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Google Plus social network will be shutting down soon from security issues and lack of use. Google Plus has been around for seven long years. When Google Plus first came out Google had employees use it and wanted them to encourage others to use it.  Google+ even influenced search results to get more people to use it. For a short time the more +1s a company received the higher their rankings started to climb, until Google slowly stopped pushing Google+ then less Googlers were posting on Google+. Some people liked Google Plus and others absolutely hated it causing a slow death to Google Plus.


Google Plus Data Breach Killed It

Google Plus data breach was the final straw in killing the Google+ platform.  Here’s how it happened, in 2018 Google started Project Strobe reviewing third-party data access and privacy controls. Project Strobe discovered users were not using Google+ and discovered data privacy issues with APIs. That’s when Google discovered the bug and patched it right away. However, they still covered it up and never told anyone until later. This affected 500,000 Google+ accounts with 438 applications using the APIs. Although, Google didn’t find any evidence of Google+ user data being abused they decided to end Google+ and put it to rest.  


Project Strobe top four findings are:

  1. Consumer Expectations and maintenance. Google+ wasn’t meeting consumer expectations and the challenges of Google+ APIs were complicated.
  2. Consumers wanted more control over the data they share. Google is implementing more control over access. Instead of one screen of requested permission we will start seeing separate requests for each one.
  3. Consumers didn’t like granting access to apps to their data.  It’s finally happening, not all apps will be able to get your information. Google is limiting the amount of the apps that can get permission to your Gmail information. Apps that enrich email will be the only ones authorized to get your data. This includes email clients, backup services and email productivity services from mail merge and customer relationship management systems.  
  4. Call Logs and SMS permissions limited on Android devices. Android Contacts API will no longer be able to get your contacts list information.


Google+ Was Slowly Dying Before The Security Breach

Google+ was already dying way before the security breach.  Google+ consumer engagement and usage dropped with most sessions only lasting five seconds or less. Most people argue that Google+ is designed for Google and not the consumers. Google+ was dying, but the final death of Google+ was the security breach the bug that ended it all. Maybe, Google has something better up their sleeve time will tell.


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    Have you heard this from a potential print buyer at any point in your career… “I’m getting a few quotes before I make my final decision.”?  Of course you have.

    And it makes sense for a buyer to want to get quotes if price is a concern, which it always is at some level.  But the question is how many quotes do they typically get? And is there a way to convince them to just use you?

    The numbers are in and the short answer is 3 quotes, and Yes you can get them to work with you most of the time.


    There are a number of reasons why 3 quotes is standard which we’ll discuss here and how you can get them to go with you more often.


    Why Do Print Buyers Get 3 Quotes?

    The reason most people get three quotes is due to our psychology.  It’s natural to go with 3 because 1 is a mandate (your being forced to go with it), 2 is an ultimatum (and to a lesser degree feels forced), but 3 gives the decision maker control.  With three options a buyers feels they are making an informed decision based on their own due diligence which they can justify.


    There are a number of other factors that bleed into this decision such as…

    • Consumer agencies telling you to have 3 options
    • Leadership requesting 3 options
    • And the scientific method step of experimentation uses at least 3 tests for each variant


    But consumer agencies and leadership are influenced by the same things, psychology and science.

    It makes sense to mix in a little of the science thinking on this because if your primary focus is on price then the 3 quotes can be equated to 3 tests of price and the quote with the lowest is the potential winner, same with other variables such as timing / deadlines, finishing or binding capabilities, etc.


    These customers are testing the marketplace!


    In addition to the three quotes there are typically three types of print buyers getting quotes.

    Below are the paths they take when getting their quotes.

    *We are excluding loyal customers who go nowhere else but you

    1.  The Newbie
    • Search online
    • Search online again
    • Search online a final time


    1.  The Less Informed
    • Quote from a company they know / work with
    • Search online
    • Search online again


    1.  The Well Informed
    • Quote from a company they know / work with
    • Quote from a company they’ve heard of or gotten a referral to
    • Search online


    How to Win the Quote Every Time.

    AKA How can I close more deals / new customers / print projects

    Here’s the really good stuff.

    Now that you know the psychology of the buyer wanting to weigh their options it’s easy to use that in conversation.

    But there are a few factors you need to deal with as you go in to close every lead that comes your way.


    1. Recency (or time to contact)
    2. Knowing what they want
    3. Having the knowledge to educate



    Timing is everything.

    If a lead comes through your website every minute you don’t contact that potential customer the less likely they are to become your customer.  This is true across all quoted businesses. It’s a Fact!

    Same holds true for the phone.  Don’t let a message get taken if you can avoid it.

    Pick up the phone by the 3rd ring


    The sooner you get to them the better.

    By doing this you’ll have the chance to close them before anyone else does and you can beat the 3 quote rule.


    Know What They Want

    This is obvious but easier said than done prior to contact.

    There is a fine line between how much you ask for on a web form to not scare them off and then how much you ask for on the phone to get an accurate quote.

    You don’t want to push too hard in getting information because it will feel like a burden to your prospective customer, but on the other side you don’t want too little so you don’t frustrate them.


    So how do you do that?

    On your quote forms ask for the type of piece they wanted printed and the quantity.

    This will give you the perfect starting point and internally you should be able to have a go to range of costs that can be shared with them, but once you connect to get more detail now you can ask the few more questions you need to give them a fairly accurate quote.  Things like paper, finish, binding, etc.

    And at this stage you can let them talk, because most customers will talk long enough to get the details you need.


    Being Able to Educate The Print Customer

    Now if you’re new to the industry this will be tougher and require studying on your part to become very knowledgeable, but you have to do it.

    For the majority of us who’ve done this for awhile we have the go to knowledge to wing it and give them the answers they need for the most part.

    But it’s a fact that you MUST be ready to answer every question the customer has in order to gain their confidence, trust and business.


    This is where you can close the deal every time!

    At this point you are able to tell them how you differentiate, what they’ll experience when getting other quotes in your market, the price differentials they will come across, etc.  Giving them all of this up front allows them to not have to go through the work of getting more quotes. You’re arming them with all they need to know.


    Having PDF’s or videos explaining process, pricing and production are also HUGE helpers for you in this phase of the closing the deal.


    The more you have and the more you know will dictate how much more you will close.

    This too is a FACT!


    Now that you know what the print buyer is thinking, how they intend to quote their project and what you’ll need to be their print partner every time it’s time to get back to selling! Go get it and make it happen.


    If you want to read even more about marketing and sales for the print industry visit this page, it has a ton of other resources you can read, watch and download:



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      Last year we decided that we needed to find an organization that was making a Huge Difference in people’s lives that we could give back to by donating our money and our time.

      We often get caught up in what we are doing… Increasing Visibility for businesses, Generating Leads, Getting them More Sales… but the fact is that we know the value of what we do at Acumen is really creating opportunities for people to live and enjoy their lives.

      In 2018 we partnered with Good Meets World to find a that organization which matched our values and was changing lives.

      After identifying a few non-profits that we believed met that criteria we held a vote at our office to choose who we would support for years to come.

      The vote was in and our choice was clear… Friends of Kids With Cancer.

      This organization makes it possible for families who have children with cancer to keep hope alive and make their time during the most trialing period of their lives a little easier & more enjoyable.  “Helping Kids with Cancer, Be Kids!”

      We are honored to Give Back and excited to share with you in hopes of inspiring you to give as well.

      Are you running a consistent content marketing effort online?
      Most companies in the Print Industry answer No.
      That’s a good thing!
      We’ve talked with Hundreds of companies in the industry and found that literally less than 10% of them are running ANY consistent marketing online.
      Why is that a Good Thing?
      If you are marketing online then you’re already winning.
      If you ARE NOT then it means if you Start Now then you’ll be able to Dominate your competition, gain visibility, new leads and more sales.

      Why don’t more companies in the print industry do much marketing online?

      There are several main reasons.
      1. They feel they are betraying print in some way (Which is so not true, and I’ll explain why)
      2. They think it doesn’t generate leads & sales (I’ll explain how if done right it brings High ROI)
      3. It’s a change to the way things have been done (Everyone’s biggest fear!)

      Feeling Like Your Betraying Print By Pushing Digital?

      You’re Not!
      Here’s the biggest reason why.
      If you consistently do High ROI content marketing activities then you’ll get in front of more businesses and people wanting print projects done, or if you’re a provider to the print industry then it’s more paper sales, ink sales, service calls, etc. which means you’ll sell more print, products and services.  Online marketing = more print production, more industry sales and more services provided.
      It’s the Truth!
      There are also many other good reasons such as the integration of print and digital, automation, etc.

      Do You Think Digital Won’t Return a Profit for You?

      It Will!
      In nearly every case we find that companies have internal resources managing their social media who are simply posting to the accounts and are typically rarely blogging.
      Most haven’t or aren’t doing any SEO and email is nearly non-existent.
      This combination of, to be honest, a lack of strategic effort, will surely generate no return.
      But imagine for a second you have someone working with you to make sure your website shows up for every search that your customers are searching online, your social content is speaking to the value you deliver and keeping you in front of highly targeted customers, and emails are going out to leads that continue to come in each month which is clearly showing Sales Increase each month year over year.
      That’s what happens when you use your assets online positioned for sales.
      Unfortunately most marketers don’t know how to sell.
      As proven by so many companies having a Marketing Department and a Sales Department.
      You Have to Do Both Online!
      *If you need this done we know someone who is really good at doing this for companies in the print industry (hint, hint, wink, wink)

      Is Marketing Online a Change to the Way Things Have Been Done?

      Yes it is.
      But just like the print industry has changed, so has marketing and channels for selling.
      Yes the old way still works.
      And digital marketing done well is still rooted in the fundamentals of marketing and sales.
      AND you still need those 1 to 1 conversations to close new business.
      So it’s really not that much of a change.
      It’s more like, Up Your Online Content Marketing Game and you’ll Up Your Sales Opportunities.
      Meaning you get to do more of what you’ll been doing.
      You’re just sneaking in a new tool to get more business in the door.
      High ROI Content Marketing for the Print Industry is a Simple Solution to Increase Your Sales.
      You can learn more about doing this here: https://acumenstudio.com/print-industry-digital-marketing/

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