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We’re Excited to share with you our newest Account Manager Joe Brenner!

When someone joins us we love to ask them questions to find out more about them and things they like.

Let’s here from Joe:


Where are you from?

I was born and raised in West County St. Louis.

What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working)?

I enjoy calligraphy, drawing, spending time with my family, and video games.

Favorite Movie Genre or Fave Movie?

My all-time favorite movie is No Country for Old Men. I also really love the Kill Bill’s, the Godfather, and Predator.

Favorite Type of Music and/or Band You’re Feeling Right Now?

My favorite band is Fleetwood Mac, but lately, I have really gotten into VHS Collection, Ryn Weaver, Yuksek, and Cut Copy. 

Place you’d like to visit but haven’t yet?

I’d love to visit the UK, specifically London and all of Scotland.

Drink of Choice (doesn’t have to be alcoholic, but can be as well)?

Drink of choice: non-alcoholic: Dr Pepper. Alcoholic: either Ying Ling or Jameson, neat.

Check out the rest of the Team here: https://acumenstudio.com/our-team/

Marketing Automation has existed in some form since business started being done on the internet (it just wasn’t always called that).

But now it has become easier than ever to implement, has one of the highest returns and makes it easy to grow quickly at scale.

  • B2B companies are 67% more likely to see quarterly growth when using a marketing automation platform
  • 55% of polled B2B Companies are already using Marketing Automation in some form
  • 91% of marketers said a tool that enables their teams to review, analyze, and act on customer and marketing data would greatly increase ROI across all marketing channels

If you are wondering why your current digital marketing efforts haven’t produced the ROI you hoped for then take a look at these B2B Marketing Automation Templates that will increase your return on marketing and bring clarity to what channels are doing all the work.

Marketing Automation is the Perfect Blend of Marketing & Sales that Closes More Business!

Download Your B2B Marketing Automation Templates

    What Are The Qualities of Successful Marketing for B2B?

    In general most marketers can rattle of a list of qualities that they think should be embodied when it comes to B2B marketing but what we’ll get to more specifically are the qualities of the executed marketing on specific channels.  Doing these things will set you up online for success!


    The List of Successful B2B Marketing Qualities

    We’re going to make this easy by literally creating a definitive list for you here:


    Know Your Audience!

    More specifically know details about that audience such as industry, company 7 job title


    Write 2 to 4 Blog Posts per month

    Not just write them but research the topics through SEO / Keyword research


    Post 3 types of content on Social Media (Awareness, Consideration & Conversion

    Most marketers get Awareness up, some post consideration focused message but few publish conversion based content, which is arguably the most important of the three.


    Run Ads

    To be clear we’re talking ads across all networks (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook)


    Send Email

    At least 1 to 2 times per month is fine to start and will keep you top of mind.  Send emails that round up your blogs, new products or promotions.



    Good B2B Marketers are Good at SEO. And they employ it across all they do.


    Measure Everything

    Don’t get hung up on the extreme details, but do make sure you are tracking conversions and knowing what channels contributed to those conversions.


    If you or your team can enlist all of these marketing qualities and get good at them, then you’ll be set up for success, generate more traffic, gain more leads and close more sales!


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      No matter the size of your company, the products or services you offer or how long your company has been around, there is tons of competition out there, especially in the digital space. We often hear “There is no one out that offers what we do” or “My business is so unique we don’t have any competition.” While that isn’t necessarily an untrue statement, regardless of the companies or business out there in the same industry, there is and will always be other companies taking up digital real estate.


      Why All Competitors Matter Online

      You’re probably wondering why you should care if there is competition out there even if they don’t offer the same product or service as your company. Here’s why:

      • They are showing up in search engines for the terms your brand wants to be found for
      • They are providing the valuable content that your potential customers are needing at that point in time in their buyer’s journey.
      • They are putting ad spend behind valuable search terms and showing those that could be your customers, why they are the best


      Digital Competitive Analysis is Key

      When you look at your company’s position online and you realize you hardly show up for important search terms, or that you’re not providing anything valuable to potential visitors through downloadable assets or website content, it’s time to start looking at those that are taking up that space online; even those that don’t sell or offer exactly what your company does. By evaluating those companies online, you are taking the steps to truly increase your digital presence and get ahead of your competitors.


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        Companies in the Print Industry are DOING NOTHING Online. Why?

        This is the question everyone should be asking.

        We have been asking this question of many printers in the industry and the most common answers we get back always fall into two categories.

        1. Online Marketing Doesn’t Work For Our Print Company / Print Industry Company
        2. It’s Too Expensive and Takes Too Long to Get Results


        Online / Content Marketing Doesn’t Work for the Print Industry

        Not to sound too harsh, but this is just wrong!

        We work with a ton of companies in the Print Industry and it works for ALL of them.

        It really comes down to doing the marketing activities online that will actually produce results for you.  Yes, this sounds a little vague but below are a few details that ensure it works.

        • As long as you ARE Targeting a specific audience it works
        • As long as you ARE Optimizing your website & Google listing for search engines it works
        • As long as your site IS Optimized for conversions it works


        Even those details may be a little too vague, but you can read even more detail here: https://acumenstudio.com/print-industry-digital-marketing/


        It’s Too Expensive to Market Online

        I can tell you it’s much more expensive to NOT market online.

        You’re missing out on tons of opportunity and the second your competitors figure this out and start doing it you’re dead in the water.  *at least until you start doing it well yourself


        The problem really is with our Industry (Digital Marketing / Content Marketing).

        There are too many marketers and agencies that say they are the “Guru” of this or the “Expert” in that, but the truth is they just know how to market themselves.

        You MUST know the industry you are marketing for (Print in this case) and be good at the tactics of what you recommend (SEO, PPC, Social, Email and Analytics).


        If you’re hiring a marketer in-house or an agency ask them these things…

        • How well do you know SEO?
          • Can you show me an example, tell me how you did it and the results you got?
        • How well do you know PPC?
          • Can you show me an example, tell me how you did it and the results you got?
        • How well do you know Social Media & Paid Social Media (LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads)
          • Can you show me an example, tell me how you did it and the results you got?
        • How well do you know Google Analytics?
          • How have you used Analytics to solve a marketing problem?


        If you do these things then your online content marketing will work AND will cost less AND will get you More Leads & More Sales.

        You can read more about Digital Marketing & Content Marketing for Print Companies by Clicking Here.


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