produce new leads for your company.



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        While this article is very specific to Banner Printing it actually applies to every term you are looking to rank well for. So let’s set the stage…

        You want to rank better in the search engines for terms related to Banner Printing right?

        The question is “How do you do that?”.


        There are two things you have to consider.

        • Traditional Keyword Research vs Strategic Keyword Research for Printing Terms
        • The search engine results mix (or distribution)


        We explain in more detail below.


        Traditional Keyword Research VS Strategic Keyword Research for Printing Terms

        In traditional KWR the rule of thumb is to enter the name of the product / service you want to rank for into a keyword research tool and capture the term that has the highest volume with the lowest competition. Then optimize your page for that term.  This is not bad advice and does work the majority of the time.



        If you want to get better results you’ll do this.

        Strategic Keyword Research.

        To do this you have to brainstorm a little to come up with other ways that customers search for your product / service.  This could be that they call the product / service something else or they search the “fix” your product / service solves.

        You just may find a term with better volume, a lower competitive saturation and better mix in the search engines. We’ll talk about the mix in a second.


        The Banner Printing Keyword Example

        Let’s say you want to rank for Banner Printing.

        We also think you should rank for that.


        When doing a keyword research task you find that Banner Printing shows up as having 9,900 searches per month with a moderate level of competitiveness.  That’s good news!



        But then you think about the ways customers were asking for that service on calls.

        They were saying Custom Banners quite often.

        Let’s research that term.


        You find Custom Banners returns a search volume of 14,800 searches per month and a similarly moderate level of competition.




        You do a quick check and see that Google is return similar results.

        Companies like yours selling banners.


        We suggest optimizing for the Custom Banners term!


        The Search Engine Results Mix

        We mentioned this earlier in the article that the search engine results will have a mix of elements.  These are typically ads, maps listings, natural / organic listings, Google My Business information, structured snippets and sometimes Product Listing / Shopping ads.

        What we advise looking at as most important (for product / service terms like Custom Banners) is are there maps results and do the organic listings under the maps show massive national competitors or a mix of national and local competitors.

        If the organic results have a bunch of big national competitors (Vistaprint, Buildasign, etc.) then you’ll need to focus on optimizing for getting into the maps listings!

        If there is a good mix of local companies in the organic results you’ll be optimizing for both the maps and organic results.


        Example of Search Engine Mix for Custom Banners



        In summary…

        If you want to rank for Banner Printing start by optimizing for Custom Banners, but also include the term Banner Printing in your page copy.

        AND get yourself claimed, verified and optimized with the Google Business Listing service.



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          Time Management is Crucial for Project Management

          Without time management, your project management efforts will fall short. Time management is crucial to any project manager’s success. Proper time management is using your time effectively and knowing what types of tasks should be done first and what can be done last. That way you’re not burning all your energy on a task that becomes tedious and time-consuming. Tasks that take longer typically require a more focused and set time blocked out on your calendar. 


          Key Time Management Approaches

          Time management is different for everyone. Time management is not just about getting as much done as you can in one day, it is about effectively planning out your day so that you are able to get your work done properly and efficiently without leading to burnout. 


          Some key approaches are to …

          • Set aside a block of time every morning to make a list.
          • Block out times on your calendar to dedicate to a specific task.
          • Check your email 3 times a day (Begining, Middle, and before the end of the workday.) 
          • Schedule breaks – Give yourself breathing room. Take a walk or have a snack to re-energize.
          • Prioritize your tasks – What takes longer? What needs to be done first? (Hint: Not everything needs to be done first)


          Time Management & Taking Care of Yourself

          I get it. Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that everything has to be done right away at the same time. Sometimes it gets hard to get away from that concept. However, not allowing yourself to breakdown your day and digest what is going on will lead to burnout. Prioritize your work so that you are able to get those true high priority items done.  As a project manager, there will be hectic days and there will be slow days. If needed, you should break down your workload down by the week. Decide what will be the primary focus of each day and knock it out. Make designated times for breaks. 


          Without proper time management, you can’t be an effective project manager, so Study & Practice, you’ll get better.


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            We hear this question a lot.

            As a Print Company “What should I have on my website?”.

            And while the question itself is a little vague the answer is actually pretty specific.


            First thing is let’s define what your print website is meant to do.

            1. Get You Found
            2. Educate
            3. Convert

            Those 3 things are the primary purpose of you site.

            You can get found by optimizing your site for search so when customers look for the services & products you offer they will find you.

            You obviously can educate in a number of ways such as letting the customer know who you are, what you do, how you do it differently, what you sell, new products, etc.

            And most importantly converting the customer can be they submit a form on your site, placing a quote /order, call you while / after viewing the site and turning them into a new customer or additional sale.


            So What Should Print Website Have On It?

            To make this really simple, there are only a handful of things you actually need.

            1. Homepage that tells who you are, what you do, how you do it and what they should do to take the next steps overall
            2. Product / Service Pages
            3. Quote / Order Form
            4. Contact Form
            5. Conversion Points (forms & click to call links)

            Obviously the site can be packed with images, video, other pages, etc. but if all you have are the 5 listed items then you’ll be good to go.

            Unfortunately many print companies don’t have those 5 things.


            The Homepage

            It needs to list information about who you are as a company, an overview of what you do with clickable sections on the specific products / services and a quote & contact form / CTA (call to action).  This allows the visitor to self segment on the homepage where most traffic originates or orients from.


            Product / Service Pages

            It sounds obvious but this is where many print companies fail.  They in many cases have a single page that lists out all of the products and services, but this won’t cut it.  Have individual pages for what you sell allows you to better explain how you do it best, create a more compelling call to action for higher conversions and it can be used for posting to social media most effectively (a wide format post is linked to the wide format page, get it).

            This will also get you ranked better in search.


            Quote / Order Form

            Most companies have a contact form, but fewer have a legitimate independent quote / order form (which you need).

            Most understand the order form should live on it’s own when in many cases there is a transaction and payment tied to it, but the order form details are typically more robust than what you would find on a basic contact form which is why it needs to be separate.

            This form can live on it’s own page or on every product / service page (we recommend every page!)


            Contact Form

            Almost everyone has one of these, but we come across a good number of print websites that DO NOT.  Those sites in many cases will have a mailto link with a general email address.  This is NOT Good!

            The second thing we find that many don’t do is capture those form submissions or in some cases not send them to the right place.

            There are a number of reasons why the submissions wouldn’t get to where they should, but just know that there’s a good chance your contact form is messed up.  And you’re likely not capturing the submissions in a way that would allow you to follow up with them easily in the future.


            Conversion Points

            The website needs ways for customers to connect with you, duh right.

            But this is one of the most common things we find wrong with websites for printers. They don’t have even basic calls to action asking visitors of the site to do something.

            • Get a Quote
            • Contact Us With Your Question
            • Download This Case Study / Price Sheet / etc.
            • Click to Call

            Bonus: Use Google Analytics and you can track all of this to see website performance!


            Take a second to audit your own website and see if you are or are not doing the things we have listed above!


            If you have Questions Call Us at 314-736-4434
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              LinkedIn launched a new feature that gives you more control over your LinkedIn Company page by allowing you to add a Custom Call-to-Action Button.

              Why is this important?

              If you aren’t publishing content to LinkedIn or taking care of your company page then I guess it’s not for you.  BUT for those who are actually trying to generate more business online (which you should be) by using LinkedIn (which you should be!!!) it will get you more clicks through to your website.

              Trust us, you Want More Clicks & Visitors to your website.


              How do you Update the LinkedIn Company Page Button?

              First you’ll need to be an Admin of your LinkedIn Company Page to do this.

              Start by logging in to LinkedIn and navigate to your Company Page at linkedin.com/company/your-company-name

              For example our is linkedin.com/company/Acumen-Studio

              If you don’t know your company page URL then simply search for your company using the search box at the top of your screen.


              Once on your LinkedIn Company Page you’ll need to click the Pencil Icon next to the Custom CTA Button.

              Those five new CTA options are: Contact us Learn more Register Sign up Visit website



              On the next screen you’ll be presented with options for placing the buttons settings.


              You have a handful of choices to pick from.

              • Contact us
              • Learn more
              • Register
              • Sign up
              • Visit website

              Choose the language for the button that best fits the next step for the visitor and add in the URL for the page you’ll be sending them to.


              Then you’re DONE!


              If you have Questions Call Us at 314-736-4434
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                A Question we hear quite often is… “What is the Best Social Media Channel for Print Companies?” and in every case it’s really being asked what the best social media platform is to drive more traffic, more leads and more sales.


                So What is the best social platform for printers?

                If you ask any other agency that doesn’t have significant print experience they’ll tell you… “It depends on these factors and what you’re trying to accomplish.” they’ll tell you… “Well social isn’t really for getting leads and sales it’s about engagement.” and blah, blah, blah.


                These passive answers are why we HAD TO write this post.


                You want the quick answer? Yep?

                LinkedIn is going to be your #1 Social Media platform to use as a tool to get more leads and sales.


                What about the others like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?

                Those will get you exposure and Facebook can get leads, but at a much lower rate than LinkedIn.  Instagram and Twitter are more for Awareness.


                All of these channels can be used to engage and nurture a customer base and we do recommend you do that, but only YOU can cost effectively do that internally and if you don’t have the resources to devote to long game awareness activities then YOU NEED to be focused on revenue generating activities.


                LinkedIn for Print Companies

                Let’s talk about Linkedin for a second.

                This social platform allows you to connect with anyone who is on the platform and gives you the ability to find and directly engage with decision makers and influencers at every level of a company.


                This means you can connect with the Print Buyers and Print Buying Influencers directly to talk with them about doing business together.


                There is a ton of detail we could share here about LinkedIn on what is possible, but that will have to come in a post of it’s own.  So we’ll list some bullets of the important ways to use it for now.

                • Manually connect with print buyers and start buying conversations
                • Manually like and comment on existing customers and prospect LinkedIn posts at least once per week to stay visible
                • Use an automated tool to give congratulatory messages on new jobs, anniversaries and birthdays
                • And MOST IMPORTANTLY run ads promoting your product / service targeting your print buying customer


                If you have questions about this message us through the site because we could talk ALL DAY on this!


                Facebook for Print Companies

                Facebook is a little simpler because we basically recommend two main things.

                • Promote all posts to your target customer, website visitors and existing customer list
                • Run lead ads to your target customer


                That’s it!

                Doing those things on LinkedIn and Facebook will generate the MOST benefit for you as a print company.


                Everything else is momentum building over time and incremental.

                We only suggest doing more intimate social media management if you have an internal team member who can actively respond to questions and engage on the platform throughout the day.


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