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Do you know what channels produce the leads you get?

Do you know if Social Media is even helping your company grow?

Do you know if your Ad Spend is being Wasted?

Of course you don’t.


Not to be mean, but 53% of CEO’s and Marketing Leaders claim they don’t actually know how their marketing efforts are performing across all channels and when we surveyed these same people it was 87% who didn’t actually know how their efforts were truly performing.


Simply Knowing what efforts are delivering you performance leads to a 35% boost in results!

This is due to better decision making guided by these results and findings.

It is important to establish integrated tracking across all of your efforts and ensure that everything you do is attributable so it can be accounted for.


Audit Your Tracking

This is simple. If you aren’t tracking it then it doesn’t exist.

What we are saying is that YOU MUST track everything.

  • Simplify Tracking by using tag managment
  • Use pixels & tags available from each platform you are on
  • Ensure all traffic sources, pixels and tags are firing and tracking correctly
  • Establish tracked conversions and events (form submissions, click to call numbers, etc.)


Audit Your Conversions & Attribution

Knowing what parts of your efforts led to traffic, leads, customers and revenue is critical to making sound marketing and sales decisions.  And it mitigates wasted ad spend.

  • Define KPI’s that will guide your decision making
  • Create reports to easily view performance

The thing to remember is that all digital marketing is trackable and attributable so if you want to understand how your marketing is performing allowing for better decisions, better results and spend more efficiently then audit your digital marketing with a focus on tracking and attribution then set it up!


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    Do you value getting “The Work” done?

    It’s one of the things we constantly talk about in our office.  If you’re not getting the work done, you are accomplishing nothing.

    Sounds like an obvious statement right?  It is.


    Many companies do not hold true to this philosophy when it comes to their content marketing. They Literally DO NOTHING!


    • Fear of Imperfection
    • Believing they don’t know enough about digital to do it
    • Thinking that no one will care what they have to say
    • And Worst of All The Belief that it doesn’t work (it does work by the way)

    Putting together a strategic content strategy based on what your customers and prospects are looking for and talking about online is much easier than you think, costs less than you probably imagine and returns greater results than you would expect.

    Simply Attack the Content Marketing Process

    Here’s a good video we like to share by our friend Ben Newman on Attacking the Process.


    Want to learn more about Strategic Content Marketing?
    Download our “7 Keys to B2B Content Marketing” Below.

      Lauren Lowe Account Manager

      We are Excited to Announce the Newest Acumen Team Member Lauren Lowe!

      Lauren is coming on as an Associate Account Manager to help us be even more Awesome for the companies we work with.

      We ask her a few questions so that you can get to know Lauren a little better.


      Where are you from?

      I am from Guam. I have lived in Illinois and Missouri for the past 8 years, but my home is Guam.


      What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working)?

      I enjoy my down time with my dogs and friends. If the weather is nice, I like to be outside hiking, biking, and doing photography. If its not, then I cook. I make a really good banana bread.


      Favorite Movie Genre?

      Action and Superhero. Growing up my dad got me really into movies that have some historical base and I have been a huge fan of super hero movies. I am excited for the next Avengers movie to come out.


      Favorite Type of Music?

      Reggae and island. Growing up in Hawaii and Guam, that was we listened to. It always puts me in a good mood.


      Place you’d like to visit?

      I’d like to visit Switzerland.

      Growing up I was exposed to many cultures, and I had gone to China back in 2013. So Switzerland is a place I want to go because I have never been to any European country.

      Drink of Choice?

      Coffee. Lots of coffee.


      Favorite Restaurant?

      That’s a tough one. I love food. Hands down right now my favorite restaurant is the Sushi Station in Webster Groves. They offer other Japanese cuisine aside from sushi.

      It’s Official!

      We’d like to give a big Welcome to Scott Foster for joining the team as the new Sr. Acquisition Partner.

      We always like to get a little more info to share with you about our team so keep reading to learn more about Scott.

      Where are you from?

      Born in Myrtle Beach South Carolina but now reside in the beautiful St. Charles Missouri


      What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working)?

      I enjoy hanging out with my awesome soon to be 5 year old son. He keeps me pretty entertained! Besides him I enjoy golfing and being with family.


      Favorite Movie Genre:

      I enjoy action/suspense films. Something to keep you guessing.


      Favorite Type of Music:

      I listen mostly to different podcast but when it comes to music it would be more country than anything other


      Place you’d like to visit?

      Australia would be a fun adventure!


      Drink of Choice?

      During the day I enjoy coffee and water but when it comes to a little fun I enjoy a nice vodka sprite!

      Many marketers for years have wasted the time of other marketers and cost businesses countless dollars from unproductive time spent on tasks that won’t produce results.

      This isn’t some in-depth piece on the details of how this happens.

      This is a Public Service Announcement to all business and marketing professionals to stop letting under performing marketers waste your time.  Demand efficiency and demand results.

      We don’t waste time, We get work Done!